Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Ladies Only October Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Last Month was the Warm up to Climbing, I gave you some literature on climbing, and Some drills that would help in developing a better Cardio for climbing. Well this month and next month we will be climbing. For the Ladies that signed up for the Tour de Tucson you might want to do all of these rides. They are great builders for that ride.
Why are we climbing? In reality CLIMBING will make you a stronger cyclist, for two reasons.

1. you will learn how to read the road in order to know when to shift. example: by looking ahead you can see the rise and drop in the road, with this knowledge you can determine if and when you will need to shift to an easier gear to stay seated or or if you think you can stand all the way to the top, you would shift to a harder gear and stand. You want to shift either way before you get to far into the climb, by doing this it will make the gear change smooth.

2. It builds your mental and physical strength, at the same time. Some time I wonder if my legs gave out first or did I tell myself it to hard and I have to stop. 9 out of 10 i told myself its to hard. As we climb we talk to ourselves or to the Lady that is climbing next to us and we don't think. we just climb. Once you reach the top of the climb you say, wow that wasn't so bad.. but the following week you climb it by yourself, your statement is different you say boy that was hard... What was the different? Yep, The first climb you did not think you were talking, Therefore, the mind did not play a roll in the climb, the body is the same it remembers what it took to get to the top. The Mind is a very powerful thing, it can stop you in your tracts, so we must stay positive over the next 6 weeks. Pick points through out the climb that you can make it to and once you reach it pick another one.. Look at the top of the climb, acknowledge it and don't look at the entire climb again, keep your focus 6 to 8 inches ahead of you, because that road is flat.

The most important thing about Climbing is this: DON'T EVER SAY I CANT or ITS TO HARD, with both of these statements you have defeated yourself and YOU WONT because IT IS. Instead say OK ,,, LETS GET HER DONE. :)

Ladies Please eat a good Carb dinner on Thursday and a good protein dinner on Friday, Fuel you body with a good source of water and electrolytes all week and Ill see you on the weekend ready to Climb. * these ride will be SAG Supported so please chime in if you plan on riding with the Group

The October Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar

Oct 2 .....B line to Shea*.................................... Tribe Multisport
Oct 9 .....Breast Cancer Awareness Ride^ ......Landis in Tempe
Oct 16... Fountain/Bush Hwy*......................... Fountain Hills
Oct 23 ..9 Mile Hill* ...........................................Fountain Hills
Oct 30 ..In Mummy Mt ....................................Tribe Multisport

Thank you for Making this Happen
Have a Great Month.

^Saturday, October 9th - Landis Cyclery, 1006 E. Warner Road
This is a ride taking place on this day at bike shops all over the country. Everyone is welcome - it's not just for ladies! It is an opportunity for us to all ride together in a show of support and solidarity with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, to remember those we have lost to the disease, and to raise awareness. EVERYONE is affected by breast cancer. Let's ride together for a cure and to support each other. 100% of your $25 registration fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to let everyone you know know about this event!!

Here is the link to register for this ride. Registration closes Oct 8, Please dont wait to register, Lets do this.

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