Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ladies Only October Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Last Month was the Warm up to Climbing, I gave you some literature on climbing, and Some drills that would help in developing a better Cardio for climbing. Well this month and next month we will be climbing. For the Ladies that signed up for the Tour de Tucson you might want to do all of these rides. They are great builders for that ride.
Why are we climbing? In reality CLIMBING will make you a stronger cyclist, for two reasons.

1. you will learn how to read the road in order to know when to shift. example: by looking ahead you can see the rise and drop in the road, with this knowledge you can determine if and when you will need to shift to an easier gear to stay seated or or if you think you can stand all the way to the top, you would shift to a harder gear and stand. You want to shift either way before you get to far into the climb, by doing this it will make the gear change smooth.

2. It builds your mental and physical strength, at the same time. Some time I wonder if my legs gave out first or did I tell myself it to hard and I have to stop. 9 out of 10 i told myself its to hard. As we climb we talk to ourselves or to the Lady that is climbing next to us and we don't think. we just climb. Once you reach the top of the climb you say, wow that wasn't so bad.. but the following week you climb it by yourself, your statement is different you say boy that was hard... What was the different? Yep, The first climb you did not think you were talking, Therefore, the mind did not play a roll in the climb, the body is the same it remembers what it took to get to the top. The Mind is a very powerful thing, it can stop you in your tracts, so we must stay positive over the next 6 weeks. Pick points through out the climb that you can make it to and once you reach it pick another one.. Look at the top of the climb, acknowledge it and don't look at the entire climb again, keep your focus 6 to 8 inches ahead of you, because that road is flat.

The most important thing about Climbing is this: DON'T EVER SAY I CANT or ITS TO HARD, with both of these statements you have defeated yourself and YOU WONT because IT IS. Instead say OK ,,, LETS GET HER DONE. :)

Ladies Please eat a good Carb dinner on Thursday and a good protein dinner on Friday, Fuel you body with a good source of water and electrolytes all week and Ill see you on the weekend ready to Climb. * these ride will be SAG Supported so please chime in if you plan on riding with the Group

The October Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar

Oct 2 .....B line to Shea*.................................... Tribe Multisport
Oct 9 .....Breast Cancer Awareness Ride^ ......Landis in Tempe
Oct 16... Fountain/Bush Hwy*......................... Fountain Hills
Oct 23 ..9 Mile Hill* ...........................................Fountain Hills
Oct 30 ..In Mummy Mt ....................................Tribe Multisport

Thank you for Making this Happen
Have a Great Month.

^Saturday, October 9th - Landis Cyclery, 1006 E. Warner Road
This is a ride taking place on this day at bike shops all over the country. Everyone is welcome - it's not just for ladies! It is an opportunity for us to all ride together in a show of support and solidarity with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, to remember those we have lost to the disease, and to raise awareness. EVERYONE is affected by breast cancer. Let's ride together for a cure and to support each other. 100% of your $25 registration fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to let everyone you know know about this event!!

Here is the link to register for this ride. Registration closes Oct 8, Please dont wait to register, Lets do this.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tour De Scottsdale Visual

Good Morning Ladies
Try and arrive at DC Ranch Market Street least a hour to 1 1/2 hour before the start time. This will give you time to park, prep your bike, and meet up with your friends. The Three focal points that I want to cover all start with CHANGE.... during this ride:
You will have to CHANGE the way you THINK, when the hills get hard don't focus on the entire climb break it down into poles and mile markers. (saying I can make it to that pole or that catus or that red car), also by keeping a positive thought such as( I think I can, I think I can, like the little red engine that could).
You will have to CHANGE the way you MOVE, as your legs get tired you will have to switch up your paddle stroke by lifting your foot using the thigh muscles, and then by lowering your hill a bit to engage your hamstrings and gluts and by scraping the mud, this stroke engages the the calf muscle.
You may have to CHANGE the way you SIT, by moving to the noise of the seat engages the front muscles in your legs, moving all the way back on the seat will engage the larger muscles such as your gluts and hip flexers. last you may want to stand just for a moment to give the entire body a break by using your body weight to climb.

now to the Rout:

From Thompson Peak Parkway west to Scottsdale Rd North...
your Adelina will be flowing and you will want to keep up with the rush of cyclist, this is normally and fun, so enjoy:). This road has a slight down hill, as the riders thin you try and stay to the right, there are no bike lanes. Cave Creek East...
this is a .5 to 1% climb all the way so pace yourself. get comfortable, If you are working a pace line don't stay on the front for more than 30 sec. Pima Rd South....
has a great down hill and its a great chance for you to drink and eat something, don't coast soft paddle (keep your legs moving, just don't put a lot of pressure into the paddle stroke) to release some of the lactic acid in your legs. before you reach the next turn
......Dynamite Blvd/Rio Verde....east
This is a very good up hill climb I would say a 4 to 5% climb, that about 1/4 mile long but at the light you will start your down hill (9 mile hill).. you have earned it so enjoy the down hill, but remember to eat and drink, soft paddle every now and then to flush out the lactic acid. stand and stretch if you need to.
......Forest blvd south......
This is a flat rd that runs through a golf course enjoy the view
.......following McDowell Mt Rd south. on to Saguaro blvd...
This is another Climb so pace yourself sit back and dig in and change the way you think, saguaro blvd is also rollers. use these rollers to drink and eat something( you must fuel the body)
........west on to Shea blvd.....
Shea is a 6 to 7% climb so remember the word of the day CHANGE and stay positive.
You can see the top... so you now you can make it... Keep your focus 6 to inches ahead of you cause the rode is flat.
......north on to 136 street a great street to recover, take a deep breath and let it out slowly through the noise,and repeat until your heart rate is back down.:)
....west on Via Linda to Frank Lloyd wright
This is a mixture of ups and great down hill have fun:)
.....north to 100 then go north to Thompson Park way and your almost Home
You can see the finish line Great Job

Monday, September 20, 2010

Riding to Maricopa

I had never taken the Ladies on this ride before, I had ridden it and loved it.

The Saturday's bike ride was to the little town of Maricopa. We meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs ready to ride at 6am. After giving out all the safety rules and ti -bits about riding in a small town 26 ladies and two SAG cars to support us on this ride took off. Joe in the front Dave in the middle and Me pulling up the back. you could hear the Ladies call out slowing, stopping, debris, clear and talking amongst themselves, all signs of a great ride and it was.

One of the good things about have two sag cars on this ride was the ability to split the group in to a long and a short ride with a SAG car going with each group. On the way back a few of the fastest riders was selected to go long, they would add 24 miles on to the ride by making a left turn at Riggs and maricopa rd and heading out to the gas station on Paco's and 51st ave. The short group would turn right and head back in. There total miles would be 68 miles for the long and the short group would get 42 miles in.

The only hesitation on doing this was the heat. The temp for the day was 108. so we made sure that both cars had plenty of Ice,water and nutrition to support each group.

All in all it was a great day and The Ladies loved it.
26 riders went out and 26 riders came in.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 9/11/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This week we will meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs on the SW side of the street at 5:30 ready to ride at 5:50.This will be a SAG supported bike ride so please chime in so I may have enough nutrition for everyone. The ride will take us out towards Florence. The ride out is as flat as a road can be in Arizona with little to no cars and a nice shoulder.

We will work on cadence and small sprints intervals, just enough to get your heart rate up and recover. Why do intervals. This type of interval riding will teach the body to respond quickly and recover almost at the same rate. The reason why I do these, is to help me when I have to climb. When Climbing my heart rate spikes and I have a hard time bringing it down(recovering) by doing this on a flat road I can control the effort output. On a climb the hill determines your effort output, and if you haven't learned how to recover, you may find yourself at the bottom of the hill with your heart beating in your ears while facing another hill. You don't always have to climb a hill to get ready for a climb. I will share 2 of Kevin's drills that will do the same thing as climbing. please don't get me wrong, you will have to climb the hills to build muscle strength, these drill work on your cardio.

Drill 1. I call it the The Bell curve. (There is another name for this I just cant remember it). we will start out easy and build up to your max speed then bring it back down slowly. example: start at 13 mph gradually speeding up until you reach 19 mph, then bring it back down in the same way to 13 mph. rest for 1 pole and do it again.

Drill 2. Climb and Drop. This drill you ride to your max speed in a short time span lets say 2 poles, then soft paddle until you can talk normal. then repeat. example: You go as fast as you can as soon as you can, then stop, you can either coast or soft paddle to recover( I suggest soft paddling). then repeat

We will do two sets of each then enjoy the rest of the ride. These drill will help prepare you if you are planning on doing the tour de scottsdale or the tour de tucson.

If you are new to the The Ladies ride please don't let this change your mind on riding this saturday, everything we do is in a group setting and it will help develop you into a better cyclist while equipping you with the skills to achieve the biking goal that you have set for yourself. All I ask is that you show up with the will/desire to ride.

Have a great week and remember Everything is Doable....... At Your Own Pace.



Bashas 10325 E. Riggs Rd

Sun LakesChandler Az 85248
Alma School and Riggs on the sw side of the street behind the Wachovia Bankfrom were ever you are in the valley come to Alma school rd and head South until you reach Riggs Rd.

If you get lost give me a call.

I have created a meetup site where more ladies can rsvp to join us from all over the valley. This is also a place were you can put in suggestion to meet for a bike ride during the week. I will start posting the monthly calendar on this site. The Ladies Email list has out grown my email account please

Check it out and join.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

A lot of info this month

This month will be the beginning of the Climbing rides. Yes, I know "I can't Climb", "Climbing is Hard", "Climbing Hurts", well you know what I say about Climbing "It Builds Character". I have often wonder if I should stand on a climb or sit. Seeing that I have done both this is what I have find, when I stand I can't make it from the bottom to the top of the climb, I'm out of breath and my cadence bottoms out, this has also happen when I sit :).

but What I have also found is If I utilize the down hill (meaning peddle on the way down instead of coasting) the momentum will carry mw a great deal up the hill, and once the speed starts to fade I can dig into the climb, based on how far I have to go before I reach the top I do one of two things. if I have more than a hundred yards to the top I stay seated and work the hill but if I have 25 yards or less I will stand and use my body weight to get me over the top.

You may ask why? I have found that if I can't stay up off the saddle all the way over the top then I have wasted energy for not. I find myself seated again with more hill to climb and my heart is in my ears = effort not used properly. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to figure this out , the rides this month will be a combination of Flats and small rollers building towards Oct.

I have included 3 references for you to check out and come to your own conclusion, there are so many different opinions on the topic of how to take on a climb. I found these to be interesting.

Stay seated

although you develop more power while standing by taking advantage of your upper bodies weight pushing down on the pedals, you are also using 10 to 12 % more energy. On short climbs, the length of a football field or less, it makes little difference. But on longer climbs, stay in the saddle and spin at 80 - 85 RPM. This is particularly so if you are heavier as standing puts just that much more weight on your leg muscles, while sitting uses the seat to help take the extra upper body weight off your legs. Staying in the saddle will:

* burn less energy - heart rate is approximately 8% lower for any set speed

* use your bigger gluteal (butt) and hip muscles to your advantage

Climbing to the Top

Let's begin with simple tactics to improve your climbing technique. These are basically free speed since no hard work is necessary. Many riders don't understand whether they're faster climbing seated or standing, and there's not a definite yes or no. It is true that you conserve more energy seated, yet standing is important when you want to attack or accelerate since you can put much more force into the down stroke. Generally speaking, bigger folks should spend more time seated than smaller riders. When you stand you have to support your body weight in addition to applying force to the pedals. Hence, more body weight means more energy used when one stands. Yet, don't let being big keep you in the saddle for all your climbs. It is OK for anyone to stand on short steep sections. For longer climbs, you'll want to spend more time seated since you need to preserve more energy.

Sitting Versus Standing by Dave Scott a SIx time Ironman World Champion.

Another good reference is the article from Joe Friel on this site on Women in the News.

Here is the Calendar for September 2010. All rides will meet at 5:30 am

Sat Sept 4 Bagel Nosh Awhatukee

Sat Sept 11 I-87 Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 18 Maricopa Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 25 Mummy/Gate Tribe Multisport

Sunday Sept 26 Ironman course- On this day if you have nothing planned I could use some support. I will be doing 3 loops of the b-line. therefore I will be out there for a while. My ride will starting from Tempe town lake and making its way out to the be line. you can drive and meet me at the gas station on Mc Dowell and B-line.

I will give more detail on my time frame for each loop so you can plan better.> > * SAG supported Ride

Thank you for your support and Making The Ladies Bike ride happen

Have a Great Month



A snap shot of a great day

The Ladies at Lake Mary 2010