Sunday, June 27, 2010

July 2010 Saturday Ladies Only bikeride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Can you believe that June is over? I can remember when each of you first joined the Ladies ride. I remember, the first year when the first ride was only 10 miles. 5 miles out and 5 miles back, and the looks on some of the Ladies faces after getting up early, loading their bikes on/in their car and driving 30 to 45 min to get to the ride and then the ride was over in less than a hour. I thought to myself that I would never see those ladies again. I did see them again and they came back the next Saturday. We road 15 miles, and each Saturday we would add two miles on the front end until we reached 20 miles. Then, we started adding 5 miles on the front end, we took the ride on the road. from Cave creek to Fountain Hills, 9 mile hill, around So. Mt. to the Towers and San Juan, to the turn off at Bartlett lake, Carefree, I 87, B-line to Shea to Bush Highway. The second year we started the new riding at 20 miles but we rode the same distance for 4 months before we took the ride on the road. The Ladies branched out and added the MS 150 to the list along with Taylor House, Amtrak Centre, Tour de Scottsdale, Tour de Tucson, Ragbrai, and Tri for the Cure. A lot of personal goals were achieved that year. Linda B started The Ladies third year by achieving her goal of crossing the US. Her journey started in San Diego Ca. and ended in St Augustine Fl. The new Ladies that joined us this April started out at the 20 mile distance, and within 2 months are riding 25 and 30+ miles. We have ridden Usery Pass, to the gate, the zoo loop and San Juan twice. We have held a clinic on gearing and tire changing, we have covered the benefits of having a high cadence. Who Knew in 2 yr and 3 months you would have achieved so much? Congratulation to you all.

The rides on the calendar this month are:

Taylor House on July 24th you can read more and sign up if interested at:

The Arizona City Cotton Classis [formerly Picacho Peak TT] time trial on sunday July 11th, A time trial is basically an all out bike ride against you the clock, to read more go to: Look for : Arizona City Cotton Classis [formerly Picacho Peak TT][Info] can sign up the day of

With this said here is: The Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar for July 2010 All rides begin at 5:30 am
July 3 ____ Usery Pass/pool time _____ Patricia's Place
July 10____ Bagel Nosh ____________ Awhatukee
July 17____ PV/ Eagle Mt ridge ______ Tribe Multisport
July 24 ******* Taylor House Bike ride ***********
July 31____ Ironman Course __________ Tempe town Lake

Its hot out there Ladies, Keep drinking 8 to 12 glasses of fluids during the week and prep your water bottles.

Without you this could not be, Thank you
LaVerne 602-565-1839

Saturday, June 12, 2010

An insight on one of our Sponsor

Hey laverne just thought I would include you in this email so you can get a feel for Dr Leighton and some of his work he does. He is much more than just your typical plastic surgeon, a big part of his practice is helping people who have endured sever trauma and/or burn injuries. One of the pics is of Greg (on the right) my husband, Nidal and Jason Schechterle (on the left), the phx officer who was injured 10 yrs ago in his cruiser when it was rear ended by the cab. They are all severe burn survivors and the guys are helping to make him feel welcome and get through his up coming reconstructive surgeries.

Hope you enjoy this feel good story,

Here are some pictures of Nidal a child from Pakistan who was burned when he was younger. Thru charities, and different organizations around the world brought Nidal to us here in the USA. My plastic surgeon Dr. Leighton was the one chosen for the plastic reconstruction for him. There are several other doctors that are on board for skeletal problems leading from the burns, since he has lost all of his fingers on his left hand.

He is living with his "Host" parents here and is a great kid. Although, he doesn't speak any english he does like IN N Out hamburgers. What a great attitude and being such a strong young man for leaving his family to come here and get better. It was so nice to be a part of something like this and helping someone who doesnt' even know what to expect. That is where Jason Schecterle and I come in to the picture. Both Jason and I are going to take the time to spend with him and let him know that it's ok to hurt, but it will get better.

Plus, I had found out that he likes cars. So next month after his first surgery I am taking him and all of his American family to the drag races and let him sit in a car. He should have a huge smile on his face for that!

I just wanted to share this with you all, since I have never been a part of something this big before. I am really excited to be part of a great team and to see that Nidal is not alone, makes it all worth while.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did being a part of this great program.

By Julie Parker

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ADOT Bike Safety Survey - 11 Questions - ALL CYCLISTS Should Respond

To all 600+ of you on our Brumbys distribution list. Whether you are currently riding a bike or used to and have stopped riding and have not been on one in awhile, every one of you need to take this important ADOT 11 question survey. Click on this link ( and go to survey at the bottom of the web page. You will have the opportunity to also provide your written feedback on the safety concerns of cycling in Arizona. This feedback is critical to improving safety and protections/enforcement of not only the 3 Feet law, but also to provide input on specific locations in the State that are unsafe for cycling.

On the very last question you also have the opportunity to list the Clubs and Advocacy groups you belong to or are affiliated with. If you ride on a Team, obviously list your team and also list that you are a member of the Red Mountain Brumys Cycling Club. Whether you have contributed or not, please also note that you support the "Not One More Cyclist" NonProfit Cycling Advocacy Foundation, supporting Injured and Killed cyclists. Lastly, if you are a member of the Coalition of Arizona Bicylists or any other advocacy groups please list them as well.

Thanks for your support, again this is a very important vehicle to provide valuable input to our State Deparment of Transportation. Please forward to all cyclists, teams and clubs that you know, personally requesting their support as well.

Sterling Baer
Red Mountain Brumbys Cycling Club
Advisory Board, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists
Mesa Bicycle Advisory Committee

----- Forwarded by Sterling Baer/Phoenix/IBM on 06/03/2010 07:53 PM -----

ADOT Bicycle Safety Action Plan: Public Input Survey Available

The Arizona Department of Transportation is developing a Bicycle Safety Action Plan to reduce the number of bicycle-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities on state highways.

One of the most important steps toward creating the Bicycle Safety Action Plan is to document the perspectives, concerns, and input, as it relates to bicycle safety, of residents from throughout the State of Arizona.

All residents of Arizona are invited to participate and complete a Public Input Survey for bicycle safety. The results of the survey will serve as input to identifying important bicycle safety issues and will help to establish goals and objectives for the Bicycle Safety Action Plan.

A link to the survey can be found on the Arizona Department of Transportation's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program website ( The results of the on-line survey are collected automatically so respondents do not have to email or print the completed survey.

For assistance completing the survey or for more information on the Bicycle Safety Action Plan, please contact:

Michael N. Sanders, Senior Transportation Planner
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Multimodal Planning Division
Arizona Department of Transportation
206 S. 17th Ave., Mail Drop 310B
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 712-8141
Fax (602) 712-3046

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Second Tri By Jayne Marshall

On my first tri I got second and on my second tri I got first. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course it could also be worded--in both tris I got last place. Either way, it was fun, and I’m hooked. When they were handing out the awards the group of ladies behind me were making a big deal out of being 49 and still doing triathlons. Consequently, I got a nice round of applause when I went up for my 70 and above award.
I’ve decided that in each tri you probably learn something. Last time I learned that you swim next to the rope because you don’t want anyone cutting in front of you just as you’re about to turn. I was talking to some ladies in the 60 year old division and they said, “That’s true. That’s why it was so nice in the Tri for the Cure. The ladies were a little more polite. But, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem here because all the real competitors were at Tempe Town Lake doing the International Triathlon.” They were right. I only had one guy bump into me and that was during a dash to the ladder to get out of the pool.
In this tri I learned something very important--make a check list of equipment. The first thing on my check list is going to be: DON’T forget your running shoes! In the last tri I had Roxie’s bike and used my running shoes for the bike and the run. This tri I had my own bike so I had to have my biking shoes. I don’t keep my running shoes with my biking equipment so when I packed I guess I figured I had the same amount of equipment as I did last time, so I must be good to go. When I was setting up my bike and laying out my equipment I went, “OH, S--T! Oh well, I guess I run in my Tevas.” I remember one time, years ago, I was walking down a country road and just felt like running (that had to REALLY be a long time ago) and I ran in my Tevas so I knew it could be done. I felt better when I was on my bike, coming up the hill to the finish, and saw a guy running in his Tevas. I figured that he was probably doing it by choice. Anyhow, it worked, but it was a different gait and I noticed that there was a lot of pounding on my shins. They’re still a little sore but no big deal.
When I went to pick up my packet I talked to the guy that puts on the Triathlon and asked what to do about my legs being mush for the run. He said to go in an easier gear through out the race. I guess I went in too easy of a gear because my legs were fine but I don’t think my bike time was that good. Don’t have the times yet so will analyze that later. Maybe by my 20th triathlon I’ll get it all together. But, LeVerne!! You should be proud of yourself. You’re a very dynamic teacher and your student is learning. She drank a whole bottle of water while she was waiting to get in the pool, and drank half of a Camelback during the ride. Pretty good, huh?

June 2010 Calendar for The Saturday Ladies Bikeride

Good Morning Ladies
For the past two months we have had two groups every Saturday. The short group has come a long way. They started out riding 18 miles and in a short 2 months they have are now riding 39 miles and climbing to the gate. As for the long route- They had made the right turn at 136th street onto Shea and have climbed up and over Eagle Mt. Ridge and returned back to the Tribe via the b-line. This past week the long route took a left turn on to Fountain Blvd. and continued to climb the 3 little sisters. The combined groups also stepped up to the challenge and rode into San Juan...Twice
congratulations to all the Ladies in both groups for accomplishing some great riding.
It's time to combine the two groups. Although we are doing this, it doesn't mean that the dynamics of the ride will change. All this means is that we will no longer split into groups. We will be riding the same route, at different paces--that's all. We will still focus on cadence, drinking water while riding, hand signals along with bike handling skills. We will have a guest rider and speaker on the first ride of the month.

With this said, here is the 'Ladies Only' bike ride calendar for June 2010.
All rides will start at 6 am. This is subject to earlier times depending on the heat.

June 5 Usery Pass Patricia's place
June 12 PV/Mummy to gate Tribe Multisport
June 19 Dreamy Draw Trail head bike shop
June 26 PV/Zoo to Gate Tribe Multisport

Summer is here, so please drink plenty of fluids during the week and keep your water bottles for the Saturday bike ride prepped and in the freezer. Dehydration is not fun so, drink a lot.....WATER/ Electrolyte beverage.

Thank you, Without you this could not be...

Have a great Month,


This Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 6/5/2010

Good Morning Ladies
Sorry about the two e-mails in a row, I fell behind the 8 ball.
I would like to say Thank you to Joe and the Ladies for last saturday, I did the 4000 yd open water swim at Lake pleasant. It was great my time was 1:47:15. not bad for my first 4000 yd which is equal to 2.4 miles. Then I enjoyed my holiday by riding 100 miles total time with rest stops 8 hr. Thank you all again for your support.

This saturday we will be meeting at Patricia's Place at 5:30 am ready to ride at 6 am (direction listed below) and doing the Usuery pass loop, Please be on time. As always this will be a SAG supported ride so please chime in with a yes or a no if you plan on attending the ride. I rather have too much supplies than not enough. Our Guess speaker is Dr. Brendan, He is a cyclist and a nutritionist. He will join us on the ride, then he will take a moment and talk to us about the proper nutrition for the female athletes. This time we are going to do something different, There will be a pool party after the ride so please bring a swimming suit, but instead of a pot luck we are going to have a brown bag deal. Pack yourself a lunch for after the ride.

few notes:
1. This saturday it will be hot so please start to prep your body by drinking plenty of fluids mixed with some form of electrolytes and your water bottles by filling them half way and placing them in the freezer for at least two days. top them off on saturday morning
2. I will be bringing the size kits and the order forms with me, so if you plan on purchasing a ladies jersey please bring either cash or check to turn in with your order form. for pricing please look back on 5/22 ladies ride email or go to the ladies blog to find the pricing list.
3. Janet won a free entry to the firecracker tri in tucson in July and she will not be able to use it, If any one is interested in this tri please chime in.

If you are running late or get lost please call either Patricia or myself

Thank you and Have a Great week