Sunday, May 1, 2011

Take A Pass by Rick Bernardi,JD.

The month of May is how to ride safe... Joe found this article in the bicycling magazine that covers safety in the area in which we ride. I will post each area below separately.

How You Navigate Around Others Depend On Where You're Riding

A common misconception motorists have is that cyclist are slow. Of course, an automobile can reach higher speeds than a bicycle, but that's on the increasingly mythical open road. Around town, we regularly demonstrate that cyclist are capable of keeping up with cars and often able to easily pass a congested lane of traffic. But this raises the question: What does the Law say on the subject? The rules,as always, differ depending on where you are riding and whom you are passing. But lets take a look at a few common situations. When In a Bike Lane, Riding on a sidewalk or Multiuse Path, Riding on a Wide Road or when riding on a Narrow Road.

The research and drafting is provided by Rick Bernardi, JD.

Bob Mionske is the author of bicycling and the law. For more information visit

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