Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PF Chang one day Discount is June 1

Just in case you want to throw it out there for everyone JUNE 1ST ONLY you can register for the event at a significant discount, I know a bunch of our ladies participated last year so I thought I’d share this info.

Julie p.

Sedona to Cottonwood Ladies bike ride w/ Julie P

Hello Ladies

Julie has offered for the Ladies to come up and ride with her on June 12 and everyone can pay $5 in advance and She will have all the fixing for sub sandwhiches, chips, potato salad, water

Villas of Sedona
120 Kallof Place,
Sedona, AZ 86336 ,
it’s a 1500 sq ft condo with pools, hot tubs, outside seating etc and plenty of room for everyone to come for the day

We would ride from Sedona to Cottonwood approx 34 mi round trip via 89A highway, large shoulder for bikes and very open and scenic

Additionally, depending on who rides we could make a day of it and venture further to Jerome approx 52 mi round trip with some additional climbing

The car commute from Tribe to the timeshare is 2 hr 15 minutes, I will have xtra sleeping room in 1 bedroom (usually a queen bed) and a sleeper sofa (queen) in the living room if a couple people want to come but don’t feel they can do the round trip in 1 day comfortably

I have always wanted to do this ride but have never had anyone to do it with so think about it and even if you just want to come on Sunday and ride and spend the night (oh did I mention we have a few hot tubs on property haha) please let me know

Julie p.
Please RSVP befor the 9th

Heres a link so you can see some pics and have info on the condo in case you want to check it out


The June 2011 Saturday Ladies only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
For the past two months we have had two groups every Saturday. The short group has come a long way. They started out riding 14 miles and in a short 2 months they have are now riding 34 miles. As for the long route- They are holding steady, They took on the challenge of making the left turn on to the blind which adding 8 miles to there ride. There goal was to catch the group that turned right on the bline. The combined groups came out and rode into San Juan and the the Veteran Memorial Cemetery. These aren't easy ride, Every last one of you were did great and I enjoy seeing your smiles of accomplishment. Congratulations to you all.

It's time to combine the two groups. Although we are doing this, it doesn't mean that the dynamics of the ride will change. All this means is that we will no longer split into groups. We will be riding the same route, at different paces--that's all. We will still focus on cadence, drinking water while riding, hand signals along with bike handling skills.

*****Also Julie P has suggested a bike ride on June 12 from Sedona to Cottonwood approx 34 mi round trip. Please check out the ladies blog for more info and if you want to go please respond to this email by June 9th.******

With this said, here is the 'Ladies Only' Saturday bike ride calendar for June 2011.
All rides will start at 6 am. This is subject to earlier times depending on the heat.

june 4 Awhatukee Bagel Nosh
june 11 B line/Shea Tribe Multisport
june 18 PV/ Mummy Tribe Multisport
june 25 I 87 Bashas

Summer is here, so please drink plenty of fluids during the week and keep your water bottles for the Saturday bike ride prepped and in the freezer. Dehydration is not fun so, drink a lot.....WATER/ Electrolyte beverage.

Check out the Ladies Blog. I have posted some more info on: road safety and pf change 2012 .

Thank you, Without you this could not be...

Have a great Month

Friday, May 27, 2011

Info for the Womens 1/2 marathon in Nov

Here's the info for the women's half:


When registering, the team name is "The Ladies" and the password is "theladies".

Here is the promo code for the ½ marathon

Use TEAMSAVEAZ (case sensitive) to register and receive $10 off half marathon registration

Please note registration prices increase on May 31 as well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Saturday Ladies only M/T Tour bike ride

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will venture into a new Route. The M/T Tour has a challenge for all levels of riders. We will meet at the Tribe Multisport on the NE side of Indian School and Miller at 5:45 am, ready to ride at 6 am..The Heat is back so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids with electrolytes. prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer. Top them off the morning of the ride. Also eat a good dinner and a lite breakfast before the bike ride.. .
As the summer progresses and you find that the heat is becoming a bit much, There are ways to stay cool, you can purchase a cooling scarf or a pair of arm coolers(same concept as the arm warmers but in reverse).

PS: Thank you to everyone that came out and walked this pass Sunday. Mieko said she really needed that and appreciated it. Thank you

Have a great week

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Veteran Memorial Bike Ride 5/29/2011

Hey Everyone,
Charlie has suggested that we do a ride to honor our soldiers that haven given all in order for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today.
Do come and join us,This Sunday we are riding from Frank Lloyd Wright & the 101 freeway. Going north through McDowell Mtn Ranch & onto Pima Rd. Taking Pima Rd. to Cave Creek & then Cave Creek to the National Cemetery at Cave Creek & Pinnacle Peak. Taking Pinnacle Peak back to the start. Start time is 6:00 a.m. & there will be a vehicle along for SAG if needed. Please bring a small trash bag as we will clean up in the cemetery for Memorial day. Charlie is riding from Awhatukee & back, so if anyone wanting a longer distance ride call him @ (480) 861-4981
A Big Thank you to all the soldiers that have served, and to those that are still serving

All riders are welcome
See you Sunday,

Charlie & LaVerne

Friday, May 20, 2011

Links to the Ladies

We can be found on the:

The Meetup group

Facebook group

or here on The Ladies Blog

The PV to the Gate Ladies Bike ride 5/21/11

Good Morning Ladies
First off sorry for the late email, My week has been busy.

This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6 am. After the ride we will have a Basic Bike maintains Clinic. The Clinic will start at 10 am. So if you have any question about what you can do yourself to maintain your bike please bring them. although the weather is playing Hot and Cold with us still prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and your water bottle by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant. don't forget to top them off the day of the ride.

One of the Ladies have been going through chemo and not able to ride with us. She has put out a walk request for this Sunday, so if you haven't planned anything. The walk will start at 8 am from the parking lot at South Mountain. You can get there by driving to central and heading south. this road will take you right into south mountain park. It is also silent Sunday(No cars are allowed on the Mountain) so if you want to get a ride in after the walk do bring your bike...

Charlie will be riding out to the mountain on sunday leaving from the bagel nosh on 48th street and warner wheels down at 6 am.. Please be there in enough time so that the ride will leave on time.

Thank you for making this happen

Have a great week

Tribe Multisport
Is on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot. Tucked in the far corner.

South Mountain Park
from any where in the valley come to Central and Southern, head south on Central and this road will take you righ up in to the park.. With this sunday being slient sunday you will have to park in the forst parking lot to your left just after the first guard station

Friday, May 13, 2011

Usury Pass/ Mesa Madness Ladies Bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we will meet at Patricias' place at 6 am ready to ride shortly after..Please bring a swim suite and a bag lunch for after the ride. Yes a Pool Party at Particias
We will have two different rides starting and stopping in the same place.. One group will go out and ride down king Kong and up usury Pass, while the other group will ride mesa madness. Each ride will be about the same in distance but different in difficulty.This will be a SAG supported ride so please chime in.

****Congrats to all the Ladies that did the Rio Tri last weekend and Good Luck to all the Ladies that are doing a Tri this weekend.****
Remember to prep yourself and your water bottles for this weekend.

please mark your calendar: on Sunday5/29 Charlie and I are planning a ride from Awhatukee out to the veteran memorial. In a salute to those that have given all. we will post a map next week so if you don't want to ride the entire distance you can join us along the route.

Have a Great week

Patricias' Place
3963 N.Pinnacle Circle mesa, AZ
code 6988#

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ladies Saturday ride into San Juan

Good Morning Ladies
First, I would like to say "Happy Mothers Day" to everyone and to give a shout out to all the Ladies doing Tris this weekend, you have done the training so go and have FUN...

This week we are meeting at South Mountain at 6 am ready to ride into San Juan at 6:30 am sharp. The ride into San Juan is a lot of fun and then you get the pleasure of climbing out. This ride is very challenging, so please don't get discouraged, just keep at it. Speed isn't important on this type of ride, focus on keeping your legs moving at a good even pace (cadence). On your way out remember to get as much as you can out of the downhill, so the speed can carry you at least 1/2 way up the next climb.FYI stay out of the big ring in the front on the way out.

You may ask why are we doing this type of ride so soon: There are two reasons
1. I have a time trial up to the Towers this Saturday and instead of canceling the ride altogether, I have made it a tradition for all the Ladies(new and existing) to come out and ride San Juan. Then, later on in the year we will come out and ride it again, so each of you can see how much you have grown in your cycling.
2. It's good to have a ride that is very difficult and then come back and ride that same ride and see how much better you feel. Then wounder why did I stop, or to surpass the point where you had to stop last time and just smile.(YEA)

It is supposed to be hot this weekend, so please prep your water bottles (freeze two on a slant). Also be sure to take care of your body by drinking plenty of fluids.

If you have any questions about this ride or anything else, please ask via email or phone. No question is too silly or stupid. I was told by an instructor once, that the only stupid question is the one not asked. So, please ASK and I will do my best to answer them all.

----------A note from Charlie

Hey Everyone,
First off Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there. This Sunday we will be riding from "The Nosh" (S.E. corner of 48Th St. & Warner) Start time is 6:00 a.m. We will ride in the Ahwatukee area & do a 3.5 - 4 mile run after the ride for anyone wanting to run. The ride route will be approx. 50 miles & will include hills, a few sprints & no stops. There Will be a second option for those not wanting to go non stop.
See you Sunday,

Have a great Week
La Verne

South Mountain
from any where in the valley, Take Central south pass McDowell, pass Southern, Pass Baseline, Pass Dobbins, follow Central all the way up into the Mountain. You will come to a guard station take a Left turn and park in the first parking lot on your Left.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take A Pass by Rick Bernardi,JD.

The month of May is how to ride safe... Joe found this article in the bicycling magazine that covers safety in the area in which we ride. I will post each area below separately.

How You Navigate Around Others Depend On Where You're Riding

A common misconception motorists have is that cyclist are slow. Of course, an automobile can reach higher speeds than a bicycle, but that's on the increasingly mythical open road. Around town, we regularly demonstrate that cyclist are capable of keeping up with cars and often able to easily pass a congested lane of traffic. But this raises the question: What does the Law say on the subject? The rules,as always, differ depending on where you are riding and whom you are passing. But lets take a look at a few common situations. When In a Bike Lane, Riding on a sidewalk or Multiuse Path, Riding on a Wide Road or when riding on a Narrow Road.

The research and drafting is provided by Rick Bernardi, JD.

Bob Mionske is the author of bicycling and the law. For more information visit bicyclelaw.com

Bike Lane By Rick Bernardi,JD.

In The Bike Lane (A).......................................................(B)

It seems too obvious to state, but a cyclist sprinting past others is dangerous, If not illegal. You should pass other cyclist deliberately and at a safe distance(the closer you are, the slower you should go). If the path is so tight that you can touch the person you're passong,proceed even nore cautiously.Also, the Law may require you to audiobly warn others before passing; for courtesy, you should do this reguardless[A,above]. Never pass on the right - you may cause a collision. Even though its's a bike lane, watch for cars: In most states, motorists must merge into the bike lane before turning right. If there is a car in the bike lane, cyclists are legally premitted to pass it by moving left, into the vechicular lane [B], and carefully merging back in once it's safe to do so. Of course, pay attention towhat traffice is doing regardless. In Organ, drivers are not allowed to merge into the bike lane, and must instead yeild to cyclists before turning, but riders there should still tunr in to activity all around then. For your own safety, don't try to pass a rught turning vehicles by cutting in front of them in the bike lane; slow down and let the driver turn.