Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Saturdays Bikeride 7/10/2010

Good Morning Ladies
Last week's ride was great, I loved that downhill. I hope that everyone had a great 4th. This Saturday we will meet at 5:15 am ready to ride from the Bagel Nosh on 48th street and Warner at 5:30 am.

For those that are having problems with the heat, you can purchase the cooling scarf from any sporting good stores. There is also a new product call arm coolers that you can purchase from at Tribe Multisport or on line, they are called sun sleeves:

Also those that are interested in riding the Taylor House Centre, Amy has extended a "Tickler" to see what kind of interest there is in planning a fun weekend in Flagstaff! July 25th is my birthday. We are planning on riding the Taylor house ride on July 24 (in Flag). Anyone interested in staying overnight after the ride and hiking Mt. Humphreys on Sunday, July 25? With me, on my birthday?? You can come up for the ride & hike, or just one or the other, it's completely your choice!

Let me know!

Charlie will be leading

This Sunday we will start from The Nosh bagel shop (48th St. & Warner on the S.E. corner) The start time is 5:30 a.m. We will be riding somewhat of the normal route around & through Awhatukee but, at a little harder pace with fewer stops. We may split into 2 groups depending on who shows up. It will end up being 40 + miles at a pace to difficult for beginners. Sorry for the no beginners. That will be next week. For anyone wanting to come out please be there in time to roll out at 5:30. Don`t get scared now it will not be that difficult just a few less rest stops. Just in case anyone gets split off from the group my cell # is 480-861-4981(that way I won`t forget to give it out on Sunday a.m.) See you Sunday

Charlie has also extended an invitation to all on a trip to Magic Mt. Charlie will be leaving on Wednesday night 7/14 ready to have fun on Thurs 7/15 and friday 7/16 at the park returning to phx on saturday 7/17. If you would like to go and for more info please contact Charlie:

See you on Saturday

Bagel Nosh
48th street and warner
located in the Bashas Plaza on the SE side of the street.
If you get lost please give me a call

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