Saturday, June 12, 2010

An insight on one of our Sponsor

Hey laverne just thought I would include you in this email so you can get a feel for Dr Leighton and some of his work he does. He is much more than just your typical plastic surgeon, a big part of his practice is helping people who have endured sever trauma and/or burn injuries. One of the pics is of Greg (on the right) my husband, Nidal and Jason Schechterle (on the left), the phx officer who was injured 10 yrs ago in his cruiser when it was rear ended by the cab. They are all severe burn survivors and the guys are helping to make him feel welcome and get through his up coming reconstructive surgeries.

Hope you enjoy this feel good story,

Here are some pictures of Nidal a child from Pakistan who was burned when he was younger. Thru charities, and different organizations around the world brought Nidal to us here in the USA. My plastic surgeon Dr. Leighton was the one chosen for the plastic reconstruction for him. There are several other doctors that are on board for skeletal problems leading from the burns, since he has lost all of his fingers on his left hand.

He is living with his "Host" parents here and is a great kid. Although, he doesn't speak any english he does like IN N Out hamburgers. What a great attitude and being such a strong young man for leaving his family to come here and get better. It was so nice to be a part of something like this and helping someone who doesnt' even know what to expect. That is where Jason Schecterle and I come in to the picture. Both Jason and I are going to take the time to spend with him and let him know that it's ok to hurt, but it will get better.

Plus, I had found out that he likes cars. So next month after his first surgery I am taking him and all of his American family to the drag races and let him sit in a car. He should have a huge smile on his face for that!

I just wanted to share this with you all, since I have never been a part of something this big before. I am really excited to be part of a great team and to see that Nidal is not alone, makes it all worth while.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did being a part of this great program.

By Julie Parker

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