Monday, October 4, 2010

The Story of a Stolen Bike By Julie P

I felt it good info to pass along to you and our bike group to update you on my sons stolen road bike.

His bike was stolen tues night and showed up on craigs list sat. we requested the assistance of the police, long story short all they did was take a police report and waste time. After 3 meetings with the phoenix pd and 26 hrs of leg work on our own and actually going as far as to test ride our own stolen bike, in the end we had to pull a Bonny and Clyde, after all was said in done a big laugh was had by us. Lesson learned please photograph your bike with you, highlight any “special identification” you have with photo’s or receipts and the very most important thing…..drum role please……WRITE DOWN YOUR SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR BIKE ….it can be found near the handle bar stem or most often etched into the frame beneath the crank shaft. The serial number is the only identification the police accept from you to identify your bike, without it YOU ARE SCREWED.

The best bike lock to use is the very heavy U shaped lock, these 3 de-moralized thieves scoped out, cut a braided lock cable and physically rode off with our bike in less than 3 minutes from a bike rack where it was secured and had video surveillance.

I know a lot of our ladies have wonderful, expensive, bikes I would really hate for them to go through what my family has endured the last 48 hrs.

Julie p.

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