Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The June 2011 Saturday Ladies only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
For the past two months we have had two groups every Saturday. The short group has come a long way. They started out riding 14 miles and in a short 2 months they have are now riding 34 miles. As for the long route- They are holding steady, They took on the challenge of making the left turn on to the blind which adding 8 miles to there ride. There goal was to catch the group that turned right on the bline. The combined groups came out and rode into San Juan and the the Veteran Memorial Cemetery. These aren't easy ride, Every last one of you were did great and I enjoy seeing your smiles of accomplishment. Congratulations to you all.

It's time to combine the two groups. Although we are doing this, it doesn't mean that the dynamics of the ride will change. All this means is that we will no longer split into groups. We will be riding the same route, at different paces--that's all. We will still focus on cadence, drinking water while riding, hand signals along with bike handling skills.

*****Also Julie P has suggested a bike ride on June 12 from Sedona to Cottonwood approx 34 mi round trip. Please check out the ladies blog for more info and if you want to go please respond to this email by June 9th.******

With this said, here is the 'Ladies Only' Saturday bike ride calendar for June 2011.
All rides will start at 6 am. This is subject to earlier times depending on the heat.

june 4 Awhatukee Bagel Nosh
june 11 B line/Shea Tribe Multisport
june 18 PV/ Mummy Tribe Multisport
june 25 I 87 Bashas

Summer is here, so please drink plenty of fluids during the week and keep your water bottles for the Saturday bike ride prepped and in the freezer. Dehydration is not fun so, drink a lot.....WATER/ Electrolyte beverage.

Check out the Ladies Blog. I have posted some more info on: road safety and pf change 2012 .

Thank you, Without you this could not be...

Have a great Month

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