Thursday, June 16, 2011

This Sunday Roosevelt Lake Bike ride 6/19/2011

45994 N Arizona Highway 188, Tonto Basin, AZ 85553 (Tonto Basin Market Place)

Hey Guys,
Looking forward to riding at Roosevelt. Take the Beeline up Hwy 87 to Hwy 188 and turn right (east). Drive to Tonto Basin and you will see this grocery store on the’s the only one.
We can park there and ride.
You can mapquest the address above.

It will be hot since it is almost the elevation of the valley but shouldn’t be too bad. The high is supposed to be 95 degrees on sunday.
We can swim at the lake when we are done or just go eat...whatever.

Let me know when you want to meet. Any is fine with me.
You are also welcome to spend the night here if you wish.


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