Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

A lot of info this month

This month will be the beginning of the Climbing rides. Yes, I know "I can't Climb", "Climbing is Hard", "Climbing Hurts", well you know what I say about Climbing "It Builds Character". I have often wonder if I should stand on a climb or sit. Seeing that I have done both this is what I have find, when I stand I can't make it from the bottom to the top of the climb, I'm out of breath and my cadence bottoms out, this has also happen when I sit :).

but What I have also found is If I utilize the down hill (meaning peddle on the way down instead of coasting) the momentum will carry mw a great deal up the hill, and once the speed starts to fade I can dig into the climb, based on how far I have to go before I reach the top I do one of two things. if I have more than a hundred yards to the top I stay seated and work the hill but if I have 25 yards or less I will stand and use my body weight to get me over the top.

You may ask why? I have found that if I can't stay up off the saddle all the way over the top then I have wasted energy for not. I find myself seated again with more hill to climb and my heart is in my ears = effort not used properly. Don't worry there will be plenty of time to figure this out , the rides this month will be a combination of Flats and small rollers building towards Oct.

I have included 3 references for you to check out and come to your own conclusion, there are so many different opinions on the topic of how to take on a climb. I found these to be interesting.

Stay seated

although you develop more power while standing by taking advantage of your upper bodies weight pushing down on the pedals, you are also using 10 to 12 % more energy. On short climbs, the length of a football field or less, it makes little difference. But on longer climbs, stay in the saddle and spin at 80 - 85 RPM. This is particularly so if you are heavier as standing puts just that much more weight on your leg muscles, while sitting uses the seat to help take the extra upper body weight off your legs. Staying in the saddle will:

* burn less energy - heart rate is approximately 8% lower for any set speed

* use your bigger gluteal (butt) and hip muscles to your advantage

Climbing to the Top

Let's begin with simple tactics to improve your climbing technique. These are basically free speed since no hard work is necessary. Many riders don't understand whether they're faster climbing seated or standing, and there's not a definite yes or no. It is true that you conserve more energy seated, yet standing is important when you want to attack or accelerate since you can put much more force into the down stroke. Generally speaking, bigger folks should spend more time seated than smaller riders. When you stand you have to support your body weight in addition to applying force to the pedals. Hence, more body weight means more energy used when one stands. Yet, don't let being big keep you in the saddle for all your climbs. It is OK for anyone to stand on short steep sections. For longer climbs, you'll want to spend more time seated since you need to preserve more energy.

Sitting Versus Standing by Dave Scott a SIx time Ironman World Champion.

Another good reference is the article from Joe Friel on this site on Women in the News.

Here is the Calendar for September 2010. All rides will meet at 5:30 am

Sat Sept 4 Bagel Nosh Awhatukee

Sat Sept 11 I-87 Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 18 Maricopa Alma School/Riggs*

Sat Sept 25 Mummy/Gate Tribe Multisport

Sunday Sept 26 Ironman course- On this day if you have nothing planned I could use some support. I will be doing 3 loops of the b-line. therefore I will be out there for a while. My ride will starting from Tempe town lake and making its way out to the be line. you can drive and meet me at the gas station on Mc Dowell and B-line.

I will give more detail on my time frame for each loop so you can plan better.> > * SAG supported Ride

Thank you for your support and Making The Ladies Bike ride happen

Have a Great Month



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