Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bike Lane By Rick Bernardi,JD.

In The Bike Lane (A).......................................................(B)

It seems too obvious to state, but a cyclist sprinting past others is dangerous, If not illegal. You should pass other cyclist deliberately and at a safe distance(the closer you are, the slower you should go). If the path is so tight that you can touch the person you're passong,proceed even nore cautiously.Also, the Law may require you to audiobly warn others before passing; for courtesy, you should do this reguardless[A,above]. Never pass on the right - you may cause a collision. Even though its's a bike lane, watch for cars: In most states, motorists must merge into the bike lane before turning right. If there is a car in the bike lane, cyclists are legally premitted to pass it by moving left, into the vechicular lane [B], and carefully merging back in once it's safe to do so. Of course, pay attention towhat traffice is doing regardless. In Organ, drivers are not allowed to merge into the bike lane, and must instead yeild to cyclists before turning, but riders there should still tunr in to activity all around then. For your own safety, don't try to pass a rught turning vehicles by cutting in front of them in the bike lane; slow down and let the driver turn.

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