Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Ladies Only PV/Mummy Loop bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will be riding from the Tribe, meet at 5:00 am with wheels down at first light 5:15 ish. The ride this week will take us up through Mummy mt and out to PV. The ride will consist of climbs and flats to recover. Its going to be hot and muggy so drink plenty of water this week, eat a good dinner the night before the ride and a lite breakfast. Fill and place your water bottles in the freezer today. this way they will be frozen solid and the ice will last a bit longer. Bring a few dollars to purchase water along the ride.

I have some Good new and Bad news:

Good news The Lake Mary ride will be the last saturday in August. All riders are welcome to meet with us at the Harkins theater on I 17 and happy valley rd to caravan or carpool. Please chime in if you are interested in doing this ride and staying for dinner and scrap booking... There will be a fee of 10.00 in advance if you want to stay for dinner.
BAD NEWS: The cabin is full so overnight arrangement are on you :). Please don't go on the site and register.

Thank you All for making this happen
see you all on saturday

Tribe Multisport on the NE corner of Indian School and miller in the Frys Food Parking lot tucked in the corner.

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