Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 3rd Bike Ride

Good Morning Ladies
First, I want to congratulate the Ladies that rode in the MS 150 bike ride this past weekend. Every one achieved their goals. The distances were 108 to 160 miles in two days... The biggest challenge one would think would be the miles, not the case this weekend. It was the strong head/side winds on both days. I am so proud to be a part of this group Of Fabulous Ladies. This Saturday we will be meeting at Tribe ready to ride at 7 a.m. I would like to extend a welcome to all the Ladies on this email that have yet to join us, please come out this month and take a ride with us. We will have a short and a long route. I had planned to have a group picture taken this weekend but some of the Ladies will be out of town, therefore I am going to move the date. I would like to have the picture taken on April 17 the morning of our anniversary bike ride.

++++++++ UP date on Linda B.
For those of us following Linda B. she is still in Texas, Today's ride will only be 30+ and she will have friday off to rest, here is her blog for today.

---------- A Note From Linda M.
Hi there, If anyone is interested in Hiking on Friday? I am off for Good Friday. You can e-mail me:

Tribe MultisportNE side of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's Food Parking lot tucked in the corner look for the TRIBE sign.

Without you this ride could not be possible!
Thank you,


PS: If you have sent me an ADD to our email list please check with that person, I feel as though I'm forgetting someone, Its been a long week.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

MS Ride--The Beginning!

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By Julie Boles
I was fortunate to be able to cheer our ladies at the start of their MS Ride this morning. They were full of smiles and energy as they started their journey. They rode, I took a few pics and then hopped in my Mini-cooper, re-situated and took a few more pics. At one point, I was waiting about a half a mile in front of the Lady riders and it didn't take long for me to hear a very familiar voice--that would be LaVerne calling out "Car Left"! I had no doubt that they were about to arrive.

The weather was spectacular and the wildflowers were in full bloom. Congratulations to all of the riders! I hope today was safe and full of fun.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

No ride this Saturday

This saturday 19 of the Ladies will be riding in the MS 150 bikeride in Florence. We have raised over 7k for the cause and we have ridden the distance. WE are ready and excited to do the 2 day bikeride. Thank youto all who supported us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Perfect Day for a bike ride

Today, The Ladies joined the Tribe riders in order to celebrate Kevin's birthday. Kevin is a very giving person and he only asks that we all come out and ride with him on the First Saturday after the greatest day in the universe , his birthday, which is March 16th.
The Ladies mixed it up with the Tribe Gents for 10 miles then we regrouped and headed out to the climb to the gate. This was the first ride ever that all 25 riders went all the way to the Gate. What a great accomplishment by all. The ride ended up being 48+ miles, and by anyone's standards that is not bad!
If you would like to view the trip please click on the link below.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here She comes Around the Mountain


April marks The Ladies 2nd year anniversary, In order to celebrate we would like to invite every Lady in the valley to come and join us on a bike ride around South Mountain. It will be a 43 mile 'almost' flat ride. This ride will be SAG supported, with snacks and drinks to keep you charged to complete the ride.

Event: Here She Comes Around the Mountain
Where: Bagel Nosh
48th street and Warner
Time: ride begins at 7:30 am
When: April 17,2010

You can register for this event at

Thank you
The Ladies

The Ladies Only Saturday Bike Ride 3/20/2010

Good Morning Ladies
(please read to the end)

This Saturday we will be riding from the Tribe, I have moved the start time. We will meet at 6:45 ready to ride at 7 am, reason for this its Kevin's Birthday and we would like to have a big turnout on his day. Also it will be a great practice for those that will be doing the MS bike ride to start out with a lager group. The ride will be 40+ miles.

This sunday you will have a choice of two different bike rides.

1. Discount Tire will be holding their 4th annual Tour de Stores Ride, its a 37 mile ride that is fully supported. The ride will start and finish at the same location. Please arrive by 7:30 am to register, Opening ceremonies will begin at 8 am. please look at the above attach

2. Charlie will be leading a 85 mile ride Meeting at Kiwanis park (Mill Ave S. of Baseline to all american way Turn right & The parking lot is on the right) We will be riding toward Casa Grande with a 60-65 & a 80-85 mile option. Sue will be driving the SAG with all the usual snacks & drinks. Start time is 7 am sharp.

Last but not least I'm in need of 5 Ladies jerseys for the MS bike ride at the end of the month. The sizes that I need are 3 lg , 1 med club cut and a xl, If you could help the Ladies riding next weekend out please contact me via phone or email before Monday March 22nd.


Tribe Multisport
Indian School & miller on the NE corner in the Frys' parking lot. Look for the TRibe sign

Discount tire.
On the corner of Greenway and Baseline

Kiwanis Park
Take Baseline to Mill ave head south at the first 3 way stop turn right onto All american way. The parking lot is just across the bridge on your right.

Thank you and Have a Great week

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Triathlon By Jayne Marshall

My First Triathlon

Another great experience! I didn’t win—but as we say in tennis, “I got second.” Same situation here. There were two entries in my age division and I got second. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story. I beat a bunch of people younger than me. The winner in my age division was Kay, the 73 year old lady that I met last week at the bike race. I beat her in the swim and I was 5 seconds ahead of her in the bike. She was actually faster on the bike but I was faster in the transition area and the two were timed together. She had to change shoes after the bike and I biked in my running shoes. As I was riding I kept thinking, ‘how hard should I push? ‘ I knew she was good at the run because she said she always passes up her husband on the run and she loves to pat him on the butt and say, “Keep going, honey.” I thought that if I push too hard I won’t be able to run—and right I was. Anyhow about 100 meters before the finish of the bike Kay caught up with and passed me. There was a 90 degree turn just before the finish and I passed her on that— I’m pretty good at corners: remember? I won the cornering contest that Kevin gave. About a third of a mile into the run she whizzed by me. My legs were mush and there was no way I could even try to keep up. My number showed that I was one of the old farts and all the young people that started after me and were now passing me were very encouraging. Good job, keep it up, etc. The one I liked best was, you’re almost finished!! The announcer remembered me from when I picked up my packet and announced that it was my first tri showing you’re never too young to start. The whole process was great fun.

After the race I was talking to Kay and her husband. Nice people. They do lots of triathlons. He did the Ironman in Hawaii. However I was more impressed in what Kay had done—like the Boston Marathon, the Pike’ Peak Run, the Half Ironman at Tempe, and first place in her age division in the PF Chang Rock and Roll Marathon for the last four years. I decided there was no shame in being second place to her. I checked the web site for triathlons and I’m hoping to be in one in May. Anyone interested?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 12th---GO LINDA B!

Just a few pics while Linda B was making her way through the valley!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you Live long Enough by Jayne Marshall

I have determined that, in the Senior Olympics, if you live long enough, you’ll get a medal. Of course that is if you’re not intimidated by the ‘professionals’ and get out there and “just do it!” I have my first ‘Olympic’ medal. It’s only a silver, and there was no competition for the bronze, which is proof number one that my original theory—if you live long enough—is true.

After an ominous start, my first Sr. Olympics proved to be an enjoyable day. When I arrived at the starting point I wanted to crawl into the back seat of my car and pretend that I wasn’t there. I didn’t want anyone to think that I was so pretentious that I thought I could race against ‘these people!’ They all had their two thousand dollar bikes up on their little stands spinning away—I guess it gets your legs ready to move when you start the race. I’m sure you’ve seen it before but it was new to me. I finally got the nerve to go to the registration stand and things started to get better. Everyone was nice and friendly—bikers are like that you know—and encouraged me to have fun and not worry about my time or place in the race. The idea is that you’re here, it’s healthy, and many people would love to be doing it but can’t. So, I started talking to people. Met Jan who is 56. She explained that she would start with the pack but would then fall behind. She’s a triathloner, not a racer. These people are racers. Jan went to the nationals in the triathlon last year and did fairly well—didn’t get a medal but placed high enough to get a ribbon. She’ll be at the triathlon competition next week.

Prior to our race I went out to watch the start, and later the finish, of the 20K race to get some idea of the process. In the interim I went to the car and put on the heater. It was cold!! I noticed a little ol’ lady in the group. She did very well. Met her later and she was little but unfortunately not so old—73. That puts her in my age bracket for the triathlon. She said this was her first road race and was a little intimidated about drafting. She does triathlons where you can’t do that and will be at the competition next week. I’m a little concerned about this NOT drafting. I’m so used to doing it anytime I’m around another biker that it will take a conscious effort not to. I certainly don’t want to get disqualified.

Our race started and Jan’s prediction was correct. Both she and I stayed with the pack until we got to the hill going to the post office. We started at 40th and Pecos. I was drafting off the pack but someone moved into my space and I braked going up the hill. It was all over. The pack was gone and I was left to my own peddle power. I noticed that Jan lost the pack about 100 meters after I did so I didn’t feel so bad. The pack passed a lot of the men that started two minutes before the women. Soon after the first turn it started to rain—not a lot but enough to get the road wet. At the 20K turn it started to rain a little harder and around 32K’s it was raining. I got in before the down pour but poor Gay, the 77 year old, rode in it for about 5 minutes. It didn’t faze her at all. She said she never has any competition in these races and she’s always the last one in but she enjoys it and will keep coming, hopefully, until she’s in the 90 division. And I hope to see her there.

My time wasn’t that great –1:33 for 40K’s. A 15.9 pace. The pack was 1:17. I could have done a little better. I didn’t want to push it on the first lap in case I burned out—in retrospect I could have done better because I was fine throughout the second lap. In the second lap the road was too wet for me to really push it and there was really no reason to unless I just wanted to get a better time. I wasn’t going to improve my placing because there was no one around me. There was ‘the pack’, then Jan, then me, and then Gay. All of the other non-racers that were present did the 20K. Most of the racers did the 20K and the 40K. The best part of the race? I had Pecos Road all to myself! That’s my big push for next year. All of the’ Ladies’ over 50 come enter. Just imagine--doing Pecos Road with no cars--heaven!!

At the awards ceremony I found that there was one person from the pack that was in my age category. She was from Massachusetts. She also won the 20K. This was a competition to qualify for the nationals. I guess you have to win first or second in a state in order to qualify. (Since I was second place I qualify. Isn’t that a kick?) Most of the ladies in the pack were from out of state—a bunch from Massachusetts, one from Alaska, a couple from Nevada. There were a lot of men from Nevada also. The Nevada ones I understand. They may not have a qualifying race for them there or maybe it was at a time that they couldn’t’ get to, but, to come all the way from Massachusetts? Seems strange.

This week, if it ever stops raining, I’m in the end of the year ladies’ doubles tennis tournament; the triathlon this week-end; the mixed doubles tennis tournament next week; and looking forward to finally riding with the ladies again the next week-end. Isn’t life fun! Will not do well in the ladies’ doubles but hope to do well in the mixed. However, that’s a double edged sword because if I do I’ll be in the finals on Sat. and that will be one more week of missing the Ladies ride. So, with or without me. Have a good ride.


PS. Roxie--thanks again for the use of your bike.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saturday 3/6/2010 Ladies bikeride

Good Morning Ladies
This weeks ride will be Usuery pass, we will meet at Patricias' house at 7:15 ready to ride at 7:30 am. Patricia has invited us to relax in the jacuzzi after the bike ride so don't forget to bring your swimsuit and a covered dish. This will be a great time to get to know each other better and to welcome all the new ladies that have joined us since January.

Linda Leaves tomorrow 3/4 for her Journey, we wish you all the luck in the world and we will be following you on your blog. .

============= Also
Mia F. had her baby girl on Feb 25, 2010, Her name is Divine Peace Eternal, she weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 19 1/4 in long. She is beautiful. Mia will be rejoining us on the road in April.

This Sunday bike ride will be an out and back to Cave Creek we will meet in the parking lot of bicycle Ranch at 7:15 ready to ride at 7:30am.

Saturdays bike ride:
Patricia place
3963 N. Pinnacle Hills Circle
Mesa Az 85207.
code #6988

I Take the 202 east to power rd exit go north to Thomas Rd head east (right) to pinnacle hill circle.
Just map quest for directions

Sundays bke ride :
Bicycle Ranch
cross streets Frank Lloyd Wright & 101 in back of the albertson parking lot by Target.

Have a great week and see you Saturday.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rides Achieved by The Ladies

In the past 2+ years The Ladies have participated in the Taylor House bike ride the Tour De Tucson and Tour De Scottsdale, Some have done the Amtrak centre in Cal, The Case Grande Centre and the MS 150 bike ride. The ladies have done 9 mile hill, Usery Pass, we have ridden through Cave Creek and Carefree, we have ridden up to the Bartlett Lake turn off and into 7 springs, we have done the Discount tire Tour De Stores, and have ridden to the gate in PV. We have climbed many of the hills in Awhatukee, The Ladies have ridden as far West as Lake Pleasant as far east as Florence as far north as Flagstaff(around Lake Mary) and as far South as Case Grande, covering a great deal of Valley of the sun.

When we started there was only 11 Ladies now we have 65 Ladies in jerseys and we avg 22 Ladies each Saturday, With a email list of 250+ Ladies that have shown an interest in cycling. Every now and then a new rider will come out and say thank you for keeping me on the list, I finally made it out. Our youngest rider is in her mid 20's and the oldest rider is in her early 70's. The talent on the bike ranges from 15 miles to 15 years.

If you are every looking for a all Ladies group to ride with our home base is The Tribe Multisport On the NE side of Indian School and Miller. Drop in and ask for our card or post a comment

March riding Calendar

Hello Ladies

In January we worked on base/endurance miles. In February we covered Pace Lines and how important they can be when riding in the wind. Well Ladies its March, and its time to put the two months together. By putting the two together this month, I believe/know that we will experience the benefits of both.

One other thing that I have not touched on this year., That's proper hydration. although its cold outside the body still perspires the same as if it was hot out. therefore we still need to prep our bodies the same by drinking plenty of fluids(water,power/gatorade) at least two days before any bike ride. A good way to gage your drinking while riding is to take a drink every 15 min, or have drank at least a entire bottle of water by the 20 mile mark. I say this because its to late to start drinking once your body starts cramping.

Prevention and Preparation are the Keys.

The March Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar:

Saturday Ladies Only Rides starts at 7:30 am

Date Ride - Location
March 6 Usuary Pass - Patricia's Place
March 13 Ride w/Linda B - TBA
March 20 Tribe Ride - Tribe Multisport
March 21 Tour de Stores - Discount Tires
March 27/28 *MS Bike Ride - Florence AZ

Sundays Charlie's Mixed Group Rides start at 7:00 AM

Date Ride
7th Cave Creek ( Frank Lloyd Wright & 101 – Bicycle Ranch Parking Lot)
14th Fountain Hills around Saguaro Lake (start at the fountain – Ave of the Fountain & Saguaro Blvd.)

21st Casa Grande (start at Kiwanis Park – All American Way W. of Mill Ave.)
27th & 28th ? *M. S. 150

* There will not be a Saturday or Sunday Group bike ride at the end of the Month Because Charlie, 16 of the Ladies and Myself will be riding in the MS bike ride in Florence Az.

Thank you for making this Happen
Have a great Month