Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Saturday Ladies only bike ride 8/21/2010

Good Morning Ladies.....

This past weekend was a blast, We most definitely will be doing this group get-a-way ride again next year. For the Ladies that could not make the ride, we can do this ride again as a Sunday turn around . Please let me know if you are interested in doing such a ride. I have placed a link to a video of this ride on the ladies blog. and you can watch the video and see more pics on the ladies facebook fan page.
This week's bike ride will meet at the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and Warner at 5:30 am. Be ready to ride at 5:45 am. It seems that daylight is sleeping in, so our start times may change to chase the light and stay out of the heat. We are riding out to South Mountain and into San Juan. If time allows we can ride into San Juan twice. Going to the towers may be an option depending what time we reach the Mt. If not Charlie will be doing the same ride on Sunday and the Towers is always a must do.
Please bring at least two bottles of water and nutrition. You should also bring some money to purchase water for our return trip to the Nosh. This is not a Sag supported ride, so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of water and an electrolyte drink. Eat a good dinner on Thursday and Friday. Eat something small (not too) for breakfast on Saturday morning.. These are things you should do before every bike ride. Along with prepping your water bottles, filling them 1/2 to 3/4 the way full and placing them in the freezer on on a tilt, then topping them off the morning of the bike ride. you can also do this to your camel pack, just make sure that you put the tube side up to keep the water out.

I'm looking forward to riding with you all this Saturday!
Have a great week

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