Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ladies Only Up and Over bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we are riding from the Tribe on the NE corner of Indian School and Miller at 6 am wheels down at 6:15 ish. If you need help with your bike please come early..
Ok... some of you are wondering about the Up and Over. This is a great ride with a challenge for all levels. The ride will take us up through PV, over Eagle Mt. Ridge and down the B line back to Tribe.. If you are wondering if you are ready for such a ride, the answer is YES, you are. How do I know, you ask? because the ride is done At Your Own Pace and all thing are doable this way.
Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast... Prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids starting today. Why you ask, its not that hot outside? because your body perspires the same when at work. When the temp drops we tend not to drink as much, which will have the same affect on the body as riding in the heat.. The human body is mainly made up of water, so we have to keep the supply up, to support the demand we ask. Also as we both know if we don't give the body what it needs it will make us stop .
Prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and put them in the freezer then top off in the morning of the ride..
Please Chime in if you are able to make the ride. This will be a SAG supported ride and I rather have too much than not enough supplies.

**Congratulation to Kristen, Elaine, Dee, Stacy and all the Ladies that did SOMA this past Sunday...

Have a Great Week and Thanks for making this Happen

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