Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maggies Place By Kevin

Hello there Y’all,

I realize that this is just a run, but coming from a very poor, single mother household (more like trailerhold), I saw my mother struggle financially. There were times when us kids would stay at a friends house or at an “uncles/aunts” for a couple of weeks while my Mom was homeless. I have never slept on the street, but my mother did… and more often than I want to imagine. It still makes me sad that she sacrificed so much and busted her ass so hard just to scrape by and all the while, attempting to shelter us kids from the heartache that she was enduring.

Well, I have two charities that I personally support with Tribe. One, of course, is Not One More. The other is Maggie’s Place which helps expectant homeless mothers get back on their feet with shelter, food, and job skills training. It is NOT a halfway house for druggies or a shelter for battered women… it is simply a place (series of) where homeless expectant mothers can get back on their feet.

So, if you feel so inclined to want to help out, please support this race. The odd distance is representative of the gestational period of the birthing process… but, they also have a 10K to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Maggie’s Place.

For every one of us that enters, I will be matching your entry with a donation from our team. If you do enter, simply send me an email saying so (Please note that you ride with The Ladies). Thank you, in advance.

Kevin Chief Weitzel

Click on Maggies Place by Kevin and it will take you to the registeration page for this run.

Thank you Kevin for all you do.

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