Friday, May 20, 2011

The PV to the Gate Ladies Bike ride 5/21/11

Good Morning Ladies
First off sorry for the late email, My week has been busy.

This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 5:45 am ready to ride at 6 am. After the ride we will have a Basic Bike maintains Clinic. The Clinic will start at 10 am. So if you have any question about what you can do yourself to maintain your bike please bring them. although the weather is playing Hot and Cold with us still prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids and your water bottle by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant. don't forget to top them off the day of the ride.

One of the Ladies have been going through chemo and not able to ride with us. She has put out a walk request for this Sunday, so if you haven't planned anything. The walk will start at 8 am from the parking lot at South Mountain. You can get there by driving to central and heading south. this road will take you right into south mountain park. It is also silent Sunday(No cars are allowed on the Mountain) so if you want to get a ride in after the walk do bring your bike...

Charlie will be riding out to the mountain on sunday leaving from the bagel nosh on 48th street and warner wheels down at 6 am.. Please be there in enough time so that the ride will leave on time.

Thank you for making this happen

Have a great week

Tribe Multisport
Is on the NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot. Tucked in the far corner.

South Mountain Park
from any where in the valley come to Central and Southern, head south on Central and this road will take you righ up in to the park.. With this sunday being slient sunday you will have to park in the forst parking lot to your left just after the first guard station

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