Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride 9/17/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This saturday we will meet at the Tribe on Indian School Rd and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot. At 5:45am ready to ride at 6 am. We will ride out to and up the b-line to Shea. This is a steady .5 to 1% climb. Doable by all new and seasoned riders..

Although the weather is getting nice we still have to drink as though it is hot. During any exercise/yard work/playing tennis/cycling the body has no gage stating its 90...its 100... or its 70 degrees out. All it know is that you are calling on it to perform, and it will as long as you provide it with the proper nutrition before, during and after. To me the nutrition before and after is important. Before you are filling a bank to draw from and after you are replenishing that bank so the body can repair itself for the next time you call on it. During stands out the most, your body is like a furnish, and with out constant(every 15 min) fuel(nutrition), it will start to pull from your everywhere causing you to cramp,feel light headed, loose focus and have a uneasy feeling in your body...
I say all this just to drive the point home to eat a proper meal before an physical exertion and a light breakfast the morning of. Continue to sip your water/electrolyte during the entire ride. No Matter what the Temperature of the day.
Take advantage of the supplies in the SAG, They are there to help you have a great Ride.

Jan Hartzfeld will be leading us in some basic core exercises that you can do on your own after the ride. If you would like to participate bring a towel or a mat, we will go over to the park behind tribe.

Thank you for making this happen


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