Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Ladies Only December 2011 calendar

Good Morning Ladies
The year is almost over, and it has been a great year all around. I am proud to announce that the Ladies have achieved all their goals set for this year. You have taken the first step by joined the Ladies Group, you have Ran in a viraty of marathons, you have biked centre's, you have competed in Ironmen, you have learned the basic skills to ride safely on the road, you have learned how to ride in a group and assist others that are new to the sport of Cycling, you have learned to swim and have competed in Tris, And the best part of all We have become Friends and Family.
Thank you all for a great year and Making The Ladies a GREAT group to be part of. When The Ladies started 4 yrs ago I had no clue that it would grow in such a great way... Thank you Again because with out you this could not be.... Merry Christmas to you all.

Its December and its cold so the best way to enjoy riding in the winter months is to wear layers. such as bike shorts, long socks, leg warmers or long biking pants. long-sleeved undershirt, jersey, arm warmers or a thin jacket, a down vest, you can also purchase a long-sleeved jersey. earmuffs, a bennie cap to wear under your helmet . I find if I keep my core warm I'm good.. Long finger cycling gloves although the other gloves will work, but you will have to watch your grip on the handlebars. Ok, Ok, ok, you ask what if i get to hot. We will have a SAG car and you can take off a layer and put in the car, If we don't have SAG all the items can be adjusted to cool the body. We will no longer have to freeze our water bottle or add ice to your camel pac. sweet :)

with this all said the DECEMBER calendar is to your right

Thank you again

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Color Run 1/28.2012

Hello Ladies
Lydia found this run and though it would be nice for the Ladies to participate in.. I do believe that she is planning on do it with us. go to the link and check it out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The November 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
This has been a busy and fast moving Year. Its November and boy do we have some great rides. This month we have 3 new rides for the group. Each one of them have there own challenge or maybe not.. We also want to welcome all the new riders that have joined us these past few weeks. It's been our pleasure having you join us on the road. I would also like to wish all the Ladies that are running in the Women's 1/2 marathon this Sunday Good Luck. Heres a big Congrats to all the Ladies that did the 1/2 Ironman 2 sundays ago, you Ladies rocked it. This might be a repeat, Congrats to all the Ladies that ran in the MAGGIE Place 9k and 10k. Thank you for supporting this cause.. for those that don't know about this one. Maggie's Place, is a place were young single moms can go. They provide the ladies with a place to go until they are back on their feet. here is a link if you want to read more about this organization:

With all this said Here is the November 2011 Calendar

Date: Ride Location Direction
Nov 5th In the Shadow of E Prospector Park AJ Take I10 to Idaho (N) to Brown
Nov 12 Roosevelt Lake Target 16025 E shea (meetup to carpool out to start)
Nov 19 Saturday before Ironman Bagel nosh Awhatukee
Nov 26 Around South Mt Bagel Nosh Awhatukee

Have a great month
Thank you for making this Happen

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ladies Only Up and Over bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we are riding from the Tribe on the NE corner of Indian School and Miller at 6 am wheels down at 6:15 ish. If you need help with your bike please come early..
Ok... some of you are wondering about the Up and Over. This is a great ride with a challenge for all levels. The ride will take us up through PV, over Eagle Mt. Ridge and down the B line back to Tribe.. If you are wondering if you are ready for such a ride, the answer is YES, you are. How do I know, you ask? because the ride is done At Your Own Pace and all thing are doable this way.
Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast... Prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids starting today. Why you ask, its not that hot outside? because your body perspires the same when at work. When the temp drops we tend not to drink as much, which will have the same affect on the body as riding in the heat.. The human body is mainly made up of water, so we have to keep the supply up, to support the demand we ask. Also as we both know if we don't give the body what it needs it will make us stop .
Prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and put them in the freezer then top off in the morning of the ride..
Please Chime in if you are able to make the ride. This will be a SAG supported ride and I rather have too much than not enough supplies.

**Congratulation to Kristen, Elaine, Dee, Stacy and all the Ladies that did SOMA this past Sunday...

Have a Great Week and Thanks for making this Happen

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Water Fall #2 Where in the World is Jayne (9)

Havent had access to a computer recently so Im kınd of behınd on my trıp wrıte-ups. Rıght now Im ın Turkey--wıth a Turkısh keyboard so excuse the mıstakes--but wıll contınue to wrıte up the trıp.

Visiting waterfalls is a big thing in Laos and for Jayne and Nancy the visits always seems to turn out to be an adventure. We had joined in with a German couple to take a tuk-tuk out to one of the waterfalls near Luang Probang. When we got there we decided that two hours would be enough time so we would meet in the parking lot at 2:00. We started up the trail and saw a map showing a trail on each side of the falls and a bridge at the bottom of the highest falls connecting the two trails. It has always been my contention that one should do a round trip if possible--why come back the way you came when there is something else available? So, we crossed over the little bridge and started up the trail. It wasn't a very good trail to start wıth and got worse a we went--mud, slippery, etc. About 10 minutes in the the hike we met two people coming down that were having a big problem with their sandals getting sucked into the mud. By this time I'm congratulating myself on choosing the right trail to go up because I would sure hate to come down this one and I could see the people on the other side going up and down with no problem. I fınd goıng up much eaıser than goıng down. We continued our hike past lots of little waterfalls and then into the jungle before we came to the main big falls. It was a lovely sight but there was one disturbing factor. I've told you about the floods they have been having in Southeast Asia and the volume of this waterfall was benefiting from all that rain--so much so that it washed out the bridge we were suppose to cross. When ıt fınally sunk ın that we would have to go down thıs traıl I muttered a few choise words. Nancy is a real trooper and said, "We can do this. We've had experience!" This is true, but where was the little guy to hold mama's hand? Luckily there were enough trees and roots to grab onto that I only fell once. When we finally got down we had less than 15 minutes to go up the well traveled trail. We basically ran up it and didn't get to stop at all the places that looked like fun. There was one place where kids were standing on the edge of a falls and jumping out to land in a pool at the bottom of it. They also had some swinging ropes to land in pools. We missed all the fun but one has to look on the brıght sıde. The good vıew of thıs magnıfıcent water fall was from the crappy traıl sıde.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The October '11 Saturday Ladies only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

Its October ..WOW, October time for the ghost and goblins, cooler nights and brisk mornings. Legs and arm warmers, ear muffs and long finger gloves. ah, the joys of riding in the fall. The trees changing colors, The sound of the fallen leaves as they blow down the street, The smale of the due in the air, at the start of the ride.. Yes October the beginning of the season, why so many people move to Arizona.

Although the weather is cooling you still have to prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids, and prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer, then top off the morning of the ride. If you do not have the Items that I listed above it would be a good time to start purchasing them, winter is only a month away :)

* There will be a tire changing clinic after this ride

Have a Great Month
The Ladies are also on Facebook.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride 9/24/2011

Good Morning Ladies
The ride will start from the Fountain in Fountain hills. meeting on the avenue of the fountain off Saguaro blvd
From the west valley take shea blvd east up and over Eagle Mountain ridge down to the second light which should be Saguaro blvd head north.

From the east valley take I87/Arizona Ave/B-line north to shea blvd west to Saguaro blvd head north.

For both direction drive north on saguaro blvd about 3 miles. After the first light there will be a 4 way stop, you should see the fountain out the right window we will be parked to your left on the south side of the street.

We will meet at 5:45 am wheels down at 6 am... The ride will take us south on Saguaro blvd, east on shea, north on the B-line about 11 miles to bush hwy... cross over the overpass and re group. The return home will be fast and a lot of fun...

This will be a sag supported ride, if there is something special you would like to eat bring it and add it to the sag car.
We will supply: water, gatorade, bananas, bagels & peanut butter, fruit and fig bars.
Please chime in yes or no. I rather have too much supplies than not enough.

Have a great week and see you saturday.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride 9/17/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will meet at the Tribe on Indian School Rd and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot. At 5:45am ready to ride at 6 am. We will ride out to and up the b-line to Shea. This is a steady .5 to 1% climb. Doable by all new and seasoned riders..

Although the weather is getting nice we still have to drink as though it is hot. During any exercise/yard work/playing tennis/cycling the body has no gage stating its 90...its 100... or its 70 degrees out. All it know is that you are calling on it to perform, and it will as long as you provide it with the proper nutrition before, during and after. To me the nutrition before and after is important. Before you are filling a bank to draw from and after you are replenishing that bank so the body can repair itself for the next time you call on it. During stands out the most, your body is like a furnish, and with out constant(every 15 min) fuel(nutrition), it will start to pull from your everywhere causing you to cramp,feel light headed, loose focus and have a uneasy feeling in your body...
I say all this just to drive the point home to eat a proper meal before an physical exertion and a light breakfast the morning of. Continue to sip your water/electrolyte during the entire ride. No Matter what the Temperature of the day.
Take advantage of the supplies in the SAG, They are there to help you have a great Ride.

Jan Hartzfeld will be leading us in some basic core exercises that you can do on your own after the ride. If you would like to participate bring a towel or a mat, we will go over to the park behind tribe.

Thank you for making this happen


Saturday, September 10, 2011

The September Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

Where did August go, We had some great rides and Melissa Guthrie gave us some good info on nutrition.. If you missed the nutrition clinic you can find the notes and melissa BIO on the Ladies Blog. The Lake Mary bike ride/sleepover was a blast Thank you all for sharing the day and Pic on the Ladies Face book.

This Saturday Ladies Only bike ride will be from the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and Warner. Meeting at 5:45 wheels down at 6 am.. Yes the ride times are starting to move back.. Although it is still a bit hot, Daybreak has started to change it time, and we must follow. Prep yourself by drinking plenty of water and/or Electrolyte drinks such as Powerade/gatorade. Prep your water bottles by filling them half way and placing them in the Freezer on a slant. Top them off the morning of the ride. always eat a good dinner and a light breakfast.

Jane and Karen are both doing better, please keep them in your prayers.

Thank you for making this happen

See you all on Saturday and Have a Safe Labor day



Laung Probang....Where in the World is Jayne(8)

Delightful boat trip. Gorgeous scenery. Huge karsts on both sides of the river with jungle vegetation growing on them. Later on it was regular mountain jungle with a lot of slash and burn agriculture. I was surprised at the lack of riverside villages with all the fields and the small canoe type boat traffic. Our river was a tributary to the Mekong and for the last hour of the trip we were on the Mekong. During rainy season it's a BIG river.
Luang Probang is a sleepy little city right on the Mekong and we found a room for rent (as opposed to a hotel) with a big balcony overlooking the river. Lao food is delicious and that night we ate at a river side restaurant with great food and even better prices. We had a hot pot--where you cook the food right at your table. The spices on both the meat and the veggies were superb. The next day we ceased being tourists and dedicated the day to us--e-mail, massage, wax job, pedicure, etc. We chose the wrong place to do it. The wax job was good but I forgot to say I only wanted from knees down so paid for the whole works. It was the worst massage I've ever had and Nancy's pedicure was particularly funny. In Viet Nam she had a pedicure with a beautiful flower painted on her big toe. After this lady painted five white dots as a flower Nancy suggested that she put some accent to it. The lady got angry so another person came and painted another five white dots for a second flower. It was a pre-kindergarten effort. I have picture of it. Wish I had taken a picture of the Vietnamese one. The lady had to have seen the Vietnamese one when she took the old polish off so how she could have even said she did flowers is a mystery. The next day we did the tourist thing--the temples and the night market. Nancy had been eying the fish for quite a few days so we had some at the night market food stalls. They do wonderful things with their spices and the taste was marvelous.
Through out the Far East you can see the monks begging for food early in the morning but in Luang Probang it's a special sight. There are large processions of them and people line up along the road side waiting to donate. If you donate it raises your status --with Buddha I guess. Of course this is a tourist attraction--big time. We got up early, early in the morning to see it. The guide book gives all the courtesy regulations on how to deal with this: be quiet, don't look the monks in the eye, keep a respectful distance, etc. All the westerners do well with this. The little group on my street corner followed the procession at a nice distance and then as we came around a corner the Asian tour groups were there in mass in their modern, over-sized, golf cart type tuk-tuks. They were laughing, taking pictures of each other, getting in the monks faces and so on---I've traveled in Asia enough to wonder why this surprised me. At first I thought Buddha was taking his revenge out on me. All my pictures were blurred. Then I realized that I was so excited about taking these pictures that I didn't take time to let the camera focus. Once I focused I got some great shots.
This is getting too long so will close and tell about our second waterfall trip in the next episode.

100 Waterfalls Hike... Where in the World is Jayne(7)

We liked our little hut and garden so well we decided to stay an extra day. I had read about a waterfall hike so checked on that. A 45 minute boat ride, 90 minute hike and then climb the waterfalls. In all it would last 7 hours. The English guy that was in charge of the company told me that my tevas would be great for the hike. Well he had either never taken the hike or had never taken it in rainy season. They were fine in the waterfalls, the river, and the canals but as soon as we got on land --I mean mud--they filled up with slime and I could hardly stand let alone walk. This wasn't so bad going up but it was a disaster coming down. And, it didn't do much for my self esteem that the guide was doing all of this in flip flops. We hiked through rice fields, and then into the jungle. The guide kept saying don't stop until we get to the water. Of course we all wanted to take picutres so we went slow in many places. We got to the first canal and he said, "leach check". I knew about the leaches because of a hike I did in Borneo but, although these leaches were smaller, there were three times as many. I guess they have a hay day getting on you when you stand still. Needless to say there was no stopping in the jungle after that. It wasn't an end all because we still got leaches but not in the quantity of our first leach check. I wanted to take a picture of Nancy when we got to the first waterfall but she wouldn't pose. She was busy getting a leach off her finger. She would grab it to take it off and then it would attach itself to that finger. They were pesky little critters.
Climbing the falls was loads of fun. Nancy lost her footing on one of the falls and she was dangling there with the helper holding her by one arm and water splashing all over her. It was fun to watch but Nancy probably didn't think so. By the time I got to falls number 88 or somewhere around in that vicinity I was a little tired. One of the helpers almost dragged me up some of the remaining falls. That reminds me. I have a new name. It's Mama. At first it hurt my ego a little but I finally decided it was like the first time someone asked if I wanted the Senior Citizen discount. I was pissed but when I saw it came with a $3 refund I decided it was pretty good. Mama also comes with bennies--help in carrying my pack, a helping hand getting up and down mountains, off boats, etc., and the kids look at me and kind of seek permission to splash water on me. Nancy gets splashed a lot. If I laugh I get splashed but if I shake my head they pretty much leave me alone. I know water throwing is a big New Year's activity but it seems to be year round with the kids and with the Mekong in full flood there's a lot of splashing going on. Anyhow, being Mama was a god send on our hike down. It started to rain--down pore-- just before we started our decent. The trail was almost straight down and nothing but gumbo. If the helper hadn't had a hold of my hand I would still be on the trail picking my way or maybe I would have just slid down on my behind. Our little hut with the garden --and a cold beer-- was much appreciated that evening.
Tomorrow we take the boat to Luang Probang.

On to Laos... Where in the World is Jayne(6)

I ended up the last e-mail with an 8 hour mini-van ride with one stop. Got up at 4:45 to catch the 5:30 bus to Laos. It left pretty much on time and at 7:30 we had traveled approximately 10 miles. We stopped to pick up people, deliver packages, have breakfast, get gas, change any Vietnamese money we had left into Lao Kip, and other reasons that never became clear. One time we were on a bridge for about 20 minutes. No one came, no one left. Again the scenery was gorgeous and once again I was glad it wasn't raining. This time there were big drop offs. It was a new road carved out of the mountain side and no vegetation growing to hold the soil. When I say new road don't think in terms of American roads. The Apache Trail is a super highway in comparison. Got to the Lao boarder and the first thing they did was take our temperatures. No sick people allowed in. I guess a carry over from the bird flu scare. Had never had that happen before at any boarder. The bus had to go through a couple of rivers. One time it was a big enough river that we all had to get out and walk over a foot bridge while the bus charged the river. Sure glad I wasn't in it. If it had been raining I'm not sure the bus would have been able to go. Have no idea what we would have done then. Finally we got to a big river and the bus stopped and unloaded our luggage. It was the end of the line. A little boat came over to take us across. Seemed like an awful little boat for such a big river but that opinion was before we encountered ferries on the Mekong in full flood. Caught a bus to Umodxai as the rains hit. We were now on a plateau so no problem. It was Nancys first encounter with local people loading anything and everything on the bus--unfortunately for the ambiance there were no live animals. She's rather used to it now.
Next day we took a mini van to Nang Khiwa. The trip was seventy kilometers (45 miles) and took 4 1/2 hours. The roads in Laos are not the best. There was a nice Italian guy on the bus that was very discussed with a Lao guy that kept spitting out the window. I kept thinking --he obviously never took a bus in China in the 80's--if he had he would have been used to it and also glad that he wasn't near an open window where it could come back in the bus. Two Lao kids got sick and threw up. Must be a normal thing because all seats come with barf bags. I was quite impressed with the father. He was the one that took care of it. Anyhow we are now in a lovely $5 a night reed hut looking out on to a lush garden by the Ox river.

Sapa conti...Where in the World is Jayne (5)

The reason we hired a guide for our trek was because we wanted to do the home stay. It turned out not to be a home stay. It was more like a youth hostel. There were other trekkers there and one did not see the family except when they were serving food. It turned out fine because the other trekkers were really nice young kids. Many of them had been to Laos so I got great information on where to go and what to do. One fact of life is that, in the jungle and in the rural villages in many parts of the world, there are rats. I was down stairs and slept very well under my mosquito net but I guess the kids up stairs were kept awake all night by the pitter-patter of rats feet running over the tin roof. If it had just been the tin roof it would have been fine but one rat jumped on John's net and got on his bed. We got all the details of these events at breakfast the next morning. Since then Nancy looks for rat poop in every hotel room we look at.
The second day's trek was great. We hiked through rice patties and bamboo forests. Lovely scenery. Ended up at a waterfall with a swimming hole down at the river. Of course now that we are down at the river one has to go up to get out of the valley. It was a pretty long trek but we had a van waiting at the top to take us back to town. Hurrah!!
The next day we were off to Dien Bien Phu, the boarder town for Laos and France's Waterloo of South East Asia. This was the part of the trip I was a little concerned about and I didn't want it to be Jayne and Nancy's Waterloo. The Lonely Planet Guidebook is very good on how to get to places. On this boarder crossing it was very sketchy. The crossing hadn't been open very long and details were not in yet. I had planned to do this crossing because it was a little bit off the beaten path and I also didn't want to back track. The book talked about the harrowing trip from Hanoi to DBP but only said if you try it from Sapa you may get stuck in some villages waiting for a bus. I asked the man at our hotel about the trip he said it took 8 hours. When I asked about the road, the buses, and the drivers he just said they do it every day--so, I figured it couldn't be too bad. I thought it was possible that we may be the only westeners on the bus but we were joined by 8 others that had no more information than we did. We took off in a cramped mini-van making one stop all day. The bathroom at this stop was in the woods behind the hut. As I said Dien Bien Phu was the battle that ended France's control in SE Asia. The Captain at the fort assured his superiors that there was no way the Viet Minh could get arms over the mountains so the fort was secure. After going over the mountains I agree with the Captain but we were both wrong. I don't mind being wrong but the Captain did. He committed suicide. The road wasn't all that bad and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. There were a few places where there were big drop-offs but mostly it was OK. I would not, however, have wanted to be on the road when it was raining. The potential for land slides lurked around every corner.
(to be continued)

Sapa.... Where in the World is Jayne(4)

Took overnight train and then a 45 minute minibus up the mountain to Sapa. What a kick the arrival is. The Hmong ladies--in full dress--hang around main street--there's really only one street--waiting for vans to arrive. When they do there's a big scramble with lots of chatter running after the van to be the first person there, with their wares, when you get off the bus. Got out of the crowd and into a hotel. The ladies stood at the windows showing us their goods. One was making thread out of a reed. Got information on where to go and left the hotel. Impossible to leave the hotel without accumulating an entourage. They are really quite delightful. I've read about the Hmong and how gentle they are. (Found the next day on our trek that even the dogs are gentle). Even when the ladies are pestering you to buy they're nice. Buy from me. You bought from Zur, you make her happy, make me happy. By the time we got though the market we just had two followers. They seemed to have adopted us and the others accepted this and went on their merry way to find other tourists to adopt. Market was interesting. You could buy grub worms, blue chickens, fried crickets, and a whole menagerie of weird things.
We had decided to climb the hill. When we got there we found that there was an entrance fee. This got rid of our little friends. I loved the way they put it. At the top of the hill there was folk dancing --"free". It's just that there's a $5.00 charge to climb the hill. Five dollars was quite steep--and so was the hill-- but once we got to the top it was really fun climbing through the rock formations. The folk dancing was good too. And guess what. When we got down our little friends were waiting for us. Nancy found that you don't say maybe later to their request to buy. They don't forget and hold you to it.
The next day we took a trek. Could have done the same thing without a guide but we wanted to do the home stay in one of the villages so we did the tour thing. We were joined on the tour by a very nice family from England--and of course another entourage of Hmong. We walked for a while down the road and then started down the valley. I was standing looking down and there were some Hmong ladies coming up a VERY steep path. I made the comment to one of the English kids (22 years old kid) that they surely don't expect us to go down there, do they? He said, I'm sure not. There's a path going this way. Well, it just shows how much we knew. Down we started and thank goodness a Hmong girl adopted me. She stayed with me all morning helping me on the down hill. Up hill I'm fine but the old knees start screaming after so much down hill. At lunch break my girl said she was home and wouldn't see me any more. I asked our guide about tipping her and she said not to tip--buy something from her. So, I now have another pillow case. Bought one the day before because I wanted one--but not necessarily two. I really like the concept of buy something rather than give them money. We were now down in the valley so the afternoon trekking was easy. Beautiful scenery and interesting villages. We left the Hmong area and now our entourage was the Red Daz tribe. They were very soft spoken with lovely smiles.

Waiting,, Where in the World is Jayne(2)

Up early waiting for the bus to appear. Lady said it could arrive any time between 6:45 and 8:00. I' hoping for the latter.
In Hoi An we rented an Xe Om's--Motor cycle with driver. Breaking into the traffic scene slowly--pedestrian, bike, and now the real challenge--putting your life in the hands of some dare-devil on a motorbike. As you can tell I'm just fascinated with the traffic patterns. Maybe I wouldn't be so amazed if I hadn't joined The Ladies Bike Club and know how safety conscious one has to be and how difficult it is to maneuver in just regular organized traffic. But then that is the problem. Here anything is expected and they're ready for it.
Our Xe Om trip was really good. A little long. My butt got a little tired sitting on the cycle but we got to go into little areas that we wouldn't have been able to if we had taken the bus. Went to a Cham ruin in the jungle--reminded me of the Yucatan. Ended up at Marble Mountain and China Beach. The last time I was here Marble Mountain was one of my favorite places. We met some kids that took us through tunnels and up chimney climbs through out the whole area. Today you must stay on the path and you get no idea that the whole area is full of crevices. It's now just a trip from one Buddhist shrine to another--with an elevator to get up there if you're not into climbing stairs. China beach was also a disappointment. They have torn down all the little kiosks on the beach and it has been taken over by squatters waiting to be kicked out when the economic down turn is over and the new developments continue to ruin every beautiful beach in this country. It's called progress and is part of the progression of civilization. Has happened in every country in the world. Anyhow, the 30 mile beach from Hoi An to China Beach is going to be developed. At one development Greg Norman is building a golf course.
Went to Hoa Lo prison yesterday--better known to Americans as the Hanoi Hilton. To the victor belongs the spoils --and the writing of history. The prison was set up by the French to hold Vietnamese revolutionaries. According to the info at the prison the treatment was barbaric--and I have read many times that the French were not the nicest of people in dealing with their colonies. Most of the museum is dedicated to that part in history. At the end of the display you get into the American part of the history. Pictures of American pilots playing basketball, volleyball, billiards, decorating a Christmas tree, viewing movies, and Midnight Mass. Must have been a real country club. There's a picture of McCain visiting the prison in 2000. Wonder what his feelings were in dealing with all the memories.
Can not buy anything because I left the states with a full backpack. However I did manage to squeeze in three little kitchen gadgets. Will make a good addition the the drawer full that I already have. Come to my house for dinner when I get back and you'll be really impressed with the presentation of the meal with my new purchases.
After we do Halong Bay and our Sapa trek we are heading for Laos. Problem is getting the information to get there. Because of lack of foresight we started out in Saigon rather than Hanoi so we're doing the trip backwards and have to get into Laos over a very remote boarder crossing. Wish us luck!
F&A/D&G/M Took two overnight busses. One nice and one very nice. Now I see why you didn't dwell on that part of your trip. Compared to the Golmud/Lhasa trip these busses were rolling palaces. I can still depend on my Confusion Curse (May you take the overnight bus from Golmud to Lhasa) being the ultimate in wishing someone a bad day.

Where in the World is Jayne (1)

I've been in Viet Nam for two weeks but have not had time to write anything because all my time on the computer has been trying to set up a group e-mail address book. Have given up on that.
Things happen in twenty years and in Viet Nam that's and understatement. Twenty years ago Ho Chi Mihn City (Saigon) was a sleepy little --not quite village--but one could say town. Today it's one big, noisy, city. The Lonely Planet guidebook gives instructions on how to cross the street. Wait for a lull in the traffic (which rarely exists)--then step out onto the street and slowly cross. Do NOT go back or dart in any direction. Just wait for the parting of the seas so you can take your next step. A good thing we had practice in this by the time we got to Nha Trang because we rented bikes and with out our introduction into pedestrian traffic etiquette we would never have survived bike transits. Stop lights create a mass start for a motor bike marathon. Only difference is they are all going on different routes so the criss-cross pattern is really interesting--especially if you're in the middle of it. Then, thrown into the mix there is always one motorbike that's going the opposite direction from the regular flow.
Twenty years ago the War Museum didn't feel so anti-American to me but today it really is. The people don't give that feeling--they say the war was a long time ago and it's over now. Of course through out their history all they have known is struggle for independence. They seem to have achieved it and are doing well. Their baby boomers are now in their twenties and if they keep up with their economic boom along with the population explosion the cities are going to be one big parking lot.
Have a lot to report but no time to do so. Tomorrow we go for a three day boat trip in Halong Bay. It's the postcard perfect scenery area in Viet Nam. It's also the first place we are going to that I haven't been. We went on a boat trip in Nha Trang where I expected it to be nice and peaceful with beautiful coral. NOT SO!! No coral and hundreds of Vietnamese along with their carnival atmosphere on each of the islands we visited. After I got over the shock of not having a peaceful snorkel I got into the Vietnamese mode and rather enjoyed the trip. If this trip follows that same scenario I will not be that tolerant.
We arrived in Hanoi yesterday morning. I spent the morning arranging trips to Halong Bay and to Sapa--a trekking place in the mountains. We were going to go to see Ho Chi Mihn's tomb--he's in a glass sarcophagai for all to see. We found that it's closed in the afternoon and on Fridays. We are here for the only 45 hour period that it's impossible to see him.
Will send more later.

Camping Event‏ invite from Natalie

Hey Ladies!
I work for Arizona Game and Fish Department and me and the other Game Wardens that work for me are having the second annual Outdoor Camp on Friday evening 6 PM Sept 30 thru noon on Sunday Oct 2 at Sharps Creek Campground which is about 15 miles east of Payson off of Highway 260.

This camp is a lot of fun and we do it voluntarily recruit people to learn more about the outdoors so they will spend more time recreating and thereby creating wildlife advocates in the future. The camp will have 50 participants and we are targeting adults or adults with kids who have done very little to no camping and are interested in learning more about wildlife watching, fishing and small game hunting. You will have your choice of activities and we will have people that can help you learn how to camp, watch elk, fish, hike, birdwatch, and squirrel hunt.

We also want to introduce people to the camp fire camping experience so all meals are provided (and they are fantastic!).
The camp is free but a $10.00 donation check to Red Bear Outfitters is required to hold your spot. It will be refunded to you when you show up.

If you are interested, please let me know soon. We haven't advertised it yet and it fills up quick. I am giving the Ladies first shot.
Hope to see you there! and email me if you have any ??



By Miles Patrick Yohnke © 2010

Last week I saw Allan. A person I went to high school with. Allan has severe Cerebral Palsy. He is disabled. In a wheelchair. Thankfully his mind is sharp. He had so much trouble getting around from class to class. Our school was very old. It had many floors and so many stairs.

It had been about thirty years since I saw him last. Nothing had changed. He was still the same. Still as clear as then. That same big vibrant smile on his face. And it seemed somewhat fitting as he was being lifted into a vehicle when I saw him.

When I'm on the highway cycling or other sports I perform, I think of people like Allan. And how lucky we are to have our health. We have to use our bodies. They will fail when we don't use them. When we eat improperly. Exercise improves your mood. Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out. You'll also look better and feel better when you exercise regularly, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression. Exercise combats chronic diseases. Regular physical activity can help you prevent or manage high blood pressure and lower the buildup of plaque in your arteries.

And there's more. Regular physical activity can help you prevent type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer. It is stated that when one exercises there is a sixty percent decrease in getting breast cancer. Why wouldn't one exercise? I just hate seeing people cheat themselves of it.

God creates this beautiful body full of muscle and detail and one doesn't use it. What a sin! It goes hand in hand. People aren't happy in their lives, yet they really do nothing to correct this. They dwell in their own dysfunction. They think they should, that they should do something more with their life. Well, when does this happen? When does this occur? We make that decision. We get just this one life. If waiting for it to happen, then one is in for a long, dark wait.

Unlike Allan we can exercise in many ways in which he may be limited. We should never take that for granted. Today is that day. That flash of light.

Globally recognized and award-nominated engineer, producer, writer, poet and founder and C.E.O. of 5 Star Productions, Miles Patrick Yohnke brings many years of experience to the music industry; including many awards in sales and marketing. You can reach him at 

Thank You Amy For Sharing.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melissa Guthrie complete AZ calendar of events

Thursday Aug 18th: Health & Natural Healing with Essential Oils
Location: Crackers & Company (NE corner of Greenfield Rd & Brown Rd.)
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm (see agenda below)
Presenter: Melissa Guthrie – Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer/Health Educator
Special gift to those who RSVP and bring a guest with them. Please RSVP you and any guests you are bringing. or 480.861.2222
Cost: Free class. Pay for your lunch if you choose to eat.
Agenda: 11:30am – 1:00pm (11:30am – noon arrive, order food – if you choose, network), noon – 12:45pm Essential Oil Education & Discussion, 12:45 – 1:00pm Prizes & Wrap Up.

Friday Aug 19th: Natural Detox & Cleansing with Essential Oils
Location: Mimi’s Café (Alma School btwn US-60 & Southern Ave in Mesa)
Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm (see agenda below)
Presenter: Melissa Guthrie – Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer/Health Educator
Special gift to those who RSVP and bring a guest with them. Please RSVP you and any guests you are bringing. or 480.861.2222
Cost: Free class. Pay for your lunch if you choose to eat.
Agenda: 11:30am – 1:00pm (11:30am – noon arrive, order food – if you choose, network), noon – 12:45pm Essential Oil Education & Discussion, 12:45 – 1:00pm Prizes & Wrap Up.

Tuesday Aug 30th: Sports Nutrition 101 for Runners, Walkers & Triathletes
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Sole Sports Running Zone - Scottsdale (Hayden & Indian Bend)
Presented by Melissa Guthrie – Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer/Health Educator
Cost: Free

Wednesday Aug 31st: Sports Nutrition 101 for Runners, Walkers & Triathletes
Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Location: Sole Sports Running Zone - Tempe (NE corner of Rural & Warner)
Presented by Melissa Guthrie – Nutritionist/Fitness Trainer/Health Educator
Cost: Free

Melissa Guthrie
MBS Development Group
Nutrition Coach & Fitness Trainer
Tel: 800.775.0712 ext 7015
Eat Right. Train Smart. Live Well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sport Nutrition for Runners, Cyclists & Triathletes By Melissa Guthrie

With Melissa Guthrie - Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer, Health Educator, Athlete
Tel: 1.800.775.0712 ext 7015
Cell: 480.861.2222

.........You are an experiment of one – discover what works for YOU!

Day to Day Nutrition

Have a daily healthy nutrition plan that coincides with your daily training plan and is in sync with your goals.

•Are you eating sufficient calories to recover, replenish, & refuel your next workout?
•Is your goal to maintain your body weight, lose body fat, and/or increase lean muscle?
•Are you attempting to resolve, control, or prevent specific health issues that are influenced by exercise and nutrition?

Macronutrient Progression (standard)

Training: 50-60% carbohydrate, 20-25% protein, 20-25% fat
Taper: 60-65% carbohydrate, 12-18% protein, 15 - 20% fat
2 days pre-event: 60-70% carbohydrate, 10-15% protein, 15-20% fat

*Remember we are not necessarily increasing total calorie intake, we are just shifting where the calories are coming from. And your macronutrient percentages are based up multiple factors including volume & intensity of training.

* Eat a variety of Whole, Fresh, Unprocessed Foods daily. Focus your meals around 100% whole grains, fruits, & vegetables. Garnish your meals with some lean proteins and non-fat or low fat dairy or dairy-alternatives. Make sure every meal is balanced with some carbohydrates, protein, & healthy fat. Your body is designed to be fueled approximately every 3 hours – so you should be eating 4-6 times per day. Smaller, more frequent meals that are properly balanced will increase energy, promote healthy metabolism, reduce unhealthy cravings (i.e. sugars & fats), and ensure stable blood sugar levels.

Practice Event/Race Day Nutrition during long workouts NOW. Have a plan! What are you eating/drinking 48 hrs pre-workout, during workout, and for 24 hrs after workouts? Remember…he/she who fails to plan, plans to fail.

Pre-Workout/Pre-Race Meal – The right foods, at the right time, in the right amount

The following are examples of a pre-exercise meal depending on what time you eat prior to your workout. (Note: The actual amounts YOU require will vary based on your metabolic rate, your digestive system and your overall nutrient/caloric requirements)

If you eat your pre-exercise meal….

* 2-3 hrs before a workout/event: ~ 1 cup of cooked oatmeal, 1 small banana, 8 oz skim milk or non –dairy milk
* 1 hr before a workout/event: ½ whole grain bagel with 2 tsp of peanut butter, ½ banana, 8 oz skim milk or non-dairy milk
* 15-20 min before a workout/event: a small “healthy” energy bar, an energy gel, 8-10 oz fruit juice/sports drink, 1 small piece of fresh fruit (i.e. 1/2 a banana), ½ - ¾ cup applesauce, ¼ -1/2 cup of dried fruit or ½ cup granola cereal

Mid-Workout Fueling

Discover what foods, at what time, in what amounts works best for YOU!

For fueling during your training/events do you prefer gels, bars, energy drinks or real foods like dried fruit, fig newtons, PBJ, crackers?

•Determine how often you must fuel – every 45 minutes, every 4-5 miles, etc.
•Recommended: 30-60 gm of Carbohydrate per hour

•Determine how often you must drink – follow your thirst
•Recommended: 2-4 oz every 15 minutes

Post-Workout Nutrition

As a athlete, your body requires plenty of carbohydrate rich foods for energy to get you through your workouts. The body stores carbohydrate in the form of muscle glycogen. During prolonged exercise, those glycogen stores can be depleted. If not replenished, subsequent workouts will suffer and we may not make it through our long, intense training. Post-exercise nutrition is as important as pre-exercise nutrition. There is a window of time in which the body is like a super absorbent sponge and will refill the glycogen stores most rapidly and efficiently. This is 15 to 60 minutes after a workout. Muscle glycogen uptake remains elevated for up to five hours post-workout, although it is not as rapid as it is during the first hour post-workout.

“So What Should I Eat and How Much Should I Eat in my Post-workout/ Post-race meal?” ……Let’s start with understanding the ideal ratio for replenishment is a 3 or 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, so a meal containing 75-100 grams of carbohydrate and 25 grams of protein is ideal.

Here’s an example of what that might look like: a medium sized whole grain bagel topped with 1 ½ TBS peanut butter and small banana with eight ounces of skim milk. Approx. 75 grams carbohydrate, 20 grams protein, 15 grams fat, 510 calories (Note: The actual amounts YOU require will vary based on your metabolic rate, your digestive system and your overall nutrient/caloric requirements)

Do you have a plan for your post-workout meals?

More Nutrition Tips

Keep a training and nutrition journal – this can prove priceless in you having a successful event day experience and/or having your best run/race yet! Log what time of day you eat, the specific foods/beverages you intake, and the amounts. Also note how you are feeling i.e. felt strong and energized or felt depleted and fatigued, etc.

Foods to Limit or Avoid During Training and Especially Just before an Event:

Limit high-fat protein foods like hamburgers, fried chicken, extra cheese because these foods take longer to empty from your stomach and can contribute to sluggishness. Limit sugary sweets like candy, cookies, candy bars, cakes, ice cream, candy bars, doughnuts, pastries, etc. Limit overall junky foods like French fries, onion rings, potato chips, most crackers, all fried foods, and alcohol. Limit or avoid heavily processed, refined foods – they cause inflammation in the cells, they alter the pH balance of the body, they are void of nutrients and result in the body robbing nutrients from vital organs/tissues to compensate, they do no digest properly, they result in metabolic malfunction, and they are often stored as fat.

For additional articles on proper sports nutrition visit

Achieving Your Ideal Body Tele-Classes My Melissa Guthrie

Thank you for attending the post-ride sports nutrition clinic on Saturday. As you requested, You can access the recordings to the "Achieving Your Ideal Body" tele-classes by going to www.freeconferencecalling.​com look to the right midway the page and click on the question: Have you been invited to listen to a previously recorded conference call?
Enter your first and Last name along with your e-mail. The conferance code is 604086You'll then have access to all calls I've done since day one. Enjoy and please let me know how I can further assist you.

Melissa Guthrie
MBS Development Group
Nutrition Coach & Fitness Trainer
Tel: 480.861.2222 or 800.775.0712 ext 7015
Eat Right. Train Smart. Live Well.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

RAGBRAI in Linnea Words

Several of The Ladies asked about RAGBRAI and have said they would like to ride it “some time.” I’d like to share my experiences and if, after reading this, you are still interested in going, we can start planning a group trip for 2012 or 2013.

First, the basics: RAGBRAI is a seven-day bike ride across Iowa held the last full week of July. The route changes each year, but it always starts near the Missouri River in western Iowa, and ends at the Mississippi River in eastern Iowa. The route and overnight towns are announced at the end of January. The registration deadline is April 1. Most years, everyone who registers gets in. Some years, they have a lottery to cap the number of participants at 8,500 week-long riders. Results are posted the first of May, giving you three months to train and make travel plans.

Second, the disclaimers: RAGBRAI is a lot of fun, but if a week of riding in whatever weather Mother Nature provides, camping, porta-potties, and communal showers aren’t your thing, then you probably shouldn’t go. One of my favorite RAGBRAI team slogans is, “If you’re not having fun, lower your standards.”

As Arizonans, we have additional challenges of getting ourselves and our bikes to and from the start and finish; extra travel time (plan on being away from home 10-12 days); the cost to travel and ship bikes; and perhaps most important, being committed to training all summer.

How it works: The registration fee of $150 covers the overhead of putting on a week-long event. The Des Moines Register has been running RAGBRAI since 1973, and they are experts at route planning, traffic control, emergency services, and working with the many communities along the route to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. SAG wagons are available for those who need them, but it’s really not a supported ride. Also included in the registration fee is having your gear hauled by the RAGBRAI trucks. I haven’t used them for gear hauling because the first five times I rode, my family came along in a camping trailer, and this year I went with my friend Diane’s bike club in Muscatine, Iowa.

The advantage of paying extra to a bike club or charter service is that transportation is included to the starting town and back from the ending town, plus you get some extra support and services.

This year I flew round trip to the Quad Cities/Moline, IL, which is about 30 minutes from Muscatine. Friday afternoon, we took Diane’s boxed bike to the local bike shop where it was loaded on a U-Haul truck. My bike had been shipped and was already on the truck. The following morning, the group loaded ourselves and our gear onto two charter buses, and rode across Iowa to the starting town. As soon as we set up camp, we assembled our bikes and put the flattened boxes back on the U-Haul, in order to make room to load our gear in the morning. The procedure is reversed at the end of the ride, although some of us chose to ride to Muscatine instead of finishing in the Quad Cities, disassembling bikes, and taking the bus back to Muscatine.

I enjoyed chartering with the bike club. Some of the people ride together weekly; others live elsewhere and just show up for RAGBRAI. The club had a wine and cheese party at the end of our first day; they also provided tire pumps, a generator and power strips for charging cell phones, and kept a supply of cold water, Gatorade, beer and soda available on the honor system at $1 each.

The route is supported from 6 am to 6 pm, although some people start earlier (before the sun is up in Iowa). Most days I started riding about 6:30, made lots of stops along the way, and finished by 4:00. Some people hurry to finish by 1:00 or 2:00, but there’s really no point to finishing early. You just have more time to sit around the campground.

I’ve ridden six RAGBRAIs since 2000, and each year the weather was different. Some years, mornings were chilly and I didn’t want to get out of my sleeping bag. Some years we had perfect days in the 80’s and maybe a few hot days that reached 90 in the afternoons. Most years, there is some rain once or twice during the week (hopefully at night), sometimes even severe storms. This year was just plain nasty all week. The afternoon temperatures were in the upper 90’s with high humidity, and the nights were too hot for a sleeping bag. Waterproof sunscreen wasn’t. My clothes were damp all the time, whether being worn or in my duffle bag, my bike rusted in places, and my watch had so much condensation that it quit running. I met several people from Arizona, and we all agreed that we prefer our dry heat!

While the weather can make it miserable, it’s the people that make it special. RAGBRAI is a rolling party with 10,000 guests. Towns on the route are typically 8-15 miles apart, and many have fewer than 1,000 population. It’s not unusual to find DJ’s and high school bands playing music, local volunteers grilling burgers, people in all sorts of costumes and cycling attire, a beer garden, kids spraying you with a hose, and church ladies selling homemade pie – all at 9:30 on a weekday morning – and in every town throughout the day, all week. Overnight towns run shuttles from the campgrounds to downtown street parties. Cyclists come from every state and many countries to enjoy this atmosphere as much as to ride. One group’s T-shirts said it best, “RAGBRAI is spring break for adults.”

If you think Iowa is flat, you’ve never seen it from a bicycle. Here are the details of the 2011 route:

•Sunday, July 24 – Glenwood to Atlantic, 59.5 miles, 4,298 feet of climb
•Monday, July 25 – Atlantic to Carroll, 65.4 miles, 4,719 feet of climb
•Tuesday, July 26 – Carroll to Boone, 70.9 miles, 1,787 feet of climb (plus optional century loop)
•Wednesday, July 27 – Boone to Altoona, 56.1 miles, 1,147 feet of climb
•Thursday, July 28 – Altoona to Grinnell, 57.5 miles, 3,202 feet of climb
•Friday, July 29 – Grinnell to Coralville, 74.9 miles, 2,681 feet of climb
•Saturday, July 30 – Coralville to Davenport, 65.6 miles, 2,363 feet of climb

Budget ($1200 – 1500):

Bike club charter 250
Bike pkg & shipping (Tribe/FedEx) 90
Bike pkg & shipping (Harper’s/UPS) 106
Airfare (Allegiant Mesa to Moline) 308
(includes 1 checked back ea trip)
Food & drinks~ $30/day x 8 240
Showers $3-$5 ea. X6 30
Extras:Jersey 50
T-shirts and rain jacket 80
Massages 120

Food costs vary, depending on how often you eat and how tempted you are by the smoothie and ice cream vendors along the route. You can save a little here and there by packing granola bars or sports/energy bars for breakfast and using tap water instead of bottled water. Many towns have free water filling stations with tap water that tastes better than Arizona tap water. The best bargains are usually church dinners for $7 or $8, but they often run out of food if you don’t get there early (5ish). Depending on where the group camps each night, you might be showering in a high school gym, community center, or portable outdoor showers. Sometimes a towel is included in the fee, but not always. If you camp near a public pool, you can pay the admission to swim and the shower is included.

In Carroll, our group was assigned to camp on a church property. Kids handed us free bottled water as we rode in, and church members invite us inside for a free meal. They kept the building open all night, allowing us to use restrooms and sleep indoors, and then they served breakfast. They didn’t ask for anything in return, but the club took up a donation to send afterwards with our thanks.

If you plan ahead, you can sometimes arrange overnight stays in people’s homes. Obviously, this isn’t possible for large groups, and even if you apply early you may not get accommodations in every town. Most years, someone in my group has known someone in an overnight town who lets us sleep in their yard or basement, use their showers, and do laundry. Having those luxuries for even one night during the week makes everything easier. The complication with home stays is that you have to haul your gear to some other part of town, and then make arrangements to get it to a vehicle for transport the next day.

This year, a small group of us on the Muscatine charter stayed with friends of Diane’s in Boone and Coralville. The friends in Coralville even cooked dinner for us. As with previous years, I’ve been impressed and totally comfortable crashing in the home of a friend of a friend. Like the church members in Carroll, Iowans are very hospitable and seem to be impressed that we want to ride across their state. As one of the people in our group said at the end of the ride, “Once you ride RAGBRAI with someone, you become family.”

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ladies Only PV/Mummy Loop bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will be riding from the Tribe, meet at 5:00 am with wheels down at first light 5:15 ish. The ride this week will take us up through Mummy mt and out to PV. The ride will consist of climbs and flats to recover. Its going to be hot and muggy so drink plenty of water this week, eat a good dinner the night before the ride and a lite breakfast. Fill and place your water bottles in the freezer today. this way they will be frozen solid and the ice will last a bit longer. Bring a few dollars to purchase water along the ride.

I have some Good new and Bad news:

Good news The Lake Mary ride will be the last saturday in August. All riders are welcome to meet with us at the Harkins theater on I 17 and happy valley rd to caravan or carpool. Please chime in if you are interested in doing this ride and staying for dinner and scrap booking... There will be a fee of 10.00 in advance if you want to stay for dinner.
BAD NEWS: The cabin is full so overnight arrangement are on you :). Please don't go on the site and register.

Thank you All for making this happen
see you all on saturday

Tribe Multisport on the NE corner of Indian School and miller in the Frys Food Parking lot tucked in the corner.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

August 2011 Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Its August and monsoon season. Which means that the days are going to be hot and moggie. Remember to drink about 8 glasses of water each day, or at least eat some sort of water fruit each day. such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and/or Kiwi.
We will have a guess speaker joining us on August 13, she will cover the proper nutrition to fuel our body in order to continue to enjoy the sports we Love.

There are only a few spots left for the overnight stay at the cabin, so please sign up if you would like to stay overnight. The ride and dinner is open to everyone, but once all the sleeping spots are taken. you will have to supply you own accommodations for the night.
Please indicate Over night or Just ride for your team/club.. If you leave it blank then I will say you are just riding.

The Ladies Only Calendar for August 2011
8/6...... PV/Mummy loop........................... Tribe Multisport
8/13..... Usury pass,Pool Party w/guess speaker... Patricia Place
8/20..... Bagel Nosh.............................. Awhatukee
8/27..... Lake Mary............................... *Flagstaff*

*** Note from Ruth

Come join The Ladies for a day of fun and excitement!!!

If you have ever wondered what Ironman Arizona is all about.
If you have ever thought about being a part of Ironman Arizona.
If you have ever considered volunteering at Ironman Arizona.
The Ladies would like to have you join us and become a part of our volunteer team!
Volunteer registration is opens.

select Bike Aid Station 3

Ironman Arizona will be Sunday, November 20th, at Tempe Town Lake.
The Ladies will show their support at bike station #3.....on Beeline Hwy, just south of Shea Blvd.
We are a equal opportunity volunteer are welcome to join us!!

For more info please contact Ruth @

Thank you

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Around South Mountain

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we are meeting at 5 am in the lower parking lot at South Mountain(Turn left just after you pass the first guard shack and park in the lot on your left). We will ride east on baseline up through Awhatukee down 40th street to Maricopa rd. from which we will continue Around South Mountain. This is a SAG supported ride so do chime in. I rather have to much supplies than not enough.

Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast. Bring at least 2 water bottles and/or a camelpack. Prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids or eating plenty of water watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes or kiwi. Prep your water bottles by filling them 3/4 and placing them in the freezer on a slant. Top them off saturday morning.

If you are finding the heat is a bit much, you can purchase the cooling scarves at any sporting store or the cooling sleeves at Tribe or any bike shop. I find that a wet cloth works also.

Have a great week & ill see you Saturday



Direction from any where in the Valley: Find Central and head south. Central will take you right up into the mountain.. If you are coming from Phx central will zigzag you through down town. so I would either take 7th street and head west on baseline to central south.. Or take 7th ave and head east on baseline to central south.

If you get lost call me. But...Please give yourself plenty of time to get lost. wheels will be down at 5:15am

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The July 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
(Sorry for the long email please read to the bottom)

Can you believe that half the year is over? They say, time flies when you are having fun. Well I like to add to that, not only does time fly, so do the miles. I have listed all the things that you Ladies have been up to since Jan 2011. I've separated them by activities, but not in any order. The Ladies that just joined us this April '11 have come a long way. You have participated in over half of the events listed below, some of the bike rides you have done several times. Because of the interest you have shown and in order to support you 'On the bike' as well as 'Off the Bike', The Ladies have started up the running group "Lets Run". The group meets at 7 pm every Wednesday night at Discovery Park in Gilbert. We also meet for an Open Water swim every other Sunday to support the Ladies that will be doing a Few Open water Tri's.
To get all the information on the times and dates for the Bike Rides as well as the Run and the Open water swim, please Join the Ladies Meetup. By joining the Ladies meetup you can also talk with all the Ladies, and see who is doing what and when. This way you can come out and join in when your schedule allows.

Bike Rides: Tour De Cookie,Multiple Sclerosis bike ride(Centre,75 mile distance), PV to Gate, PV/Mummy, M/T Tour, Here She Comes Around the Mountain, I-87 to Sacaton, Bagel Nosh, South Mountain Towers,
B-Line to Shea, Roosevelt Lake, Awhatukee Ladies ride, Veteran Memorial Day ride, Cave Creek to Carefree, Cottonwood to Sedona bike ride, Usury Pass, Mesa Madness, Tribe/PV,
Meet N Greet, Ride for the Children, 9 mile hill, Breakfast Bike ride, Around South Mountain, Mummy Mt., PV/Mountain view loop, Tour of the Tucson Mtns, Tour de Cure, Ride around globe – 2 or 3 times a week (Pioneer Pass, Highway 188 and Pipeline areas).Casa Grande ride with the Ladies in January.

Triathlons: JCC sprint tri, Tri 4 the Cure Triathlon, Marquee Tri (Sprint, Duathlon, 1/2), Las Palomas Olympic Sprint Relay, Splash N Dash, Captextri Sprint Triathlon, Ashland, MA Olympic Triathlon, Seville sprint Tri
Rio Salado Iron Gear Tri-sprint distance, Tempe International Tri- sprint distance, JCC Spring Maxi Tri, Rio Salado Tri Olympic, Honu 70.3(Half Ironman).
Runs: Skirt Chaser 5K, Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon, PF Chang 1/2 Marathon, Ragnar Del Sol, Pat's Run 4.2 mile, CAAFA 5K trail run, Lost Dutchman 10K, San Diego Rock n Roll Full Marathon,
San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon, PF Chang's Full Marathon
Clinics: Womens' Only Clinic by Jobing.Com,Tire Changing, Bike Maintenance, Climbing Tech. by Terry Roach
Hikes: Hike for the Children, A walk with a friend, Superstition Ridgeline Hike –12 miles, Ferndale Trail in the Pinal Mtns, Squaw Spring Trail – Pinal Mtns, Trail in Tonto Natl Forest behind my house– 4 miles that I do 3 times a week, Gibson mine walk – 6 miles, Tonto Creek – from Highway 260 to Hatchery, Haigler Creek – Memorial day weekend (work) 2 miles, hike in Sedona
Others: Ski at Sunrise – Jan 5

Indeed this has been a very full 1/2 year.. Ladies If you have yet to come out and join us, Please Don't let the list above stop you, because there is more fun to come the second 1/2 of the year. You Maybe wondering is the Ladies Group a cycling group....Yes we are a cycling group, but this is a list of the other things that the ladies have been up to. A VERY Loud Congratulations go out to all the Ladies that did their First 1/2 and/or Full Marathon this year, and to the Ladies that did their First Tri this year, Also a shout out to all the ladies that did their first hike/bike ride this year. With all this said here:

Saturday Ladies only Bike ride Calendar for July 2011, Is listed to your Right
All rides will have wheels down at 5:15 am ..
If you are having problems with your bike please come early so we can pull out on time.

******Event for the end of August********
The Ladies are planning another Bike ride/sleep over in Flagstaff. To register click on the Link below. Registration closes August 13,2011. Please indicate Over night or Just ride for your team/club.. If you leave it blank then I will say you are just riding.

Thank you for a great Year so Far.
Without You this could not be


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Save Our Summer/ Arizona's Largest Blood Drive

A note from Sue Thew, I organize United Blood Services annual Tour de Hero bike ride (Jan. 28, 2012). THe United Blood Services is hosting the Save Our Summer event, Arizona's largest blood drive, on July 1 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale and on July 2 at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. The first 500 donors will receive a D-backs ticket and a gift bag valued at more than $50 – one donor will be drawn as a finalist to win a 2011 Jetta S, courtesy of your Valley Volkswagen dealers. Here's a link to the landing page with more details and a button to make an appointment: or click on the title and it will take you to the site.
Thanks so much for your consideration.

Sue Thew

United Blood Services/AZ, Public and Media Relations

480-675-5454 (office), 602-295-3281 (mobile) or

Find the hero in you. Give blood 3 times a year.

Job Opportunities information

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to my company's website where job openings are posted:

We are growing right now and if you know anyone looking for a job, there is are a variety of positions posted right now. Please feel free to send this information to anyone.

Have a good day,

This Saturday Ladies only ride In Awhatukee

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we are meeting at 5 am with wheels down no later than 5:20 am.. It is hot, so we are trying to stay ahead of the Sun. As always start drinking plenty of water today,and place your full water bottles in the freezer. As a point ALWAYS drink plenty of water. Living here in the desert, we stay on the edge of dehydration.. As Ladies we need to take care of our skin also. Look for a sunblock that will protect your skin while riding in the sun, but also look for a good lotion that will put back the moisture that living in the desert,and the Love of our sport, takes away. It is a fine balance but in order to keep doing what we love to do we have to find that balance. As my Grandmama always said "If you take care of your body, it will take care of you". She lived to the great age of 93, she stood straight @ 6'2" and look like she was in her 40's.

Take the Advice see you Saturday


Please check the Ladies Blog, One of the Ladies gave me a Job opening with her company

Check out the Save our Summer Event, Arizona's largest blood Drive, you have a chance to win D Back Tickets and other prizes July 2

I will post the July calendar by friday, sorry for the delay.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I 87 to Sacaton Ladies only Bike ride 6/25/2011

Good morning Ladies
This Saturday the ride will start from the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs Rd. meeting at 5 am ready to ride by 5:20 am. Please come early if you need help with your bike. This is a out and back ride with little to no traffic. Ladies its going to be hot so start preparing yourself and your water bottles. If you don't like to drink a lot of water then eat water fruits such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes,kiwi( which is loaded with potassium). You can also make melon juice by liquefying the watermelon and cantaloupe.. believe me it's great on a hot day. Fill and place your water bottles in the freezer on a slant yesterday :). Then top them off the morning of the ride. WE will have a sag on this ride.
For the Ladies that are interested in doing the Women 1/2 marathon in November, here is a link to register and a discount password that expires July 5th.

Please send me a list of all the rides/hikes/runs that you have done so far this year by the June 27th. I'm working on something.

Thank you for making this happen

Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Sunday Roosevelt Lake Bike ride 6/19/2011

45994 N Arizona Highway 188, Tonto Basin, AZ 85553 (Tonto Basin Market Place)

Hey Guys,
Looking forward to riding at Roosevelt. Take the Beeline up Hwy 87 to Hwy 188 and turn right (east). Drive to Tonto Basin and you will see this grocery store on the’s the only one.
We can park there and ride.
You can mapquest the address above.

It will be hot since it is almost the elevation of the valley but shouldn’t be too bad. The high is supposed to be 95 degrees on sunday.
We can swim at the lake when we are done or just go eat...whatever.

Let me know when you want to meet. Any is fine with me.
You are also welcome to spend the night here if you wish.


Saturday Ladies Only PV/Mummy Bike ride 6/18/2011

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 5 am Wheels down at 5:30 am.. Why so early you ask? The temps have risen and its Hot so the plan is to start at the morning light and beat the heat if at all possible. I would suggest purchasing two thermal water bottles filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer today.Then at the end of the ride to refill them and place then in the freezer for next week.. The longer the bottle is in the freezer the harder the Ice will become and it will stay frozen longer... Remember to drink even when you are not thirsty. Your body will Thank you.

Natale has invited us to come up to Roosevelt lake and ride with her. This is not a beginner and May not have SAG support. but if you are interested please respond to this email and I will send out more details on Friday.

Charlie is riding from the nosh on 48th street and warner this Sunday wheels down at 6 am. This is a beginner friendly ride. so do bring a friend.

Have a great week


Thursday, June 9, 2011

This saturday Ladies only bike ride B-Line to Shea

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday the ride will start from the Tribe on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's Food parking lot. we will meet at 5:30 am ready to ride at 5:45 am. If you need help with your bike please come earlier. This will give us the time to get everyone ready and wheels down on time. Prep yourself by drinking plenty of water starting today and your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant, top them off the morning of the ride. Nick from Durapluse located inside of the Tribe have given us a tip for riding /training in the Summer Heat. To read this in entirety please go to the Ladies Blog.

A Tip From Nick
Training in the Heat
Now that we are officially in Summer and the heat will last for a couple months you will need to be extra cautious while training. Some things to consider when training in the heat:
-Train early or late in the day to avoid the heat.
-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with water and electrolyte (salt) drinks. Gatorade was formulated for this reason. A 2% loss in body weight from sweat loss can have up to a 20% reduction in performance.
-Eat foods that are full of water, such as fruits, vegetables and pastas.
-Control your heart rate. The higher your heart rate the higher your sweat rate, which leads to dehydration and an even higher heart rate.
-Choose training routes that have water stops to refill bottles.
-If you are thirsty it is too late. Do not follow your thirst mechanism. Drink even if you are not thirsty.
-Pre-hydrate the day before a big training day.
-Wear light colored and wicking material to avoid overheating.
-Keep your core temperature cool. Poor cold water on your head and body while training and take ice baths post workout to decrease your metabolism and aid in recovery.

It is necessary to take the above precautions when training in the heat. These things will help you with performance and safety. Safety is of the utmost importance. Please be safe out there while training in the heat.

Have a great week

PS: Last year the Ladies did a overnight ride up in flagstaff, please keep an eye out this week for a up date and a sign up for this ride this year.

Training in the Heat by Nick

Training in the Heat
Now that we are officially in Summer and the heat will last for a couple months you will need to be extra cautious while training. Some things to consider when training in the heat:
-Train early or late in the day to avoid the heat.
-Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with water and electrolyte (salt) drinks. Gatorade was formulated for this reason. A 2% loss in body weight from sweat loss can have up to a 20% reduction in performance.
-Eat foods that are full of water, such as fruits, vegetables and pastas.
-Control your heart rate. The higher your heart rate the higher your sweat rate, which leads to dehydration and an even higher heart rate.
-Choose training routes that have water stops to refill bottles.
-If you are thirsty it is too late. Do not follow your thirst mechanism. Drink even if you are not thirsty.
-Pre-hydrate the day before a big training day.
-Wear light colored and wicking material to avoid overheating.
-Keep your core temperature cool. Poor cold water on your head and body while training and take ice baths post workout to decrease your metabolism and aid in recovery.

It is necessary to take the above precautions when training in the heat. These things will help you with performance and safety. Safety is of the utmost importance. Please be safe out there while training in the heat.

Nutrition Tip
No matter what training regimen you have in store for the day, the physical benefits reaped will be greater if you start fully fueled, well hydrated, and feeling comfortable. Finding the right sports nutrition groove for you may take some experimenting, so early in your training season try different approaches to identify which ones leave you feeling your best.

- Most athletes feel best with a pre-workout meal somewhere between 2 to 4 hours before training begins. The idea is to replenish muscle fuel stores without overtaxing your digestive system. Stick to high carb foods with some protein mixed in. Steer clear of fatty foods or those packed full of fiber.

- About an hour before you start your exercise, top off fuel supplies by eating a carb-rich snack. POWERGEL or GU is a convenient choice. This same strategy also applies if your training starts very early in the morning where eating a pre-workout meal isn’t realistic.

- To ensure that you’re fully hydrated, but have time to eliminate the fluid you don’t need, drink 16 fluid ounces of water or sports drink about 2 to 3 hours before exercise. Monitor urine color before your workout to gauge your hydration status. A light color, like lemonade, gets two thumbs up. If urine is darker in color, akin to apple juice, you need more fluid.

- Remember that during routine endurance training you need to consume enough carbs each day to allow your muscles to fully replenish fuel stores. In general, for every 2.2 pounds of body weight, light training requires 5-7 grams of carbs; moderate-heavy training requires about 7-12 grams; and extreme training, on the order of 4 or more hours of exercise each day, typically requires 10-12 grams of carbs.

-Now that we are into the month of May it is very very important that everyone takes precautions with the increased temperatures. You should be constantly drinking, and not just during exercise, to help stay hydrated. The heat can really affect heart rate and performance but if you are hydrated and stay cool by wearing appropriate clothes and splashing yourself with water you can help counter the effects of the high temperatures. Be smart about what time of day you train. I recommend not only drinking water but and electrolyte replacement as well. Nuun makes a great product as does Zym. Both are sold at Tribe and provide the electrolytes you need without a lot of calories. You will also want to eat foods that are full of fluids, such as fruits and vegetables. These will help hydrate you throughout the day.

Be smart when you train. You must train for quality and not quantity. If you have to get a run on but the only time is at 3PM then it is not smart to go outside where there is no water or shade. Find a treadmill or move the run to another day. You must be smart about your training. If you are concerned then ask me to help. It is more important that you are healthy than to get the recommended miles in.

Nick Goodman
Durapulse Performance Company
7624 E. Indian School Rd. #101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 862-3076

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Ladies Only bike ride from the Bagel Nosh 6/4/2011

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday leave from the Bagel Nosh on the SE corner of 48th street and warner in the Bashas plaza parking lot. Meeting at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6am. summer is here so don't forget to drink plentyof water... Just rremember if you are feeling thirsty you are dehydrated already. During the summer monthsyou should drink 1 to 2 gallons of water a day...Really? you say... Yes if you lived in another state than Az you could get away with only drinking 24oz to 48 oz a day. but we live in one of the hottest states so drink up:) your entire body will thank you.

Prep your waterbottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant.. Top them off the morning of the ride.

Have a great week


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

PF Chang one day Discount is June 1

Just in case you want to throw it out there for everyone JUNE 1ST ONLY you can register for the event at a significant discount, I know a bunch of our ladies participated last year so I thought I’d share this info.

Julie p.

Sedona to Cottonwood Ladies bike ride w/ Julie P

Hello Ladies

Julie has offered for the Ladies to come up and ride with her on June 12 and everyone can pay $5 in advance and She will have all the fixing for sub sandwhiches, chips, potato salad, water

Villas of Sedona
120 Kallof Place,
Sedona, AZ 86336 ,
it’s a 1500 sq ft condo with pools, hot tubs, outside seating etc and plenty of room for everyone to come for the day

We would ride from Sedona to Cottonwood approx 34 mi round trip via 89A highway, large shoulder for bikes and very open and scenic

Additionally, depending on who rides we could make a day of it and venture further to Jerome approx 52 mi round trip with some additional climbing

The car commute from Tribe to the timeshare is 2 hr 15 minutes, I will have xtra sleeping room in 1 bedroom (usually a queen bed) and a sleeper sofa (queen) in the living room if a couple people want to come but don’t feel they can do the round trip in 1 day comfortably

I have always wanted to do this ride but have never had anyone to do it with so think about it and even if you just want to come on Sunday and ride and spend the night (oh did I mention we have a few hot tubs on property haha) please let me know

Julie p.
Please RSVP befor the 9th

Heres a link so you can see some pics and have info on the condo in case you want to check it out

The June 2011 Saturday Ladies only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
For the past two months we have had two groups every Saturday. The short group has come a long way. They started out riding 14 miles and in a short 2 months they have are now riding 34 miles. As for the long route- They are holding steady, They took on the challenge of making the left turn on to the blind which adding 8 miles to there ride. There goal was to catch the group that turned right on the bline. The combined groups came out and rode into San Juan and the the Veteran Memorial Cemetery. These aren't easy ride, Every last one of you were did great and I enjoy seeing your smiles of accomplishment. Congratulations to you all.

It's time to combine the two groups. Although we are doing this, it doesn't mean that the dynamics of the ride will change. All this means is that we will no longer split into groups. We will be riding the same route, at different paces--that's all. We will still focus on cadence, drinking water while riding, hand signals along with bike handling skills.

*****Also Julie P has suggested a bike ride on June 12 from Sedona to Cottonwood approx 34 mi round trip. Please check out the ladies blog for more info and if you want to go please respond to this email by June 9th.******

With this said, here is the 'Ladies Only' Saturday bike ride calendar for June 2011.
All rides will start at 6 am. This is subject to earlier times depending on the heat.

june 4 Awhatukee Bagel Nosh
june 11 B line/Shea Tribe Multisport
june 18 PV/ Mummy Tribe Multisport
june 25 I 87 Bashas

Summer is here, so please drink plenty of fluids during the week and keep your water bottles for the Saturday bike ride prepped and in the freezer. Dehydration is not fun so, drink a lot.....WATER/ Electrolyte beverage.

Check out the Ladies Blog. I have posted some more info on: road safety and pf change 2012 .

Thank you, Without you this could not be...

Have a great Month

Friday, May 27, 2011

Info for the Womens 1/2 marathon in Nov

Here's the info for the women's half:

When registering, the team name is "The Ladies" and the password is "theladies".

Here is the promo code for the ½ marathon

Use TEAMSAVEAZ (case sensitive) to register and receive $10 off half marathon registration

Please note registration prices increase on May 31 as well.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Saturday Ladies only M/T Tour bike ride

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will venture into a new Route. The M/T Tour has a challenge for all levels of riders. We will meet at the Tribe Multisport on the NE side of Indian School and Miller at 5:45 am, ready to ride at 6 am..The Heat is back so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids with electrolytes. prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer. Top them off the morning of the ride. Also eat a good dinner and a lite breakfast before the bike ride.. .
As the summer progresses and you find that the heat is becoming a bit much, There are ways to stay cool, you can purchase a cooling scarf or a pair of arm coolers(same concept as the arm warmers but in reverse).

PS: Thank you to everyone that came out and walked this pass Sunday. Mieko said she really needed that and appreciated it. Thank you

Have a great week

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Veteran Memorial Bike Ride 5/29/2011

Hey Everyone,
Charlie has suggested that we do a ride to honor our soldiers that haven given all in order for us to enjoy the freedoms that we have today.
Do come and join us,This Sunday we are riding from Frank Lloyd Wright & the 101 freeway. Going north through McDowell Mtn Ranch & onto Pima Rd. Taking Pima Rd. to Cave Creek & then Cave Creek to the National Cemetery at Cave Creek & Pinnacle Peak. Taking Pinnacle Peak back to the start. Start time is 6:00 a.m. & there will be a vehicle along for SAG if needed. Please bring a small trash bag as we will clean up in the cemetery for Memorial day. Charlie is riding from Awhatukee & back, so if anyone wanting a longer distance ride call him @ (480) 861-4981
A Big Thank you to all the soldiers that have served, and to those that are still serving

All riders are welcome
See you Sunday,

Charlie & LaVerne

Friday, May 20, 2011

Links to the Ladies

We can be found on the:

The Meetup group

Facebook group!/group.php?gid=132138050148654

or here on The Ladies Blog

The PV to the Gate Ladies Bike ride 5/21/11

Good Morning Ladies
First off sorry for the late email, My week has been busy.

This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6 am. After the ride we will have a Basic Bike maintains Clinic. The Clinic will start at 10 am. So if you have any question about what you can do yourself to maintain your bike please bring them. although the weather is playing Hot and Cold with us still prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and your water bottle by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant. don't forget to top them off the day of the ride.

One of the Ladies have been going through chemo and not able to ride with us. She has put out a walk request for this Sunday, so if you haven't planned anything. The walk will start at 8 am from the parking lot at South Mountain. You can get there by driving to central and heading south. this road will take you right into south mountain park. It is also silent Sunday(No cars are allowed on the Mountain) so if you want to get a ride in after the walk do bring your bike...

Charlie will be riding out to the mountain on sunday leaving from the bagel nosh on 48th street and warner wheels down at 6 am.. Please be there in enough time so that the ride will leave on time.

Thank you for making this happen

Have a great week

Tribe Multisport
Is on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot. Tucked in the far corner.

South Mountain Park
from any where in the valley come to Central and Southern, head south on Central and this road will take you righ up in to the park.. With this sunday being slient sunday you will have to park in the forst parking lot to your left just after the first guard station

Friday, May 13, 2011

Usury Pass/ Mesa Madness Ladies Bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we will meet at Patricias' place at 6 am ready to ride shortly after..Please bring a swim suite and a bag lunch for after the ride. Yes a Pool Party at Particias
We will have two different rides starting and stopping in the same place.. One group will go out and ride down king Kong and up usury Pass, while the other group will ride mesa madness. Each ride will be about the same in distance but different in difficulty.This will be a SAG supported ride so please chime in.

****Congrats to all the Ladies that did the Rio Tri last weekend and Good Luck to all the Ladies that are doing a Tri this weekend.****
Remember to prep yourself and your water bottles for this weekend.

please mark your calendar: on Sunday5/29 Charlie and I are planning a ride from Awhatukee out to the veteran memorial. In a salute to those that have given all. we will post a map next week so if you don't want to ride the entire distance you can join us along the route.

Have a Great week

Patricias' Place
3963 N.Pinnacle Circle mesa, AZ
code 6988#

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ladies Saturday ride into San Juan

Good Morning Ladies
First, I would like to say "Happy Mothers Day" to everyone and to give a shout out to all the Ladies doing Tris this weekend, you have done the training so go and have FUN...

This week we are meeting at South Mountain at 6 am ready to ride into San Juan at 6:30 am sharp. The ride into San Juan is a lot of fun and then you get the pleasure of climbing out. This ride is very challenging, so please don't get discouraged, just keep at it. Speed isn't important on this type of ride, focus on keeping your legs moving at a good even pace (cadence). On your way out remember to get as much as you can out of the downhill, so the speed can carry you at least 1/2 way up the next climb.FYI stay out of the big ring in the front on the way out.

You may ask why are we doing this type of ride so soon: There are two reasons
1. I have a time trial up to the Towers this Saturday and instead of canceling the ride altogether, I have made it a tradition for all the Ladies(new and existing) to come out and ride San Juan. Then, later on in the year we will come out and ride it again, so each of you can see how much you have grown in your cycling.
2. It's good to have a ride that is very difficult and then come back and ride that same ride and see how much better you feel. Then wounder why did I stop, or to surpass the point where you had to stop last time and just smile.(YEA)

It is supposed to be hot this weekend, so please prep your water bottles (freeze two on a slant). Also be sure to take care of your body by drinking plenty of fluids.

If you have any questions about this ride or anything else, please ask via email or phone. No question is too silly or stupid. I was told by an instructor once, that the only stupid question is the one not asked. So, please ASK and I will do my best to answer them all.

----------A note from Charlie

Hey Everyone,
First off Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there. This Sunday we will be riding from "The Nosh" (S.E. corner of 48Th St. & Warner) Start time is 6:00 a.m. We will ride in the Ahwatukee area & do a 3.5 - 4 mile run after the ride for anyone wanting to run. The ride route will be approx. 50 miles & will include hills, a few sprints & no stops. There Will be a second option for those not wanting to go non stop.
See you Sunday,

Have a great Week
La Verne

South Mountain
from any where in the valley, Take Central south pass McDowell, pass Southern, Pass Baseline, Pass Dobbins, follow Central all the way up into the Mountain. You will come to a guard station take a Left turn and park in the first parking lot on your Left.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take A Pass by Rick Bernardi,JD.

The month of May is how to ride safe... Joe found this article in the bicycling magazine that covers safety in the area in which we ride. I will post each area below separately.

How You Navigate Around Others Depend On Where You're Riding

A common misconception motorists have is that cyclist are slow. Of course, an automobile can reach higher speeds than a bicycle, but that's on the increasingly mythical open road. Around town, we regularly demonstrate that cyclist are capable of keeping up with cars and often able to easily pass a congested lane of traffic. But this raises the question: What does the Law say on the subject? The rules,as always, differ depending on where you are riding and whom you are passing. But lets take a look at a few common situations. When In a Bike Lane, Riding on a sidewalk or Multiuse Path, Riding on a Wide Road or when riding on a Narrow Road.

The research and drafting is provided by Rick Bernardi, JD.

Bob Mionske is the author of bicycling and the law. For more information visit

Bike Lane By Rick Bernardi,JD.

In The Bike Lane (A).......................................................(B)

It seems too obvious to state, but a cyclist sprinting past others is dangerous, If not illegal. You should pass other cyclist deliberately and at a safe distance(the closer you are, the slower you should go). If the path is so tight that you can touch the person you're passong,proceed even nore cautiously.Also, the Law may require you to audiobly warn others before passing; for courtesy, you should do this reguardless[A,above]. Never pass on the right - you may cause a collision. Even though its's a bike lane, watch for cars: In most states, motorists must merge into the bike lane before turning right. If there is a car in the bike lane, cyclists are legally premitted to pass it by moving left, into the vechicular lane [B], and carefully merging back in once it's safe to do so. Of course, pay attention towhat traffice is doing regardless. In Organ, drivers are not allowed to merge into the bike lane, and must instead yeild to cyclists before turning, but riders there should still tunr in to activity all around then. For your own safety, don't try to pass a rught turning vehicles by cutting in front of them in the bike lane; slow down and let the driver turn.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The May 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Hello Ladies
Thank you all for making April a great month. As you may know Every April The Ladies start over with Low miles and informational Clinics, based and geared for the new rider. This April we had 20 new riders come out and join us, Thank You. It's been a great month of riding and getting to know each other. We had our First of Three Tire changing clinic which everyone did great.

In the month of May we will cover bike handling skills, how to drink from a water bottle while riding and how to be a safe cyclist. The May clinic will be held right after the Bike ride on May 21,2011 covering basic Bike Maintenance.

May will be a bit hotter than April so please take care of yourself by continuing to drink plenty of water, along with some sort of electrolyte drinks. Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast before the ride. Bring with you some sort of nutrition(power bar, Luna bar, almonds, PB&J, etc) to eat during the ride and with in 30 min to an hour after the ride eat some sort of protein. All of which will Aid in a great ride and a speedy recovery.

The ride Calendar for May is listed on the right side of the page.

Without you this ride could not be
Thank you and Have a Great Month

The Ladies

Ps if you have any questions please ask here or via my email:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mummy Loop to the Gate 4/30/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday Mummy Loop to the gate bike ride will leave from the Tribe on the NE side of Indian School and Miller, in the Fry's Food parking lot. Meeting at 6 am ready to ride at 6:15 am. We will have a long route and a short route. There will be a Tire changing clinic right after the bike ride, we will meet on the covered sidewalk to the left of Tribe. If you cant attend this Saturday don't worrier, we will have this clinic at least 3 times in the next few months so everyone can get comfortable changing a tire.
As we all know the temp has started to rise so please prep yourself by drinking plenty of good fluids this week and prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant, then top them off the morning of the ride.. As the summer progress you may want to prep your water bottle a week in advance. why you ask? The longer the water bottle is in the freezer the more solid the ice becomes and will take longer to melt. Yes the thermal bottles can be placed in the freezer, just don't drop them frozen.. They will split. Yes you can place the camelpac water bladder in the freezer, but you have to make sure that the lid and the straw hole wont freeze.... for this Saturday fill it with Ice and place it in the freezer. Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast also bring with some sort of nutrition( luna bar, power bar, almonds, pb&j etc...) All rides are 3 to 4 hr.
If you have any questions please ask via email or phone.

See you Saturday
Have a great Week

If you need help with your bike please come a bit earlier

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The April 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

I would like to start with a congratulations to all the Ladies that did the MS bike ride this past weekend. You all accomplished your own inner goals. Sweet :). Last year was a great year, we had so many goal achieved and a lot of First times completed. I am looking forward to this year and Welcoming New Riders to The Ladies Group. The saying in all the states around us " April Showers Bring May Flowers" well here in Arizona April brings the first wave of Summer heat. So lets start getting ready for it, by preping our bodies by drinking plenty of water all week. Then by preping our water bottles by filling them1/2 way and putting them in the freezer on a slant. you can top them off the morning of the ride. Bike rides will start early to beat the Heat.

For the Ladies that are looking for a bike please goto the Ladies Blog., I will post information on bikes there. Its too long to post here. with this all stated:

All saturday bike rides in April will start at 6:45am

Saturdays Ladies Only Calendar for April 2011

Date Ride Location

4/2 PV Tribe Multiplesport

4/9 Meet-n-Greet Papago Park

4/16 Ladies 3rd Anniversary bike ride Bagel Nosh

4/23 PV to gate Tribe Multiplesport

4/30 PV mummy loop Tribe Multiplesport

Thank you all for making this Happen