Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 9/11/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This week we will meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs on the SW side of the street at 5:30 ready to ride at 5:50.This will be a SAG supported bike ride so please chime in so I may have enough nutrition for everyone. The ride will take us out towards Florence. The ride out is as flat as a road can be in Arizona with little to no cars and a nice shoulder.

We will work on cadence and small sprints intervals, just enough to get your heart rate up and recover. Why do intervals. This type of interval riding will teach the body to respond quickly and recover almost at the same rate. The reason why I do these, is to help me when I have to climb. When Climbing my heart rate spikes and I have a hard time bringing it down(recovering) by doing this on a flat road I can control the effort output. On a climb the hill determines your effort output, and if you haven't learned how to recover, you may find yourself at the bottom of the hill with your heart beating in your ears while facing another hill. You don't always have to climb a hill to get ready for a climb. I will share 2 of Kevin's drills that will do the same thing as climbing. please don't get me wrong, you will have to climb the hills to build muscle strength, these drill work on your cardio.

Drill 1. I call it the The Bell curve. (There is another name for this I just cant remember it). we will start out easy and build up to your max speed then bring it back down slowly. example: start at 13 mph gradually speeding up until you reach 19 mph, then bring it back down in the same way to 13 mph. rest for 1 pole and do it again.

Drill 2. Climb and Drop. This drill you ride to your max speed in a short time span lets say 2 poles, then soft paddle until you can talk normal. then repeat. example: You go as fast as you can as soon as you can, then stop, you can either coast or soft paddle to recover( I suggest soft paddling). then repeat

We will do two sets of each then enjoy the rest of the ride. These drill will help prepare you if you are planning on doing the tour de scottsdale or the tour de tucson.

If you are new to the The Ladies ride please don't let this change your mind on riding this saturday, everything we do is in a group setting and it will help develop you into a better cyclist while equipping you with the skills to achieve the biking goal that you have set for yourself. All I ask is that you show up with the will/desire to ride.

Have a great week and remember Everything is Doable....... At Your Own Pace.



Bashas 10325 E. Riggs Rd

Sun LakesChandler Az 85248
Alma School and Riggs on the sw side of the street behind the Wachovia Bankfrom were ever you are in the valley come to Alma school rd and head South until you reach Riggs Rd.

If you get lost give me a call.

I have created a meetup site where more ladies can rsvp to join us from all over the valley. This is also a place were you can put in suggestion to meet for a bike ride during the week. I will start posting the monthly calendar on this site. The Ladies Email list has out grown my email account please

Check it out and join.

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