Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tour De Scottsdale Visual

Good Morning Ladies
Try and arrive at DC Ranch Market Street least a hour to 1 1/2 hour before the start time. This will give you time to park, prep your bike, and meet up with your friends. The Three focal points that I want to cover all start with CHANGE.... during this ride:
You will have to CHANGE the way you THINK, when the hills get hard don't focus on the entire climb break it down into poles and mile markers. (saying I can make it to that pole or that catus or that red car), also by keeping a positive thought such as( I think I can, I think I can, like the little red engine that could).
You will have to CHANGE the way you MOVE, as your legs get tired you will have to switch up your paddle stroke by lifting your foot using the thigh muscles, and then by lowering your hill a bit to engage your hamstrings and gluts and by scraping the mud, this stroke engages the the calf muscle.
You may have to CHANGE the way you SIT, by moving to the noise of the seat engages the front muscles in your legs, moving all the way back on the seat will engage the larger muscles such as your gluts and hip flexers. last you may want to stand just for a moment to give the entire body a break by using your body weight to climb.

now to the Rout:

From Thompson Peak Parkway west to Scottsdale Rd North...
your Adelina will be flowing and you will want to keep up with the rush of cyclist, this is normally and fun, so enjoy:). This road has a slight down hill, as the riders thin you try and stay to the right, there are no bike lanes. Cave Creek East...
this is a .5 to 1% climb all the way so pace yourself. get comfortable, If you are working a pace line don't stay on the front for more than 30 sec. Pima Rd South....
has a great down hill and its a great chance for you to drink and eat something, don't coast soft paddle (keep your legs moving, just don't put a lot of pressure into the paddle stroke) to release some of the lactic acid in your legs. before you reach the next turn
......Dynamite Blvd/Rio Verde....east
This is a very good up hill climb I would say a 4 to 5% climb, that about 1/4 mile long but at the light you will start your down hill (9 mile hill).. you have earned it so enjoy the down hill, but remember to eat and drink, soft paddle every now and then to flush out the lactic acid. stand and stretch if you need to.
......Forest blvd south......
This is a flat rd that runs through a golf course enjoy the view
.......following McDowell Mt Rd south. on to Saguaro blvd...
This is another Climb so pace yourself sit back and dig in and change the way you think, saguaro blvd is also rollers. use these rollers to drink and eat something( you must fuel the body)
........west on to Shea blvd.....
Shea is a 6 to 7% climb so remember the word of the day CHANGE and stay positive.
You can see the top... so you now you can make it... Keep your focus 6 to inches ahead of you cause the rode is flat.
......north on to 136 street a great street to recover, take a deep breath and let it out slowly through the noise,and repeat until your heart rate is back down.:)
....west on Via Linda to Frank Lloyd wright
This is a mixture of ups and great down hill have fun:)
.....north to 100 then go north to Thompson Park way and your almost Home
You can see the finish line Great Job

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