Thursday, July 22, 2010

Five Months to Ironman

When I started this journey, I stated, "Wow in 9 months I could have a baby", this was how I looked at the journey to Ironman. In a sense they are similar, The body will have to go through some major transformation in this process.
In the last 4 months I have lost some friends, but I have gained even more friends. I have hit the wall with my swimming, so I walked away for 2 weeks with, thought that I cant do this, but, when I went back. I found out that I can, I just have to stay focused and 'in that moment'.

I've learned to look at, what I'm asking my body to do and to look at what, I am giving it, to do it with. meaning proper sleep, good nutrition, and plenty of fluids along with enough recovery time.
I've learned that my swim will be off the day after a 100 mile bike ride or staying up at a 24 hr event.
But In the month of June,
I've learned what it will take & how it feels to get out of my comfort Z on my bike.
I've learned that If I want to maintain a certain mph over a period of time with hills. I will have to surpass that avg by .6 mph. because I've also realized that I lose .3 mph on every hill climb. Therefore the down hill will play a very important part in this. Again I have to stay focused and 'in that Moment'.

Now with 5 months to go I have to transform this body a bit more, to become a better runner w/out injury.

I am still having fun in the moment.

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