Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Ladies Only bike ride from the Bagel Nosh 6/4/2011

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday leave from the Bagel Nosh on the SE corner of 48th street and warner in the Bashas plaza parking lot. Meeting at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6am. summer is here so don't forget to drink plentyof water... Just rremember if you are feeling thirsty you are dehydrated already. During the summer monthsyou should drink 1 to 2 gallons of water a day...Really? you say... Yes if you lived in another state than Az you could get away with only drinking 24oz to 48 oz a day. but we live in one of the hottest states so drink up:) your entire body will thank you.

Prep your waterbottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant.. Top them off the morning of the ride.

Have a great week


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