Monday, September 20, 2010

Riding to Maricopa

I had never taken the Ladies on this ride before, I had ridden it and loved it.

The Saturday's bike ride was to the little town of Maricopa. We meet at the Bashas on Alma School and Riggs ready to ride at 6am. After giving out all the safety rules and ti -bits about riding in a small town 26 ladies and two SAG cars to support us on this ride took off. Joe in the front Dave in the middle and Me pulling up the back. you could hear the Ladies call out slowing, stopping, debris, clear and talking amongst themselves, all signs of a great ride and it was.

One of the good things about have two sag cars on this ride was the ability to split the group in to a long and a short ride with a SAG car going with each group. On the way back a few of the fastest riders was selected to go long, they would add 24 miles on to the ride by making a left turn at Riggs and maricopa rd and heading out to the gas station on Paco's and 51st ave. The short group would turn right and head back in. There total miles would be 68 miles for the long and the short group would get 42 miles in.

The only hesitation on doing this was the heat. The temp for the day was 108. so we made sure that both cars had plenty of Ice,water and nutrition to support each group.

All in all it was a great day and The Ladies loved it.
26 riders went out and 26 riders came in.


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