Monday, March 28, 2011

Bike Information by Kevin


There are a myriad of bikes to choose from in the bicycle industry. So many, in fact, that choosing one can be quite overwhelming. I'm a big fan of value. Yes, value. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate the latest and greatest light weight freak machine. I'm saying that for me, value is a very important.

Speed bikes: Speed bikes range from $450 to about $2000. They are a road bike that uses flat (mountain style) handle bars. Therefore, you get the speed of a road bike with out being forced into the super bent position. Great way to get a lot of bike for the money since the controls cost so much less. Stay away from them IF you want to progress into racing or long distance riding.

Road bikes: Road bikes range from $550 to about $12000 and even higher. My favorite zone is in the $1K to $2K range. Lots of bang for the buck and you will notice every upgrade as you go up the scale. Once you go North of $2K, the differences become much less. Below $1K, you will find that it is more difficult to keep up and your bike will not function as smoothly and crisply

If you have more question please contact La Verne,Kevin at the Tribe or your local bike shop.

A note from La Verne: The only thing that I would suggest strongly. If you wish to do road biking the hybrid bike is too heavy. It will make you a much stronger rider trying to keep up with the group but you will always wounder why am I working so hard..

Bike level in order: Race bike,Road bike,Speed bike,Hybrid bike,
For the type of riding we will be doing I suggest a Speed bike or a Road bike.
Thank you

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

RIde for the Childred

This is a great ride! It's a FUN route! I've done it a few times!
Details here:
NOTE: when you register, it will ask you to create a donation do NOT have to do this. It is optional. I have always just paidthe $50 fee-which is a charitable donation, and it's been fine.
Time:8:00 a.m.
Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011 Day before Easter Sunday
Place: Horizon High School
56th Street and Greenway Road inScottsdale.
Typically 700 - 1000 riders - the front pack is fast,many teams - fun!
Distance: 65, 25 or 10 miles.

The water stops on this ride are great - water, gatorade, fruit,candy, pretzles...Great SAG.
Participants receive a Ride T-shirt, post-ride breakfast and a fun opportunity to make a difference.
Registration Fees:$50 Through March 31
$60 through April 1-20
$70 Late Registration
Two Ways to Register:
Download a registration form (.pdf)
completed form and payme nt to:Ride for the ChildrenPO Box 12442Scottsdale, AZ 85267

For questions about registration, please e-mail us or call 602.482.5800.
All fees and contributions paid are not refundable. Registrations are not transferable to other people or other events.

9 Mile Hill

This Saturday Ladies only bike ride will start at the Fountain in fountain hills and work its way out to Rio Verde aka 9 mile hill and back. This is a great ride and a great way to end our Year. We will meet at 7 am ready to ride at 7:15 am.
With the weather getting hotter pleaseprep youself by drinking plenty of water and/or eletrolyte drinks. also prep your water bottles by filling them half way and placing them on a slant in the freezer on thursday, then top them off the day of the ride. Please bring at least 2 water bottles with you.

FYI: If you have yet to come out and join The Ladies on the road, April is the month. April marks our 3rd year for The Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride. Every year we start over with short miles and clinics to inhance our technique. Please plan to join us on the first Saturday in April.

The Sunday ride will leaving from Kiwanis Park on all American way W. of Mill Ave. Wheels down at 7 am. The ride will go out to Casa Grande and back. This ride is open to all riders.

Thank you for making this Happen

Come to Shea blvd from any where in the valley From the west valley travel east on shea/From the east valley travel west, on shea to Saguaro blvd. then turn north for 3 to 5 miles at the 3 way stop(Ave of the Fountain)head east and park on the SW side of the street.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I 87 to Sacaton

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday bike ride will be from the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs Rd. This is a flat ride leading out to one hill climb that will be in the MS bike ride at the end of the month. This is also a prep ride for the Sunday bike ride.. For those of you that enjoyed the Around Saguaro Lake ride last Saturday you will have the chance to do it again this Sunday with Charlie.. He will be meeting at the Fountain on The Avenue of the Fountain in Fountain hills at 6:45 am ready to ride at 7 am, Sue will be diving the SAG car so please Chime in if you plan on riding on Sunday so They will have enough supplies for the ride.

I will not be joining you on the Sunday ride, as most of you know I have my first new grand daughter as of 3/7 so Saturday after our ride I will be heading to spend time helping my daughter with the Baby.

Ride Safe and See you Saturday

FYI: Beginner riders are welcome to join the Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride on the First Saturday in April.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The March 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

This is the last month of the Ladies physical year and the Last 5 rides will be very challenging.. Yes 5, For the Ladies that will be partaking in the MS 150 I recommend that you ride both saturday and sunday starting March 12th.. Why not this weekend? you ask.... because this weekend both rides will be 50+ miles of climbing, your legs will need a day to recover from each ride. I have arranged the rides were you will have a challenging ride backed by a flat ride or visa versa.

To prep for a 2 day ride: drink plenty of water all week and the day of each ride. eat a good dinner with a higher portion of carbs to protein.. If you can pack a chocolate milk as a recovery drink or some other form of recovery drink.. I like the MIX 1 drinks.... There will be a recovery drink in the sag on saturday. Take advantage of the support car if you find yourself feeling a bit out of it. Take advantage of the supplies in the sag car, it is there to give you the nutrition you will need to finish the ride.

Take a few min to stretch before and especially after the ride on each day. If you find your legs are getting stiff and sore take a warm epson salt bath.
With this said the saturdays Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar for March 2011 is posted along the right side.

FYI : New Beginner riders are welcome to join The Ladies the first Saturday in April

Charlies' Sunday bike is for all riders. The will start at 7:00 AM so please come at least 15 min early to get ready or if you need help with your bike

Cave Creek ( Frank Lloyd Wright & 101 – Bicycle Ranch Parking Lot)
Fountain Hills around Saguaro Lake (start at the fountain – Ave of the Fountains & Saguaro Blvd.)
Casa Grande (start at Kiwanis Park – All American Way
W. of Mill Ave.)
You get a chance to sleep in unless you are riding in the MS bike ride.

Thank you all For a great Year.
LaVerne and Joe