Saturday, April 30, 2011

The May 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Hello Ladies
Thank you all for making April a great month. As you may know Every April The Ladies start over with Low miles and informational Clinics, based and geared for the new rider. This April we had 20 new riders come out and join us, Thank You. It's been a great month of riding and getting to know each other. We had our First of Three Tire changing clinic which everyone did great.

In the month of May we will cover bike handling skills, how to drink from a water bottle while riding and how to be a safe cyclist. The May clinic will be held right after the Bike ride on May 21,2011 covering basic Bike Maintenance.

May will be a bit hotter than April so please take care of yourself by continuing to drink plenty of water, along with some sort of electrolyte drinks. Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast before the ride. Bring with you some sort of nutrition(power bar, Luna bar, almonds, PB&J, etc) to eat during the ride and with in 30 min to an hour after the ride eat some sort of protein. All of which will Aid in a great ride and a speedy recovery.

The ride Calendar for May is listed on the right side of the page.

Without you this ride could not be
Thank you and Have a Great Month

The Ladies

Ps if you have any questions please ask here or via my email:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mummy Loop to the Gate 4/30/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday Mummy Loop to the gate bike ride will leave from the Tribe on the NE side of Indian School and Miller, in the Fry's Food parking lot. Meeting at 6 am ready to ride at 6:15 am. We will have a long route and a short route. There will be a Tire changing clinic right after the bike ride, we will meet on the covered sidewalk to the left of Tribe. If you cant attend this Saturday don't worrier, we will have this clinic at least 3 times in the next few months so everyone can get comfortable changing a tire.
As we all know the temp has started to rise so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of good fluids this week and prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant, then top them off the morning of the ride.. As the summer progress you may want to prep your water bottle a week in advance. why you ask? The longer the water bottle is in the freezer the more solid the ice becomes and will take longer to melt. Yes the thermal bottles can be placed in the freezer, just don't drop them frozen.. They will split. Yes you can place the camelpac water bladder in the freezer, but you have to make sure that the lid and the straw hole wont freeze.... for this Saturday fill it with Ice and place it in the freezer. Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast also bring with some sort of nutrition( luna bar, power bar, almonds, pb&j etc...) All rides are 3 to 4 hr.
If you have any questions please ask via email or phone.

See you Saturday
Have a great Week

If you need help with your bike please come a bit earlier

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The April 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

I would like to start with a congratulations to all the Ladies that did the MS bike ride this past weekend. You all accomplished your own inner goals. Sweet :). Last year was a great year, we had so many goal achieved and a lot of First times completed. I am looking forward to this year and Welcoming New Riders to The Ladies Group. The saying in all the states around us " April Showers Bring May Flowers" well here in Arizona April brings the first wave of Summer heat. So lets start getting ready for it, by preping our bodies by drinking plenty of water all week. Then by preping our water bottles by filling them1/2 way and putting them in the freezer on a slant. you can top them off the morning of the ride. Bike rides will start early to beat the Heat.

For the Ladies that are looking for a bike please goto the Ladies Blog., I will post information on bikes there. Its too long to post here. with this all stated:

All saturday bike rides in April will start at 6:45am

Saturdays Ladies Only Calendar for April 2011

Date Ride Location

4/2 PV Tribe Multiplesport

4/9 Meet-n-Greet Papago Park

4/16 Ladies 3rd Anniversary bike ride Bagel Nosh

4/23 PV to gate Tribe Multiplesport

4/30 PV mummy loop Tribe Multiplesport

Thank you all for making this Happen



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ladies 3rd Anniversary Bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday is our Anniversary bike ride. We will meet at the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and warner at 6:15 am. We all have to sign wavers so please be on time. There will be two routes. The long route will meander through Ahwatukee and then out 40th street and Around south Mountain. The distance will be 50 miles. There will be a lunch stop at 51st street and Pecos at the Shell station. The short route will also meander through Ahwatukee and head down 40th street to a right turn on to pecos. we will ride to the bottom and regroup before heading back to the Nosh. total distance will be 25 miles. yes there will be several stops along the short rout and we will have SAG support for both distances.
Please come and Celebrate our 3rd yr of riding as a Ladies Only Group. To register the "Here She Comes Around the Mountain" Anniversary ride please go to: or click on the Title line
It will take you to the registeration page
You can also register the day of

Without you this could not be
Thank you