Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Ladies 3rd Anniversary Bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday is our Anniversary bike ride. We will meet at the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and warner at 6:15 am. We all have to sign wavers so please be on time. There will be two routes. The long route will meander through Ahwatukee and then out 40th street and Around south Mountain. The distance will be 50 miles. There will be a lunch stop at 51st street and Pecos at the Shell station. The short route will also meander through Ahwatukee and head down 40th street to a right turn on to pecos. we will ride to the bottom and regroup before heading back to the Nosh. total distance will be 25 miles. yes there will be several stops along the short rout and we will have SAG support for both distances.
Please come and Celebrate our 3rd yr of riding as a Ladies Only Group. To register the "Here She Comes Around the Mountain" Anniversary ride please go to: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=13020 or click on the Title line
It will take you to the registeration page
You can also register the day of

Without you this could not be
Thank you

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