Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Ladies Only December 2011 calendar

Good Morning Ladies
The year is almost over, and it has been a great year all around. I am proud to announce that the Ladies have achieved all their goals set for this year. You have taken the first step by joined the Ladies Group, you have Ran in a viraty of marathons, you have biked centre's, you have competed in Ironmen, you have learned the basic skills to ride safely on the road, you have learned how to ride in a group and assist others that are new to the sport of Cycling, you have learned to swim and have competed in Tris, And the best part of all We have become Friends and Family.
Thank you all for a great year and Making The Ladies a GREAT group to be part of. When The Ladies started 4 yrs ago I had no clue that it would grow in such a great way... Thank you Again because with out you this could not be.... Merry Christmas to you all.

Its December and its cold so the best way to enjoy riding in the winter months is to wear layers. such as bike shorts, long socks, leg warmers or long biking pants. long-sleeved undershirt, jersey, arm warmers or a thin jacket, a down vest, you can also purchase a long-sleeved jersey. earmuffs, a bennie cap to wear under your helmet . I find if I keep my core warm I'm good.. Long finger cycling gloves although the other gloves will work, but you will have to watch your grip on the handlebars. Ok, Ok, ok, you ask what if i get to hot. We will have a SAG car and you can take off a layer and put in the car, If we don't have SAG all the items can be adjusted to cool the body. We will no longer have to freeze our water bottle or add ice to your camel pac. sweet :)

with this all said the DECEMBER calendar is to your right

Thank you again

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