Friday, December 31, 2010

This Saturdays 1/1/2011 Ladies Only bike ride has been Cancelled

Good Morning Ladies
Due to the weather and the safety of the group the ride this weekend will be cancelled.. I was going to choose another location but after riding in awhatukee this morning, it was best to cancel it all together.. The ride ended at 9 am and it was still freezing. i don't think it ever warmed up..
Enjoy the day and stay warm
May you have Love, Joy , Peace and prosperity in the new Year

Happy New Year Ladies


Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Ladies New Years bike ride 1/1/2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride 1/1/2011

when: Sat @ 7:45 AM
10111 E Bell Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Happy New Year Ladies
This Saturdays we will meet at the Bashas on Thompson Peak and Bell at 7:45 am ready to ride at 8 am. The ride this week will take us out to the Bartlett turn Off and back. Please dress warm for the start of the ride. This ride will have SAG support.

Have a great week

FYI: If you are planning on doing the Casa Grande Ruins ride next Saturday 1/8/2011, please click on the link below. select registration, print, fill out and mail in both forms, They must be in before the 5th of Jan.. They do not have a on line sign up and there isn't a day of registration.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just In time for Christmas

Here is the latest on Joe.....

It has been 9 weeks (on Christmas) since Joe's accident. He had a Dr. appt this week and got good news. (His doctor is amazing so he is very happy to be in his care.) He will begin physical therapy next week! NEXT WEEK! And he has also been instructed to begin putting small amounts of weight on his foot. Originally, they told him no weight bearing until the end of January, so he is ahead of schedule! His incisions have healed up nicely and he was very fortunate that he had no infections from them. Other than being a bit bored, he is in good spirits and ready to get out and ride ASAP. But, with that being said, it still will be several months before he is able to get back out and ride with us. He is still dealing with the pain, and the physical therapy will take some time. The continued care from his therapy dog has helped his recovery trememendously. Thanks to all of you for your support! **Merry Christmas**

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Saturdays Ladies Only bike ride 12/18/2010

Good Morning Ladies
First thing, I have to apologize to you all, I'm not good at last min. things. We have tried twice to pull off a Christmas get together and both times I have left off important info. Therefore I am cancelling this Fridays Christmas get together. BUT
This Saturdays Bike ride will be from the Tribe meeting at 7:45 ready to ride at 8 am.. This will be our Christmas bike ride. We will be riding out to the coffee shop on Via Linda/FLW. by the way of Mt view. This is a open invite to have breakfast together after the ride, the location will be determined the morning of the Bike ride. choices Scratch which is right there, The Good Egg on Scottsdale rd, or ZUZU cafe which is right up the way.

This Sunday Charlie will be leading a bike ride from the bagel nosh meeting at 7:45 ready to ride at 8 am. all levels are welcome. This Sunday the bike ride will have a theme, It Adopt a Family. As everyone knows this has been a hard year, So with that in mind Charlie is asking for a small monitory donation to be taken up on this ride. All monies raised will be going to a Family in need this Christmas. Please don't feel that you have to donate to ride, This is a open ride and everyone is welcome no matter what.

A word From LaVerne:
This has been a Great year for me, Thanks to you, I was able to set a Goal and go for it.
You supported me:
Financially - You were my sponsors and with your help I was able to stand with the elite.
Physically - You gave up your Sunday to come out and drive SAG and ride with me on my long training days
Motivationally - on the days that I just did not feel like it, I knew you would be there, so I got up
and most important Emotionally - When I had doubt, you were there to erase them. Just knowing that you were behind me on this journey meant so much.
I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate you.

If I could only have one Christmas wish. It would be for you to know how much you mean to me.
Merry Christmas to you all

With out you this could not be
Thank you for a Year in a Life Time

Tribe Multisport
Indian School and miller on the NE side of the street in the Fry's Food Parking lot, Tucked in the Corner. Look for the Tribe in Blue Lights.

Bagel Nosh
48th street and Warner on the SE side of the street in the Bashas Plaza

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A do Over Christmas get together

Hello Ladies Just a heads up :)

This Friday(12/17/2010) is a do over seeing that I left off much needed info. Patricia has invited us to her place for a Christmas get together.
Where: Patricias' Place
3963 N. Pinnacle Circle
mesa, AZ 85027
gate code:#6988
Time 6pm

If your last name begins with the letters A Thru M , you are asked to bring hors d'oeuvre or if your last name begins with N Thru Z to bring a dessert.
Come out and celebrate the Christmas Season once again :)

I would also like to invite you to a all women's cycling clinic, that will be held on Jan 22nd, The link is below

I am adding a link to a bike ride that I would like for us to do on Jan 8th. you will have to sign up for this ride through the Casa Grande Ruins

Have a great week

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This saturday Ladies only bike ride & Fridays Christmas Get Together

Good Morning Ladies
Patricia has invited everyone out to her place for a Christmas get together. If your last name begins with the letters A Thur M, you are asked to bring hors d'oeuvre or if your last name begins with N Thur Z to bring a dessert.
Come out and celebrate the Christmas Season.

Patricias' Place
3963 N.Pinnacle Circle
mesa, AZ 85027
Time 6pm unit ?
Date Fri 12/10/2010

Saturdays Bike Ride: 12/11/2010
meeting atr 7:15 ready to ride at 8 am

This Saturday we are meeting at the Fry's Food on Cave Creek and Hatcher. The bike ride will take through the rolling hills of Cave Creek to Carefree. Please dress warm and plan on a 4 hr bike ride. Bring at least 2 water bottles. This will be a SAG supported ride. Once again prep your body for this ride. Drink plenty of water over the next few days, eat a good dinner and a light breakfast the morning of.
Have a great Week

Fry's Food
850 East Hatcher
Phoenix az 85020
cross streets:
hatcher and cave creek

Charlie will be leading a ride this Sunday from the bagel Nosh wheels down at 8 am.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

This saturday Ladies Only Bike ride 12/04/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 7:15 ready to ride at 7:30 am.. Yes I know that I had stated that the rides will start at 8 am. This Saturday is a special ride and I would like to have all the Ladies or as many as possible to come out and show support. We will be riding down to Tempe town Lake to partake in the Link the Lake event. This gathering of cyclist from all over the valley in one location to bring awareness of Cyclist on the road. It is also a way to pay tribute to fallen cyclist. We will continue our bike ride up around the zoo. Dress warm and Ill see you at 7:15 am Saturday

Thank You and Have a great week

Monday, November 29, 2010

December Ladies Only bikeride Calendar 2010

Good Morning Ladies
Wow what a great November. Stefanie, Linnea, Liz and Tami completed the Tour de Tucson. Carolyn and Kristen did there first Tri. Sara L and Teena ran in the Alflac Iron Girl and ironman run held at Tempe Town Lake. Patti K and Lynne You Are A Ironman. Congratulation Ladies for a job well done. I would like to say Thank you for all your support. Bike station 3 ROCKED. This ranked right up there with the Swim start very exciting to ride through, I will remember this always.
This month we have some pretty good rides set up. The weather has turned cold so please dress for it. If you haven't purchased winter cycling gear please do. you will need long finger gloves, long sleeve under shirt for cycling(not cotton it will hold water and make you colder) long sleeve over shirt, a cycling jacket(not to bulky) a beanie cap or/and ear warmers, Last but not forgotten Arm and leg warmers.
You will still have start drinking plenty of water and eat a good meal at least two days out. I know you are asking why? answer, you still perspire in the cold weather as you did when it was hot, it not noticeable but the same. Believe me it feels the same ( in the cold as in the heat) when you cramp out or bonk, cause by lack of fluids and nutrition. You don't have to prep your water bottles the night before.
Before I forget we have 3 anniversaries this month:
Deb O - 1 yr, her goal was to ride 100 miles in the MS 150 2010 and do a ride from her house : Goals Achieved
Natalie - 1 yr, she just set a goal to ride 100 miles in the MS 150 2011, I will keep you posted
Julie B - 1 yr, she started riding on the coldest day in Dec. her goal was to ride in the Tour de Scottsdale: Goal Achieved
she moved to flagstaff for the summer and her son set 3 goals for her, 1st to ride to the footprints on lake mary rd,
2nd to ride to the lookout and when she achieved both of these goals, he added miles her new goal, 3rd to ride 70 miles... that's right she achieved that goal.
congratulation and Happy anniversary Ladies

With this said here is the Calendar for December all rides will start at 8 am
Dec. 4 Link the Lake Tribe Multisport
Dec. 11 Cave Creek Fry's Food
Dec. 18 Cycling Clinic w/guest Tribe Multisport
Dec. 25 No Ride Marry Christmas To you All

Without You this could not Be..
Thank you and Have a Great Month


Tribe Multisport
NE side of Indian School /Miller
in the Fry's Food Parking lot

Fry's Food
850 E. Hatcher Rd
Phoenix Az
Hatcher/Cave Creek Rd

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Saturday Ladies only bike ride 11/26/2010

Hello Ladies
This week we have two bike rides. This Friday the Ladies riding for Multiple Sclerosis will be holding a Fund raiser bike ride. Please come out and support them. The ride will be around South Mt. They will have sag support and Lunch at the end of the ride. Please click on the link below

Black Friday-No-Store Tour
From: Pecos Park
17010 S. 48th Street
Ahwatukee, AZ
Time: Ride starts at 8:00 am

This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 7:30 am and do a easy bike ride, Yes it will be a true recovery ride.
The Tribe is located on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's parking lot, tucked in the far corner.

Thank you all for making this happen
Ill see you all this weekend
Have a great Thanksgiving

Sunday, November 21, 2010

LaVerne's Ironman Update by Julie Boles

Today, many of us were privileged to watch an outstanding woman take on the challenge of a lifetime. LaVerne's daughters and friends cheered her from the sidelines, taking pictures and sending her all the well wishes they could. Unfortunately, the windy, chilly and wet day was not the friend she needed it to be and with an hour left in Ironman, LaVerne's final split time kept her from the goal she had sought for many months. With her head held high, and the twinkle still in her eye she said she couldn't go home yet because she knew someone who was still in the race. She insisted on staying so she could support them to the finish line.

I know Ironman receive a medal, but as no surprise to all of you, LaVerne has a heart of gold and the never-ending spirit of a champion.

We couldn't be more proud of you LaVerne.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Saturday Ladies only bikeride 11/13/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we will be putting the U back in Usury. The ride will start at Patricias' Place. we will meet at 6:45 ready to ride at 7 am. Dress warm to start, We will have a SAG so if you get a little warm you can take off a layer and put in the car.
I have asked Patricia to lead us in a Yoga class after the bike ride so please bring something to change into if you like to participate. Either way bring a sack lunch and your swimsuite and enjoy the hot tub afer the bikeride.

here are direction to Patricias:
from the 101 and 202 (red mountain) freeway go east on 202 (red mountain) freeway. Exit at Power Road. Take left at light onto Power Road. Go Right at next light (Thomas/Eagle Crest) into Las Sendas. Pass two streets and then take right into Pinnacle Hills neighborhood. Gate code is #6988. My address is 3963 N Pinnacle Hills Circle, Mesa, AZ 85207. Phone is (480) 633-3414

If you get lost please call either one of us.

also: A race for Maggies place is this weekend, If you can not make the bikeride and would like to support a good cause please go to Kevin is going to match your registeration fee dollar for dollar. Send Kevin a email at , after you register put the event name on the subject line , in the body put your name and from the Ladies group.
Thank you in advance for your support

Have a great week

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Saturday Ladies Only bikeride 11/6/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday's Bike ride will take us around the Awhatukee area. We will meet at 6:45 ready to ride at 7 am. While the weather hasn't turned cold yet please hydrate your body by drinking plenty of fluids. Eat a good dinner on Friday night and a light breakfast the morning of.

Have a great week, see you Saturday

P.s., Joe is home and doing better-- Thank you all for your support.

Also for any of the Ladies that are runners/walkers looking for a cause. Please go out and support Maggie's place this Saturday. This is one of the charities that the Tribe supports, Please support Kevin and the Tribe by supporting this event. To read more about this please cut and past this link: http://race4maggiespl... or go to the Ladies Blog and read A note from Kevin.

A Note from Charlie

Hey Everyone
I hope you all had a great Halloween. This Sunday will be a difficult ride in the Awahtukee area starting from The Nosh bagel shop(S.E. corner of 48th St. & Warner)doing all of the hills in the area both up & down. The start time has moved up to 7:00 a.m. & no we don`t set our clocks back. We may split into 2 groups depending on who shows up. If anyone wants to come out to ride & not do as many hills I can direct them around the harder ones & still be able to regroup in the area. Come on out & enjoy. See you then.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 2010 Calendar For The Ladies Only Saturday Bikeride

Good Morning Ladies
Wow, what a great 2 months. In September, we did some long, flat rides to work on Cadence (The Art of Spinning) and understanding how it gives that little extra zest when climbing, or when wanting to pick up your speed. Also, how cadence will keep the legs feeling fresh on a long, steady bike ride or a way to recover from a climb. All of this was in prep for the climbing month to come. In October we went out and climbed. We started out with a few .5 to 2 percent climbs that covered a span of 35 to 44 miles. Then we combined the distance and added a few more climbs as we set our goal to ride 9 mile hill. The last challenge for the month was to go into Mummy Mt. This was the most challenging ride of the month, Well what can I say, except YOU did it! Thank you all for hanging in there these past 2 months. You ask what is in store for November, This month will be a recovery month. A time to relax and just ride and enjoy the Coolness of Arizona. To all the Ladies that will be doing the Tour De Tucson, Good Luck and have fun, and to those that will be doing their first Tri, may the water, not be so cold, the wind on your back and you grow wings on your running shoes.

November 2010 Ladies Only Bike Ride Calendar All rides will start at 7am because of day break

Sat Nov 6 Ahwatukee Bagel nosh
Sat Nov 13 Usury Pass Patricia's Place
Sat Nov 20 Tour De Tucson Tucson
Sun Nov 21 Ironman Tempe Town Lake
Fri Nov 26 BFNST* Pecos Park
Sat Nov 27 PV ride Tribe

*Black Friday No store Tour bike ride - This is a fundraiser put on by some of the Ladies that will be partaking in the Multiple Sclerosis 2 day bike ride at the end of March. So if you aren't planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving and would like a way to burn off some of that great feast, please come out and support The Ladies MS Group. you can register at


The Ironman will be held on Sunday, November 21st. and the Ladies will be Running Bike Aid Station #3 which will be located on Beeline Hwy, 1.5 miles south of Shea Blvd. This will be the primo place to be, you will get the chance to see all the participants and you will be in among some of the greatest athletes from around the world. YOU as a Volunteers will be handing off water, Gatorade, Coke, Gu, food, etc. to riders. The Volunteers are the pulse of this event. Bike Aid Station #3 will have two shifts:

Shift #1 6am to Noon

Shift #2 Noon to 5:30pm...

If you have a preference on which shift you would like to work, please let me know.

We need a minimum of 100 volunteers! If you know anyone who would like to join us, please have them go to and sign up!

For the event, we also need a few items for our station. We need a sound system to play music, and we also need canopies to cover our tables. Please let me know if you have either of these for us to use during the event!

Thanks for volunteering!
Please contact

Ruth Condon,

Thank you because without You this could not Be
Have a great Month


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mummy Mt, Here comes the Ladies

This Saturday the Ladies rocked Mummy Mt.
Thank you all for sticking with it, This was a very challenging ride today. You should all be proud of your achievement today. I know I am proud of you all.

Thank you for making these moment happen.

Click on the title view the climb. I GPS it for us. if that doesn't work just copy and past the link below.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update on Joe

Hello Ladies
Joe had surgery this evening. The doctors put a screw in his ankle and a thin plate in his leg to support the bones. The procedure went well, Joe will be staying in the hospital the rest of the night and tomorrow. He will be sent home with a boot, but must keep the weight off that leg for a few months. . Keep him in your prayers, so that he heals well and will be back on his bike soon.

Thank you

Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 10/30/2010

Hello Ladies
This is the last of a series of 4 climbing weekends. This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 6 am ready to ride at 6:20 am.. This ride is in honor of Joe, we will venture in to Mummy Mt. The ride is very beautiful and will be one of the most challenging rides this year. For those that have to prep mentally for a climbing ride, Please do. There is a Hi and a Low road on this ride. The most Important thing to remember is "Everything is Doable at your own pace".
Have a great dinner and a light breakfast and start drinking today to hydrant your body.

Thank you for making this happen

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Joe From Amy

Good news. Joe will have surgery on Wednesday. He mentioned something about riding the following Saturday, but I'm not so sure about that! ;) Can't blame the guy for trying though.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joe's Home

Teddie is glade Joe is home, He dont belong on the sofa

Joe in Good Spirits


This Saturdays Ladies only bike ride 10/23/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday will be the 3rd in a series of 4 climbing rides. We will once again meet at the Fountain in Fountain Hills at 6 am ready to ride by 6:20 am. Riding out saguaro blvd north to McDowell Mt Rd, out to Rio Verde also known as 9 mile hill. Start prepping yourself today by drinking plenty of fluids, eat a good dinner the night before and a light breakfast the morning of. Please chime in this will be a SAG supported ride
It seems that the weather is starting to cool. So its time to look for winter cloths, such as long cycling pants, long sleeve jersey, a light jacket, long finger gloves, toe covers for your shoes and a Bennie cap to wear under your helmet you may find these items at Tribe Multisport or at your local sport shop.

Thank you for making this happen
Have a great week and Ill see you Saturday

Update on Joe, He will be going in to the doctor this Friday and if all is good he will be scheduled for surgery next wednesday. for update during the week please go the ladies group on face book or the Ladies blog. we will be taking a collection for Joe. If you cant make the ride and want to give something, you can leave it in an envelope with joe and my name on it at Tribe. Thank you again

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update on Joe

I went to visit Joe today, he is doing well, Last night the doc readjusted Joes leg and foot and as strange as it may sound all of the broken bones realigned themselves, therefore he did not have to have surgery today. He will be put in an case and able to go home tomorrow. They plan on putting his ankle together with screws and a thin plate in his leg to support the bones. but this wont take place for 10 days, They are waiting for all the swelling to go down first.
The Doc said that he had an angle watching over him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maggies Place By Kevin

Hello there Y’all,

I realize that this is just a run, but coming from a very poor, single mother household (more like trailerhold), I saw my mother struggle financially. There were times when us kids would stay at a friends house or at an “uncles/aunts” for a couple of weeks while my Mom was homeless. I have never slept on the street, but my mother did… and more often than I want to imagine. It still makes me sad that she sacrificed so much and busted her ass so hard just to scrape by and all the while, attempting to shelter us kids from the heartache that she was enduring.

Well, I have two charities that I personally support with Tribe. One, of course, is Not One More. The other is Maggie’s Place which helps expectant homeless mothers get back on their feet with shelter, food, and job skills training. It is NOT a halfway house for druggies or a shelter for battered women… it is simply a place (series of) where homeless expectant mothers can get back on their feet.

So, if you feel so inclined to want to help out, please support this race. The odd distance is representative of the gestational period of the birthing process… but, they also have a 10K to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Maggie’s Place.

For every one of us that enters, I will be matching your entry with a donation from our team. If you do enter, simply send me an email saying so (Please note that you ride with The Ladies). Thank you, in advance.

Kevin Chief Weitzel

Click on Maggies Place by Kevin and it will take you to the registeration page for this run.

Thank you Kevin for all you do.

Saturdays Ladies Only Bikeride 10/16/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will meet directly across the street from the fountain on saguaro blvd in Fountain hills. At 6 am ready to ride at 6:15 am

After turning on to saguaro blvd you will drive about 2.5 miles, There will be a 3 way stop, at this stop you will see the fountain on your right, make a left turn and park on the south side of the street.

The ride this week will take us out to bush Highway. Once again this will be a steady climb ride. The grade will be no more than 1.8%. This road has a very wide and beautifully paved shoulder, Which make the ride very safe. Plan on a 4 hr ride. bring at least 2 bottles of water, eat a good but light breakfast. On your way in to the ride please plan some time to stop and use the facilities, because there is a place to stop once we turn on to the b line.

Direction: From anywhere in the valley take Shea blvd to saguaro blvd North drive 2.5 miles, make a left turn at the 3 way stop and park on the south side of the street.

See you saturday

Click on the title to RSVP on the meetup site or respond to this email

Also check out our Blog, I have posted a note from Kevin. Maggie's Place

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday 10/9/2010 The Breast Cancer Awareness Bike Ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday, We will meet at the Bagel nosh and ride 25 miles before riding down the road to join Landis Cyclery, in a BREAST CANCER AWARENESS RIDE. This ride will be taking place on this day at bike shops all over the country.

Everyone is welcome - it's not just for ladies! It is an opportunity for us to all ride together in a show of support and solidarity with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, to remember those we have lost to the disease, and to raise awareness. EVERYONE is affected by breast cancer. Let's ride together for a cure and to support each other.

100% of your $25 registration fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to let everyone you know, know about this event!!

Here is the link to register for this ride:

Registration closes Oct 8, Please dont wait to register, Lets do this.
If you do not wish to do the extra miles Please join us at:
Landis cyclery
1006 E. Warner Road
Tempe Az
starts Time: 10:00AM
to register the day of please be there at 8am

Thank you for making this Happen

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Story of a Stolen Bike By Julie P

I felt it good info to pass along to you and our bike group to update you on my sons stolen road bike.

His bike was stolen tues night and showed up on craigs list sat. we requested the assistance of the police, long story short all they did was take a police report and waste time. After 3 meetings with the phoenix pd and 26 hrs of leg work on our own and actually going as far as to test ride our own stolen bike, in the end we had to pull a Bonny and Clyde, after all was said in done a big laugh was had by us. Lesson learned please photograph your bike with you, highlight any “special identification” you have with photo’s or receipts and the very most important thing…..drum role please……WRITE DOWN YOUR SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR BIKE ….it can be found near the handle bar stem or most often etched into the frame beneath the crank shaft. The serial number is the only identification the police accept from you to identify your bike, without it YOU ARE SCREWED.

The best bike lock to use is the very heavy U shaped lock, these 3 de-moralized thieves scoped out, cut a braided lock cable and physically rode off with our bike in less than 3 minutes from a bike rack where it was secured and had video surveillance.

I know a lot of our ladies have wonderful, expensive, bikes I would really hate for them to go through what my family has endured the last 48 hrs.

Julie p.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ladies Only October Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Last Month was the Warm up to Climbing, I gave you some literature on climbing, and Some drills that would help in developing a better Cardio for climbing. Well this month and next month we will be climbing. For the Ladies that signed up for the Tour de Tucson you might want to do all of these rides. They are great builders for that ride.
Why are we climbing? In reality CLIMBING will make you a stronger cyclist, for two reasons.

1. you will learn how to read the road in order to know when to shift. example: by looking ahead you can see the rise and drop in the road, with this knowledge you can determine if and when you will need to shift to an easier gear to stay seated or or if you think you can stand all the way to the top, you would shift to a harder gear and stand. You want to shift either way before you get to far into the climb, by doing this it will make the gear change smooth.

2. It builds your mental and physical strength, at the same time. Some time I wonder if my legs gave out first or did I tell myself it to hard and I have to stop. 9 out of 10 i told myself its to hard. As we climb we talk to ourselves or to the Lady that is climbing next to us and we don't think. we just climb. Once you reach the top of the climb you say, wow that wasn't so bad.. but the following week you climb it by yourself, your statement is different you say boy that was hard... What was the different? Yep, The first climb you did not think you were talking, Therefore, the mind did not play a roll in the climb, the body is the same it remembers what it took to get to the top. The Mind is a very powerful thing, it can stop you in your tracts, so we must stay positive over the next 6 weeks. Pick points through out the climb that you can make it to and once you reach it pick another one.. Look at the top of the climb, acknowledge it and don't look at the entire climb again, keep your focus 6 to 8 inches ahead of you, because that road is flat.

The most important thing about Climbing is this: DON'T EVER SAY I CANT or ITS TO HARD, with both of these statements you have defeated yourself and YOU WONT because IT IS. Instead say OK ,,, LETS GET HER DONE. :)

Ladies Please eat a good Carb dinner on Thursday and a good protein dinner on Friday, Fuel you body with a good source of water and electrolytes all week and Ill see you on the weekend ready to Climb. * these ride will be SAG Supported so please chime in if you plan on riding with the Group

The October Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar

Oct 2 .....B line to Shea*.................................... Tribe Multisport
Oct 9 .....Breast Cancer Awareness Ride^ ......Landis in Tempe
Oct 16... Fountain/Bush Hwy*......................... Fountain Hills
Oct 23 ..9 Mile Hill* ...........................................Fountain Hills
Oct 30 ..In Mummy Mt ....................................Tribe Multisport

Thank you for Making this Happen
Have a Great Month.

^Saturday, October 9th - Landis Cyclery, 1006 E. Warner Road
This is a ride taking place on this day at bike shops all over the country. Everyone is welcome - it's not just for ladies! It is an opportunity for us to all ride together in a show of support and solidarity with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, to remember those we have lost to the disease, and to raise awareness. EVERYONE is affected by breast cancer. Let's ride together for a cure and to support each other. 100% of your $25 registration fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to let everyone you know know about this event!!

Here is the link to register for this ride. Registration closes Oct 8, Please dont wait to register, Lets do this.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tour De Scottsdale Visual

Good Morning Ladies
Try and arrive at DC Ranch Market Street least a hour to 1 1/2 hour before the start time. This will give you time to park, prep your bike, and meet up with your friends. The Three focal points that I want to cover all start with CHANGE.... during this ride:
You will have to CHANGE the way you THINK, when the hills get hard don't focus on the entire climb break it down into poles and mile markers. (saying I can make it to that pole or that catus or that red car), also by keeping a positive thought such as( I think I can, I think I can, like the little red engine that could).
You will have to CHANGE the way you MOVE, as your legs get tired you will have to switch up your paddle stroke by lifting your foot using the thigh muscles, and then by lowering your hill a bit to engage your hamstrings and gluts and by scraping the mud, this stroke engages the the calf muscle.
You may have to CHANGE the way you SIT, by moving to the noise of the seat engages the front muscles in your legs, moving all the way back on the seat will engage the larger muscles such as your gluts and hip flexers. last you may want to stand just for a moment to give the entire body a break by using your body weight to climb.

now to the Rout:

From Thompson Peak Parkway west to Scottsdale Rd North...
your Adelina will be flowing and you will want to keep up with the rush of cyclist, this is normally and fun, so enjoy:). This road has a slight down hill, as the riders thin you try and stay to the right, there are no bike lanes. Cave Creek East...
this is a .5 to 1% climb all the way so pace yourself. get comfortable, If you are working a pace line don't stay on the front for more than 30 sec. Pima Rd South....
has a great down hill and its a great chance for you to drink and eat something, don't coast soft paddle (keep your legs moving, just don't put a lot of pressure into the paddle stroke) to release some of the lactic acid in your legs. before you reach the next turn
......Dynamite Blvd/Rio Verde....east
This is a very good up hill climb I would say a 4 to 5% climb, that about 1/4 mile long but at the light you will start your down hill (9 mile hill).. you have earned it so enjoy the down hill, but remember to eat and drink, soft paddle every now and then to flush out the lactic acid. stand and stretch if you need to.
......Forest blvd south......
This is a flat rd that runs through a golf course enjoy the view
.......following McDowell Mt Rd south. on to Saguaro blvd...
This is another Climb so pace yourself sit back and dig in and change the way you think, saguaro blvd is also rollers. use these rollers to drink and eat something( you must fuel the body)
........west on to Shea blvd.....
Shea is a 6 to 7% climb so remember the word of the day CHANGE and stay positive.
You can see the top... so you now you can make it... Keep your focus 6 to inches ahead of you cause the rode is flat.
......north on to 136 street a great street to recover, take a deep breath and let it out slowly through the noise,and repeat until your heart rate is back down.:)
....west on Via Linda to Frank Lloyd wright
This is a mixture of ups and great down hill have fun:)
.....north to 100 then go north to Thompson Park way and your almost Home
You can see the finish line Great Job

Monday, September 20, 2010

Riding to Maricopa

I had never taken the Ladies on this ride before, I had ridden it and loved it.

The Saturday's bike ride was to the little town of Maricopa. We meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs ready to ride at 6am. After giving out all the safety rules and ti -bits about riding in a small town 26 ladies and two SAG cars to support us on this ride took off. Joe in the front Dave in the middle and Me pulling up the back. you could hear the Ladies call out slowing, stopping, debris, clear and talking amongst themselves, all signs of a great ride and it was.

One of the good things about have two sag cars on this ride was the ability to split the group in to a long and a short ride with a SAG car going with each group. On the way back a few of the fastest riders was selected to go long, they would add 24 miles on to the ride by making a left turn at Riggs and maricopa rd and heading out to the gas station on Paco's and 51st ave. The short group would turn right and head back in. There total miles would be 68 miles for the long and the short group would get 42 miles in.

The only hesitation on doing this was the heat. The temp for the day was 108. so we made sure that both cars had plenty of Ice,water and nutrition to support each group.

All in all it was a great day and The Ladies loved it.
26 riders went out and 26 riders came in.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 9/11/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This week we will meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs on the SW side of the street at 5:30 ready to ride at 5:50.This will be a SAG supported bike ride so please chime in so I may have enough nutrition for everyone. The ride will take us out towards Florence. The ride out is as flat as a road can be in Arizona with little to no cars and a nice shoulder.

We will work on cadence and small sprints intervals, just enough to get your heart rate up and recover. Why do intervals. This type of interval riding will teach the body to respond quickly and recover almost at the same rate. The reason why I do these, is to help me when I have to climb. When Climbing my heart rate spikes and I have a hard time bringing it down(recovering) by doing this on a flat road I can control the effort output. On a climb the hill determines your effort output, and if you haven't learned how to recover, you may find yourself at the bottom of the hill with your heart beating in your ears while facing another hill. You don't always have to climb a hill to get ready for a climb. I will share 2 of Kevin's drills that will do the same thing as climbing. please don't get me wrong, you will have to climb the hills to build muscle strength, these drill work on your cardio.

Drill 1. I call it the The Bell curve. (There is another name for this I just cant remember it). we will start out easy and build up to your max speed then bring it back down slowly. example: start at 13 mph gradually speeding up until you reach 19 mph, then bring it back down in the same way to 13 mph. rest for 1 pole and do it again.

Drill 2. Climb and Drop. This drill you ride to your max speed in a short time span lets say 2 poles, then soft paddle until you can talk normal. then repeat. example: You go as fast as you can as soon as you can, then stop, you can either coast or soft paddle to recover( I suggest soft paddling). then repeat

We will do two sets of each then enjoy the rest of the ride. These drill will help prepare you if you are planning on doing the tour de scottsdale or the tour de tucson.

If you are new to the The Ladies ride please don't let this change your mind on riding this saturday, everything we do is in a group setting and it will help develop you into a better cyclist while equipping you with the skills to achieve the biking goal that you have set for yourself. All I ask is that you show up with the will/desire to ride.

Have a great week and remember Everything is Doable....... At Your Own Pace.



Bashas 10325 E. Riggs Rd

Sun LakesChandler Az 85248
Alma School and Riggs on the sw side of the street behind the Wachovia Bankfrom were ever you are in the valley come to Alma school rd and head South until you reach Riggs Rd.

If you get lost give me a call.

I have created a meetup site where more ladies can rsvp to join us from all over the valley. This is also a place were you can put in suggestion to meet for a bike ride during the week. I will start posting the monthly calendar on this site. The Ladies Email list has out grown my email account please

Check it out and join.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

A lot of info this month

This month will be the beginning of the Climbing rides. Yes, I know "I can't Climb", "Climbing is Hard", "Climbing Hurts", well you know what I say about Climbing "It Builds Character". I have often wonder if I should stand on a climb or sit. Seeing that I have done both this is what I have find, when I stand I can't make it from the bottom to the top of the climb, I'm out of breath and my cadence bottoms out, this has also happen when I sit :).

but What I have also found is If I utilize the down hill (meaning peddle on the way down instead of coasting) the momentum will carry mw a great deal up the hill, and once the speed starts to fade I can dig into the climb, based on how far I have to go before I reach the top I do one of two things. if I have more than a hundred yards to the top I stay seated and work the hill but if I have 25 yards or less I will stand and use my body weight to get me over the top.

You may ask why? I have found that if I can't stay up off the saddle all the way over the top then I have wasted energy for not. I find myself seated again with more hill to climb and my heart is in my ears = effort not used properly. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to figure this out , the rides this month will be a combination of Flats and small rollers building towards Oct.

I have included 3 references for you to check out and come to your own conclusion, there are so many different opinions on the topic of how to take on a climb. I found these to be interesting.

Stay seated

although you develop more power while standing by taking advantage of your upper bodies weight pushing down on the pedals, you are also using 10 to 12 % more energy. On short climbs, the length of a football field or less, it makes little difference. But on longer climbs, stay in the saddle and spin at 80 - 85 RPM. This is particularly so if you are heavier as standing puts just that much more weight on your leg muscles, while sitting uses the seat to help take the extra upper body weight off your legs. Staying in the saddle will:

* burn less energy - heart rate is approximately 8% lower for any set speed

* use your bigger gluteal (butt) and hip muscles to your advantage

Climbing to the Top

Let's begin with simple tactics to improve your climbing technique. These are basically free speed since no hard work is necessary. Many riders don't understand whether they're faster climbing seated or standing, and there's not a definite yes or no. It is true that you conserve more energy seated, yet standing is important when you want to attack or accelerate since you can put much more force into the down stroke. Generally speaking, bigger folks should spend more time seated than smaller riders. When you stand you have to support your body weight in addition to applying force to the pedals. Hence, more body weight means more energy used when one stands. Yet, don't let being big keep you in the saddle for all your climbs. It is OK for anyone to stand on short steep sections. For longer climbs, you'll want to spend more time seated since you need to preserve more energy.

Sitting Versus Standing by Dave Scott a SIx time Ironman World Champion.

Another good reference is the article from Joe Friel on this site on Women in the News.

Here is the Calendar for September 2010. All rides will meet at 5:30 am

Sat Sept 4 Bagel Nosh Awhatukee

Sat Sept 11 I-87 Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 18 Maricopa Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 25 Mummy/Gate Tribe Multisport

Sunday Sept 26 Ironman course- On this day if you have nothing planned I could use some support. I will be doing 3 loops of the b-line. therefore I will be out there for a while. My ride will starting from Tempe town lake and making its way out to the be line. you can drive and meet me at the gas station on Mc Dowell and B-line.

I will give more detail on my time frame for each loop so you can plan better.> > * SAG supported Ride

Thank you for your support and Making The Ladies Bike ride happen

Have a Great Month



A snap shot of a great day

The Ladies at Lake Mary 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

Lake Mary Weekend Ladies RIde

They Rocked and they Rolled....Way to Go Ladies!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

This Saturday Ladies only bike ride 8/21/2010

Good Morning Ladies.....

This past weekend was a blast, We most definitely will be doing this group get-a-way ride again next year. For the Ladies that could not make the ride, we can do this ride again as a Sunday turn around . Please let me know if you are interested in doing such a ride. I have placed a link to a video of this ride on the ladies blog. and you can watch the video and see more pics on the ladies facebook fan page.
This week's bike ride will meet at the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and Warner at 5:30 am. Be ready to ride at 5:45 am. It seems that daylight is sleeping in, so our start times may change to chase the light and stay out of the heat. We are riding out to South Mountain and into San Juan. If time allows we can ride into San Juan twice. Going to the towers may be an option depending what time we reach the Mt. If not Charlie will be doing the same ride on Sunday and the Towers is always a must do.
Please bring at least two bottles of water and nutrition. You should also bring some money to purchase water for our return trip to the Nosh. This is not a Sag supported ride, so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of water and an electrolyte drink. Eat a good dinner on Thursday and Friday. Eat something small (not too) for breakfast on Saturday morning.. These are things you should do before every bike ride. Along with prepping your water bottles, filling them 1/2 to 3/4 the way full and placing them in the freezer on on a tilt, then topping them off the morning of the bike ride. you can also do this to your camel pack, just make sure that you put the tube side up to keep the water out.

I'm looking forward to riding with you all this Saturday!
Have a great week

Lake Mary Bike ride

This weekend was a blast. The Ladies came up from the valley to take on the challenge of Lake Mary/ Mormon lake. Only 4 of us had done this ride before so the rest of the group had no clue except for the altitude which would cause some of the riders problems. But even so, they pulled themselves together with the support of the group and finished the ride. These Ladies are awesome and I am honored to have the pleasure of knowing and riding with each one of them.

Thank you for making this happen

Friday, August 6, 2010

Show your support for Ironman Az, Volunteer for bike Aid Station 3

Note from Ruth

Come join The Ladies for a day of fun and excitement!!!

If you have ever wondered what Ironman Arizona is all about.
If you have ever thought about being a part of Ironman Arizona.
If you have ever considered volunteering at Ironman Arizona.
The Ladies would like to have you join us and become a part of our volunteer team!
Volunteer registration opens Wednesday, July 28th.
click on volunteer
select Bike Aid Station
comment area type in The Ladies station 3
Ironman Arizona will be Sunday, November 21st, at Tempe Town Lake.
The Ladies will show their support at bike station #3.....on Beeline Hwy, just south of Shea Blvd.
We are a equal opportunity volunteer are welcome to join us!!

For more info please contact Ruth @

Thursday, July 29, 2010

This Saturdays Ladies Only Bike ride 7/31/2010

Good Morning Ladies
A few Ladies went up and did the Taylor House bike ride and had a great time. This will be, a must do ride for next year. You can ask Amy, Liz, Joe, Natalie and I believe Christina(one of the sisters) about the ride.
This Saturday we are doing one loop of the Ironman course. We will meet at Tempe Town Lake in the parking lot on the corner of Rio Salada and Ash. we will meet at 5:15 ready to ride at 5:30 am. This will also be a SAG ride so chime in if you are planning on attending.

I had a great time at my 30th Class reunion, It was great to see all my classmates. but I did miss riding with you. I spoke of you all with my friends and they wanted me to pass on a congrates and to tell you all to keep it up because you are an inspiration for us all.
As far as my training, you can follow me at but I wanted to post this log here for you to read.

FIve Months to Ironman
When I started this journey, I stated, "Wow in 9 months I could have a baby", this was how I looked at the journey to Ironman. In a sense they are similar, The body will have to go through some major transformation in this process.
In the last 4 months I have lost some friends, but I have gained even more friends. I have hit the wall with my swimming, so I walked away for 2 weeks with, thought that I cant do this, but, when I went back. I found out that I can, I just have to stay focused and 'in that moment'.
I've learned to look at, what I'm asking my body to do and to look at what, I am giving it, to do it with. meaning proper sleep, good nutrition, and plenty of fluids along with enough recovery time.
I've learned that my swim will be off the day after a 100 mile bike ride or staying up at a 24 hr event.
But In the month of June,
I've learned what it will take & how it feels to get out of my comfort Zone on my bike.I've learned that If I want to maintain a certain mph over a period of time with hills. I will have to surpass that avg by .6 mph. because I've also realized that I lose .3 mph on every hill climb. Therefore the down hill will play a very important part in this. Again I have to stay focused and 'in that Moment'.
Now with 5 months to go I have to transform this body a bit more, to become a better runner w/out injury.
I am still having fun in the moment

Thank you all for your Support and for making this happen
Have a great week
Oh yea, If you are intrested in doing the MS 150 bike ride next march please join us for a short meeting after the bike ride this saturday, on the lake.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five Months to Ironman

When I started this journey, I stated, "Wow in 9 months I could have a baby", this was how I looked at the journey to Ironman. In a sense they are similar, The body will have to go through some major transformation in this process.
In the last 4 months I have lost some friends, but I have gained even more friends. I have hit the wall with my swimming, so I walked away for 2 weeks with, thought that I cant do this, but, when I went back. I found out that I can, I just have to stay focused and 'in that moment'.

I've learned to look at, what I'm asking my body to do and to look at what, I am giving it, to do it with. meaning proper sleep, good nutrition, and plenty of fluids along with enough recovery time.
I've learned that my swim will be off the day after a 100 mile bike ride or staying up at a 24 hr event.
But In the month of June,
I've learned what it will take & how it feels to get out of my comfort Z on my bike.
I've learned that If I want to maintain a certain mph over a period of time with hills. I will have to surpass that avg by .6 mph. because I've also realized that I lose .3 mph on every hill climb. Therefore the down hill will play a very important part in this. Again I have to stay focused and 'in that Moment'.

Now with 5 months to go I have to transform this body a bit more, to become a better runner w/out injury.

I am still having fun in the moment.

Saturdays Ladies only Bikeride 7/24/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday is the Taylor House bike ride and I want to wish the Ladies that are doing this ride all the best. Remember to drink, shift and most of all have FUN. For the Ladies that are staying in the Valley Kevin has invited The Ladies to join him and the Ladies in Pink for a bike ride. Kevin will be helping us with some cycling games. They will be meeting at 5:15 am ready to ride at 5:30 am on Scottsdale and Pinnacle Peak in the NE corner Parking lot. The loop is about 36 mi so if you need a long ride just do the loop 2x.
The more that come the better. Even if You don't feel fast or haven't been riding much, come and participate. This ride will accommodate all riders that have ridden 35 to 40 miles on a regular basics.
This will not be a sag supported bike ride. Bring Money, extra tubes, co2 and nutrition(food).

I will be going home on Thursday so enjoy the weekend and Ill see you all Next week.

Charlie will leading a ride this Sunday:

This Sunday is once again "Silent Sunday" on South Mountain. We will ride from The Nosh (48th St. & Warner S.E. corner) to S. Mtn. Starting time is 5:30 a.m. We will ride to either San Juan or The Towers ( for a real treat why not do both) See you Sunday.

Have a Great week

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Morning Ladies
(pleae read to the end)

This week we will meet at the Tribe at 5:15 ready to ride at 5:30 am. This weeks ride will be PV/Eagle Mt Ridge. This will be a SAG supported ride so please chime in if you can make the ride.
As we have all heard that this weekend will be very hot so prep yourselves and your water bottles starting yesterday.

Living in AZ is a challenge for cyclist once it gets hot, but it is doable if we start early, keep our bodies hydrated and protect our skin from the sun,by wearing sun block, wick sleeves/ arm coolers
and cooling scarves. All these things will make riding in the AZ summers a bit more comfortable.

******A note from Ruth,

Come join The Ladies for a day of fun and excitement!!!

If you have ever wondered what Ironman Arizona is all about.
If you have ever thought about being a part of Ironman Arizona.
If you have ever considered volunteering at Ironman Arizona.
The Ladies would like to have you join us and become a part of our volunteer team!
Volunteer registration opens Wednesday, July 28th.
click on volunteer
select Bike option 3
comment area type in The Ladies
Ironman Arizona will be Sunday, November 21st, at Tempe Town Lake.
The Ladies will show their support at bike station #3.....on Beeline Hwy, just south of Shea Blvd.
We are a equal opportunity volunteer are welcome to join us!!

Thanks, Ruth, her friend Linda B.and her other friend Linda M.
If you have any Questions please contact Ruth

Have a Great Week

Tribe Multisport
Indian School and Miller on the NE side of the street in the Fry's Food Parking lot.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Saturdays Bikeride 7/10/2010

Good Morning Ladies
Last week's ride was great, I loved that downhill. I hope that everyone had a great 4th. This Saturday we will meet at 5:15 am ready to ride from the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and Warner at 5:30 am.

For those that are having problems with the heat, you can purchase the cooling scarf from any sporting good stores. There is also a new product call arm coolers that you can purchase from at Tribe Multisport or on line, they are called sun sleeves:

Also those that are interested in riding the Taylor House Centre, Amy has extended a "Tickler" to see what kind of interest there is in planning a fun weekend in Flagstaff! July 25th is my birthday. We are planning on riding the Taylor house ride on July 24 (in Flag). Anyone interested in staying overnight after the ride and hiking Mt. Humphreys on Sunday, July 25? With me, on my birthday?? You can come up for the ride & hike, or just one or the other, it's completely your choice!

Let me know!

Charlie will be leading

This Sunday we will start from The Nosh bagel shop (48th St. & Warner on the S.E. corner) The start time is 5:30 a.m. We will be riding somewhat of the normal route around & through Awhatukee but, at a little harder pace with fewer stops. We may split into 2 groups depending on who shows up. It will end up being 40 + miles at a pace to difficult for beginners. Sorry for the no beginners. That will be next week. For anyone wanting to come out please be there in time to roll out at 5:30. Don`t get scared now it will not be that difficult just a few less rest stops. Just in case anyone gets split off from the group my cell # is 480-861-4981(that way I won`t forget to give it out on Sunday a.m.) See you Sunday

Charlie has also extended an invitation to all on a trip to Magic Mt. Charlie will be leaving on Wednesday night 7/14 ready to have fun on Thurs 7/15 and friday 7/16 at the park returning to phx on saturday 7/17. If you would like to go and for more info please contact Charlie:

See you on Saturday

Bagel Nosh
48th street and warner
located in the Bashas Plaza on the SE side of the street.
If you get lost please give me a call

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Heart

Understanding Heart Disease Could Save Your Life

By John Mandrola, MD

As bike riders and racers, we train extensively, we eat right, we don't smoke and we're not obese. Heart-wise, this should put us way ahead of the curve. Recently, however, there are increasing reports of competitive athletes experiencing major cardiac events.
How can a heart that sustains a major aerobic effort be vulnerable to a heart attack?
Sudden, unexpected cardiac events in athletes are usually caused by "acquired" heart disease. That is, the same heart disease present in sedentary overweight truck drivers. Here we'll explore how these events occur, how one "acquires" the disease and ways you can safeguard against sudden cardiac failure.

The Science of an Attack
The heart is a large muscle that pumps 100,000 times daily. The muscle requires blood to contract. Blood is delivered to the beating heart muscle by the coronary arteries, which are on the surface of the heart.
"Acquired" heart disease involves the build up of cholesterol, fat and scar tissue inside these blood vessels. Less appreciated, but more important, are the reactivity of the coronaries and the stickiness of the blood passing through them. The sensitivity of the vessel and the stickiness of blood are both inherited and affected by lifestyle.
Inflammatory stimuli like adrenaline (racing), trans-fats, poor sleep and tobacco make the inner lining of the coronary vessel more reactive and thus more likely to fissure. These same stimuli activate blood platelets, making the blood stickier.
A fissure exposes the vessel to the sticky platelets. Platelets then attract more platelets and, similar to a cut on the skin, a clot forms. A clot inside the coronary stops the flow of nutrients to the muscle. A "heart attack" occurs and may cause electrical chaos leading to sudden death.

Two Paradoxes
Blockages in blood vessels most likely to fissure are young, immature and not obstructive. For example, a common medical board question is, which lesion is more likely to cause a heart attack, an 80-percent blockage or a 20-percent blockage?
The answer is the 20-percent blockage, which is more "irritable." It is less stable and more likely to fissure, causing blood to clot on it. An 80-percent blockage is older, has a "smoother" cap and is less likely to expose the sticky parts of blood to an adhesive surface.
Unlike a chronic heart disease patient, whose heart is in a constant state of compromised blood flow ("pre-conditioning"), an athlete's heart is accustomed to perfect blood flow. Abrupt disruption of nutrients to a heart unaccustomed to compromise creates an electrically unstable situation. In the event of a complete coronary obstruction, this lack of "preconditioning" makes an athletic heart more susceptible to cardiac problems.

Isn't Exercise Healthy?
A common sentiment among the endurance sports community regarding cardiovascular health sounds something like this: "I am an athlete. I thought exercise made my heart healthier."
Generally, this is true, but here are four facts of an athletic lifestyle that may contribute to irritable blood vessels and stickier blood.
1. Statistically, bike racers are more likely to have the "minor" 20-percent blockage rather than the more obstructive, but less irritable 80-percent blockage. These non-symptomatic, undetectable blockages are repeatedly exposed to the spiking adrenaline levels of a typical athlete's life—a potentially risky scenario.
2. Bike racing is intense. A criterium, a 'cross race and even a century are different endeavors than most structured 30-minute aerobic workouts. Intense race-like efforts result in high adrenaline levels and marked cardiac stress. Much like an argument spikes adrenaline levels, so do intense physical efforts.
3. Bike racers are often "Type A", high-adrenaline, overachiever personality types.
4. Racers often over train and are poorly rested. Lack of rest can result in stickier blood and inflammation of the blood vessels.
Interestingly, in nearly three in 10 people, their first symptom of heart disease is sudden death. For the most part, bike riders and racers have "fitter" hearts than the general public. However, our lifestyle has specific stressors. Understanding and managing the life factors responsible for inflammation of blood vessels and the stickiness of blood will help reduce sudden cardiac events.

A Bike Racer's Checklist for a Healthy Heart
Be informed and engaged in your heart health. Know that athletes are not immune to heart disease.
Know your genetics. A strong family history of heart disease mandates extreme vigilance. Genetics are the strongest risk factor.
Food is important. Nuts, fish, berries and vegetables are soothing to blood vessels. Man-made foods, especially "white" foods, are inflammatory.
Keep your blood pressure less than 130/85.
LDL ("Bad cholesterol") should be lower than 100 or preferably <70.
Sleep well consistently. Quality sleep decreases inflammation and blood stickiness.
Manage stress and anger. For competitive athletes, this is an especially pertinent issue.
Do not ignore warning symptoms like chest pain, excessive shortness of breath or fainting.
Seek out a doctor who

Profile Questionnaire - Irongeezelle

Please participate in the on-going effort to profile all the fabulously fit and active women that are out there, but largely unrecognized. If you have filled one of these profiles out in the past, "thank you." Maybe you could send it to a friend, whose efforts in living a healthy lifestyle you appreciate. If you have not filled it out, please do. You are Also, attach a photo.

Ten Questions with Apologies to Proust and Vanity Fair:

… and that’s who we really want to know…you!

1. What three adjectives describe you?

2. What is your motto?

3. What has been your greatest athletic accomplishment?

4. What has been your greatest challenge?

5. Who are your role models?

6. Who is/are your training partners?

7. What motivates you?

8. What is your greatest splurge?

9. What is your idea of bliss?

10. What is your biggest unrealized dream?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

July 2010 Saturday Ladies Only bikeride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Can you believe that June is over? I can remember when each of you first joined the Ladies ride. I remember, the first year when the first ride was only 10 miles. 5 miles out and 5 miles back, and the looks on some of the Ladies faces after getting up early, loading their bikes on/in their car and driving 30 to 45 min to get to the ride and then the ride was over in less than a hour. I thought to myself that I would never see those ladies again. I did see them again and they came back the next Saturday. We road 15 miles, and each Saturday we would add two miles on the front end until we reached 20 miles. Then, we started adding 5 miles on the front end, we took the ride on the road. from Cave creek to Fountain Hills, 9 mile hill, around So. Mt. to the Towers and San Juan, to the turn off at Bartlett lake, Carefree, I 87, B-line to Shea to Bush Highway. The second year we started the new riding at 20 miles but we rode the same distance for 4 months before we took the ride on the road. The Ladies branched out and added the MS 150 to the list along with Taylor House, Amtrak Centre, Tour de Scottsdale, Tour de Tucson, Ragbrai, and Tri for the Cure. A lot of personal goals were achieved that year. Linda B started The Ladies third year by achieving her goal of crossing the US. Her journey started in San Diego Ca. and ended in St Augustine Fl. The new Ladies that joined us this April started out at the 20 mile distance, and within 2 months are riding 25 and 30+ miles. We have ridden Usery Pass, to the gate, the zoo loop and San Juan twice. We have held a clinic on gearing and tire changing, we have covered the benefits of having a high cadence. Who Knew in 2 yr and 3 months you would have achieved so much? Congratulation to you all.

The rides on the calendar this month are:

Taylor House on July 24th you can read more and sign up if interested at:

The Arizona City Cotton Classis [formerly Picacho Peak TT] time trial on sunday July 11th, A time trial is basically an all out bike ride against you the clock, to read more go to: Look for : Arizona City Cotton Classis [formerly Picacho Peak TT][Info] can sign up the day of

With this said here is: The Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar for July 2010 All rides begin at 5:30 am
July 3 ____ Usery Pass/pool time _____ Patricia's Place
July 10____ Bagel Nosh ____________ Awhatukee
July 17____ PV/ Eagle Mt ridge ______ Tribe Multisport
July 24 ******* Taylor House Bike ride ***********
July 31____ Ironman Course __________ Tempe town Lake

Its hot out there Ladies, Keep drinking 8 to 12 glasses of fluids during the week and prep your water bottles.

Without you this could not be, Thank you
LaVerne 602-565-1839

Saturday, June 12, 2010

An insight on one of our Sponsor

Hey laverne just thought I would include you in this email so you can get a feel for Dr Leighton and some of his work he does. He is much more than just your typical plastic surgeon, a big part of his practice is helping people who have endured sever trauma and/or burn injuries. One of the pics is of Greg (on the right) my husband, Nidal and Jason Schechterle (on the left), the phx officer who was injured 10 yrs ago in his cruiser when it was rear ended by the cab. They are all severe burn survivors and the guys are helping to make him feel welcome and get through his up coming reconstructive surgeries.

Hope you enjoy this feel good story,

Here are some pictures of Nidal a child from Pakistan who was burned when he was younger. Thru charities, and different organizations around the world brought Nidal to us here in the USA. My plastic surgeon Dr. Leighton was the one chosen for the plastic reconstruction for him. There are several other doctors that are on board for skeletal problems leading from the burns, since he has lost all of his fingers on his left hand.

He is living with his "Host" parents here and is a great kid. Although, he doesn't speak any english he does like IN N Out hamburgers. What a great attitude and being such a strong young man for leaving his family to come here and get better. It was so nice to be a part of something like this and helping someone who doesnt' even know what to expect. That is where Jason Schecterle and I come in to the picture. Both Jason and I are going to take the time to spend with him and let him know that it's ok to hurt, but it will get better.

Plus, I had found out that he likes cars. So next month after his first surgery I am taking him and all of his American family to the drag races and let him sit in a car. He should have a huge smile on his face for that!

I just wanted to share this with you all, since I have never been a part of something this big before. I am really excited to be part of a great team and to see that Nidal is not alone, makes it all worth while.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did being a part of this great program.

By Julie Parker

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ADOT Bike Safety Survey - 11 Questions - ALL CYCLISTS Should Respond

To all 600+ of you on our Brumbys distribution list. Whether you are currently riding a bike or used to and have stopped riding and have not been on one in awhile, every one of you need to take this important ADOT 11 question survey. Click on this link ( and go to survey at the bottom of the web page. You will have the opportunity to also provide your written feedback on the safety concerns of cycling in Arizona. This feedback is critical to improving safety and protections/enforcement of not only the 3 Feet law, but also to provide input on specific locations in the State that are unsafe for cycling.

On the very last question you also have the opportunity to list the Clubs and Advocacy groups you belong to or are affiliated with. If you ride on a Team, obviously list your team and also list that you are a member of the Red Mountain Brumys Cycling Club. Whether you have contributed or not, please also note that you support the "Not One More Cyclist" NonProfit Cycling Advocacy Foundation, supporting Injured and Killed cyclists. Lastly, if you are a member of the Coalition of Arizona Bicylists or any other advocacy groups please list them as well.

Thanks for your support, again this is a very important vehicle to provide valuable input to our State Deparment of Transportation. Please forward to all cyclists, teams and clubs that you know, personally requesting their support as well.

Sterling Baer
Red Mountain Brumbys Cycling Club
Advisory Board, Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists
Mesa Bicycle Advisory Committee

----- Forwarded by Sterling Baer/Phoenix/IBM on 06/03/2010 07:53 PM -----

ADOT Bicycle Safety Action Plan: Public Input Survey Available

The Arizona Department of Transportation is developing a Bicycle Safety Action Plan to reduce the number of bicycle-related crashes, injuries, and fatalities on state highways.

One of the most important steps toward creating the Bicycle Safety Action Plan is to document the perspectives, concerns, and input, as it relates to bicycle safety, of residents from throughout the State of Arizona.

All residents of Arizona are invited to participate and complete a Public Input Survey for bicycle safety. The results of the survey will serve as input to identifying important bicycle safety issues and will help to establish goals and objectives for the Bicycle Safety Action Plan.

A link to the survey can be found on the Arizona Department of Transportation's Bicycle and Pedestrian Program website ( The results of the on-line survey are collected automatically so respondents do not have to email or print the completed survey.

For assistance completing the survey or for more information on the Bicycle Safety Action Plan, please contact:

Michael N. Sanders, Senior Transportation Planner
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program
Multimodal Planning Division
Arizona Department of Transportation
206 S. 17th Ave., Mail Drop 310B
Phoenix, AZ 85007
(602) 712-8141
Fax (602) 712-3046

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Second Tri By Jayne Marshall

On my first tri I got second and on my second tri I got first. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Of course it could also be worded--in both tris I got last place. Either way, it was fun, and I’m hooked. When they were handing out the awards the group of ladies behind me were making a big deal out of being 49 and still doing triathlons. Consequently, I got a nice round of applause when I went up for my 70 and above award.
I’ve decided that in each tri you probably learn something. Last time I learned that you swim next to the rope because you don’t want anyone cutting in front of you just as you’re about to turn. I was talking to some ladies in the 60 year old division and they said, “That’s true. That’s why it was so nice in the Tri for the Cure. The ladies were a little more polite. But, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem here because all the real competitors were at Tempe Town Lake doing the International Triathlon.” They were right. I only had one guy bump into me and that was during a dash to the ladder to get out of the pool.
In this tri I learned something very important--make a check list of equipment. The first thing on my check list is going to be: DON’T forget your running shoes! In the last tri I had Roxie’s bike and used my running shoes for the bike and the run. This tri I had my own bike so I had to have my biking shoes. I don’t keep my running shoes with my biking equipment so when I packed I guess I figured I had the same amount of equipment as I did last time, so I must be good to go. When I was setting up my bike and laying out my equipment I went, “OH, S--T! Oh well, I guess I run in my Tevas.” I remember one time, years ago, I was walking down a country road and just felt like running (that had to REALLY be a long time ago) and I ran in my Tevas so I knew it could be done. I felt better when I was on my bike, coming up the hill to the finish, and saw a guy running in his Tevas. I figured that he was probably doing it by choice. Anyhow, it worked, but it was a different gait and I noticed that there was a lot of pounding on my shins. They’re still a little sore but no big deal.
When I went to pick up my packet I talked to the guy that puts on the Triathlon and asked what to do about my legs being mush for the run. He said to go in an easier gear through out the race. I guess I went in too easy of a gear because my legs were fine but I don’t think my bike time was that good. Don’t have the times yet so will analyze that later. Maybe by my 20th triathlon I’ll get it all together. But, LeVerne!! You should be proud of yourself. You’re a very dynamic teacher and your student is learning. She drank a whole bottle of water while she was waiting to get in the pool, and drank half of a Camelback during the ride. Pretty good, huh?

June 2010 Calendar for The Saturday Ladies Bikeride

Good Morning Ladies
For the past two months we have had two groups every Saturday. The short group has come a long way. They started out riding 18 miles and in a short 2 months they have are now riding 39 miles and climbing to the gate. As for the long route- They had made the right turn at 136th street onto Shea and have climbed up and over Eagle Mt. Ridge and returned back to the Tribe via the b-line. This past week the long route took a left turn on to Fountain Blvd. and continued to climb the 3 little sisters. The combined groups also stepped up to the challenge and rode into San Juan...Twice
congratulations to all the Ladies in both groups for accomplishing some great riding.
It's time to combine the two groups. Although we are doing this, it doesn't mean that the dynamics of the ride will change. All this means is that we will no longer split into groups. We will be riding the same route, at different paces--that's all. We will still focus on cadence, drinking water while riding, hand signals along with bike handling skills. We will have a guest rider and speaker on the first ride of the month.

With this said, here is the 'Ladies Only' bike ride calendar for June 2010.
All rides will start at 6 am. This is subject to earlier times depending on the heat.

June 5 Usery Pass Patricia's place
June 12 PV/Mummy to gate Tribe Multisport
June 19 Dreamy Draw Trail head bike shop
June 26 PV/Zoo to Gate Tribe Multisport

Summer is here, so please drink plenty of fluids during the week and keep your water bottles for the Saturday bike ride prepped and in the freezer. Dehydration is not fun so, drink a lot.....WATER/ Electrolyte beverage.

Thank you, Without you this could not be...

Have a great Month,


This Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 6/5/2010

Good Morning Ladies
Sorry about the two e-mails in a row, I fell behind the 8 ball.
I would like to say Thank you to Joe and the Ladies for last saturday, I did the 4000 yd open water swim at Lake pleasant. It was great my time was 1:47:15. not bad for my first 4000 yd which is equal to 2.4 miles. Then I enjoyed my holiday by riding 100 miles total time with rest stops 8 hr. Thank you all again for your support.

This saturday we will be meeting at Patricia's Place at 5:30 am ready to ride at 6 am (direction listed below) and doing the Usuery pass loop, Please be on time. As always this will be a SAG supported ride so please chime in with a yes or a no if you plan on attending the ride. I rather have too much supplies than not enough. Our Guess speaker is Dr. Brendan, He is a cyclist and a nutritionist. He will join us on the ride, then he will take a moment and talk to us about the proper nutrition for the female athletes. This time we are going to do something different, There will be a pool party after the ride so please bring a swimming suit, but instead of a pot luck we are going to have a brown bag deal. Pack yourself a lunch for after the ride.

few notes:
1. This saturday it will be hot so please start to prep your body by drinking plenty of fluids mixed with some form of electrolytes and your water bottles by filling them half way and placing them in the freezer for at least two days. top them off on saturday morning
2. I will be bringing the size kits and the order forms with me, so if you plan on purchasing a ladies jersey please bring either cash or check to turn in with your order form. for pricing please look back on 5/22 ladies ride email or go to the ladies blog to find the pricing list.
3. Janet won a free entry to the firecracker tri in tucson in July and she will not be able to use it, If any one is interested in this tri please chime in.

If you are running late or get lost please call either Patricia or myself

Thank you and Have a Great week

Saturday, May 22, 2010

websites to keep on hand

Good Morning Ladies

To Order Group Pic goto

To Follow the Ladies group got

You can also follow my Ironman training at

With out you and your support this could not be.
Thank you

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I pedaled across the US by Linda B

I know that many of "The Ladies" were following my blog
( as I pedaled across the US in March and April of
this year....thanks for the support! It was encouraging to know that there
were people out there following my progress and traveling with me.

The Southern Tier cross country trip with Woman Tours (
was a trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend it to all of you. Each of you
could do it, I have no doubt about that. If I can do it, anyone can.

While I will not disagree that it was an amazing feat, it was not as hard as
you might think. "The Ladies" ride 30 - 50 miles on any given just think of getting up and doing that on Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday....ok you get the picture. It's just great to get up every day and
ride your bike!

The views, and topography of this nation are great....we saw fabulous
mountains (and climbed them) struggled to the top of them, but
then....wheeeeee, we got to go downhill! My personal best downhill speed
was 40.7 mph. Ok, been there done that, probably won't do it again....

I will also tell you that riding with "The Ladies" was just fabulous
training. While many of the women in our tour were much more experienced
than I was (having just started riding in the spring of 2009) I was much
better prepared, thanks to the examples and training tips of LaVerne, Joe,
and all of you.

Many people ask what the highlight of the trip was.....for me the ride to
Emory Pass in NM at 8,800 ft. was the best. It was challenging and beautiful
at the same time, and just to know that I climbed to that elevation (snow at
the top) was such great personal satisfaction. I will tell you though that
the most difficult ride of all was the ride in our own great state of AZ
from Superior to Globe...I was one of only 5 out of 24 women that completed
that entire day's ride.

Many people also ask if it would do it again...the answer is yes, in a
heartbeat...I highly recommend....

See you on the Road...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This Saturday Ladies Only bikeride 5/22/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will have two routes, The long rout will have a added flair, The distance will be 45+ miles. The short route will also have a flair and the distance will be 30+ miles.
Please don't let the distance keep you away. Everyone can do these rides.. We will meet at the Tribe at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6 am. The reason for the time change, The Temp is suppose to be in the hi 90's.
Ladies Please start drinking water and electrolyte drinks( power aid or Gatorade) today. also fill your water and and put them in the freezer to day they will have a solid freeze.. If at all possible try and get the thermo bottles they will stay cold longer.
The ladies that are doing the short route we will have a small clinic on how to change a tire after the ride.

---Jersey size kit are here:
I will have the size kit with me this saturday for all the ladies that are interested purchasing a new jersey.
Here is the price sheet for the jerseys, shorts and 2 piece tri-suits.
Short Sleeve Jersey $50
Sleeveless Jersey $49
Riding Shorts $57
Tri-Top $47
Tri Shorts $49

Short Sleeve Jersey and Shorts Combination $107
Sleeveless Jersey and Short Combination $106
Tri-suit (2 piece) $ 96
I will also bring a order form.
Please fill out the form and return it to me w/payment.

You will have a choice of ordering the original jersey or the new design one. I will try and have a scratch of the new jersey.

---- Congrats to all the ladies that did the Tempe International Tri last Sunday.
-------------- A note from Charlie
Hey Everyone
This Sunday we will once again ride from The Nosh bagel shop (48th St. & Warner on the S.E. corner) The route & distance will be determined by who shows up & how hard we want to ride. The last couple of weeks we have had a good turnout & got in approx. 35 miles of fun in the Awhatukee foothills. If anyone is ready for a change of scenery we can go play on South Mountain. It is about 38 miles from the bagel shop to San Juan Point & back or 42 miles to the Towers. Just something to think about & we can decide on Sunday a.m. hope to see everyone Sunday.

Have a great Week

Tribe Multisport
On the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's Food shopping center tucked in the corner.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Saturdays Ladies Only bikeride 5/8/2010

Good Morning Ladies
First, I would like to say "Happy Mothers Day" to everyone and to wish all the Ladies doing the SheRox Tri this weekend good luck. With the utmost honor, "Welcome Home Linda B" and congrats on a great journey.

This week we are meeting at South Mountain. Be there at 6 am ready to ride into San Juan at 6:30 am sharp. The ride into San Juan is a lot of fun and then you get the pleasure of climbing out. This ride is very challenging, so please don't get discouraged, just keep at it. Speed isn't important on this type of ride, focus on keeping your legs moving at a good even pace (cadence). On your way out remember to get as much as you can out of the downhill, so the speed can carry you at least 1/2 way up the next climb.
You may ask why are we doing this type of ride so soon:
--I have a time trial up to the Towers this Saturday and instead of canceling the ride altogether, I have had all the Ladies to come out and ride San Juan. Then, later on in the year we will come out and ride it again, so each of you can see how much you have grown in your cycling. From time to time, it's good to have a ride that is very difficult and then come back and ride that same ride and see how much better you feel.
I know from experience that it feels good to surpass the point where you walked or had to stop for a moment or to say "Why did I stop last time?" ...Yes you will say this.

It is supposed to be hot this weekend, so please prep your water bottles (freeze two on a slant). Also be sure to take care of your body by drinking plenty of fluids.

If you have any questions about this ride or anything else, please ask via email or phone. No question is too silly or stupid. I was told by an instructor once, that the only stupid question is the one not asked. So, please ASK and I will do my best to answer them all.

----------A note from Charlie

Hey Everyone
First off, to all of the mothers out there Happy Mothers Day. This Sunday I`m planning another easy ride. We will start from The Nosh(48th St. &Warner S.E.corner) & ride in the Awahtukee area. We will ride as hard or easy as the group wants & set a distance depending on who shows up for the ride. Ride start time is 6:30 a.m. We can go in two groups or split along the way & go different distances. See you Sunday.

Have a great Week

South Mountain
from any where in the valley, Take Central south pass McDowell, pass Southern, Pass Baseline, Pass Dobbins, follow Central all the way up into the Mountain. You will come to a guard station take a Left turn and park in the first parking lot on your Left.

Bagel Nosh
48th street and Warner on the SE side of the street in the Bash Plaza parking lot.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Saturday Ladies only bikeride 5/1/2010

Good Morning Ladies

Where did April go? This is the first weekend of May, and the start of the second month for our new riders. This month we will be working on cadence. Cadence is the constant rhythm of your paddle stroke. This is my definition, not Webster. You're probably wondering why I chose to introduce this so early in your riding. The reason, because this is the right way to ride. I can wait until you have put more time in the saddle, but it will be like starting over. Take my word for it. I learned how to keep up by pushing the harder gear once I was introduced to cadence. Prior to that I could not keep up and I had not developed the cardio that it takes to ride this way. So now, I start everyone out on the right paddle.

We will be meeting at the Tribe on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's Food Parking lot. We will meet at 6 am ready and be ready to ride at 6:30 am. It is going to be hot this weekend so, please prep your water bottles by filling the bottles 1/2 way and putting them in the freezer on a slant. Today, I strongly recommend that you start drinking some form of an electrolite drink as well as plenty of water.

There will be two routes (long and a short)

The riders going long will be trying out a new route "Eagle Mt Ridge", There will be a challenging climb on this course, I know you all can do this. The trick in climbing is not to be afraid of the hill and to keep your upper body out of the climb. Stay relaxed and paddle in a full circle - meaning put equal pressure on the entire paddle, each paddle stroke should be as though you are scrapping mud off the bottom of our shoe. The last trick is, think about how good the downhill is going to feel :). I'm not sure of the total miles, I would say it is about 45+. This will be a SAG supported ride.

The riders that will be doing the short route will have a bit of a challenge also. Our distance will be about 24+ miles. Again this course is mostly flat, so if you haven't been out yet and you are still thinking about it, stop thinking and just come out and join us!

--------------------Another note:
There will be a Multiple Sclerosis wrap up party starting at 11 am to 1 pm, At the Trailhead bike shop on 16th street and Glendale, Phoenix Az. There will be a 2 for 1 sign up on this day for next year's bike ride.

--------------- Linda B has one day to go, here are a few words from Her:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 56 ......High Springs, FL to Palatka, FL
Wow what a day.....73 miles....the rain cooled things off last evening, so glad it waited until we were finished with dinner....this morning, it was cool, and bright, and yes, that big ol' blue sky was there and that bright yellow sun...all ready for our last major ride before hitting the beach at St. Augustine tomorrow.

In so many ways it seems like we just started yesterday, then in other ways it seems like we've been at this forever. It will feel pretty strange to get back to regular life out of the biking bubble....plastic chairs in parking lots, dinner on our laps (scrumptious food I might add) and always having someone around to laugh with.

We got teary-eyed at dinner tonight, our last one in true tour fashion in the parking we each shared our favorite part of the tour...mine of course was happy hour.....and the increase in my personal biking skills. I have each member of the tour to thank for that. Each in their own way has helped me increase my skills...for that I am grateful.

I've also grown as a person, and have learned that I can accomplish what I've set out to do. I look forward to going home.....

Eagerly looking forward to tomorrow and the Atlantic Ocean!
Posted by Linda Beiler - Riding, Riding, Riding at 6:29 PM

Have a great week and I'll see you on Saturday