Thursday, May 20, 2010

I pedaled across the US by Linda B

I know that many of "The Ladies" were following my blog
( as I pedaled across the US in March and April of
this year....thanks for the support! It was encouraging to know that there
were people out there following my progress and traveling with me.

The Southern Tier cross country trip with Woman Tours (
was a trip of a lifetime. I highly recommend it to all of you. Each of you
could do it, I have no doubt about that. If I can do it, anyone can.

While I will not disagree that it was an amazing feat, it was not as hard as
you might think. "The Ladies" ride 30 - 50 miles on any given just think of getting up and doing that on Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday....ok you get the picture. It's just great to get up every day and
ride your bike!

The views, and topography of this nation are great....we saw fabulous
mountains (and climbed them) struggled to the top of them, but
then....wheeeeee, we got to go downhill! My personal best downhill speed
was 40.7 mph. Ok, been there done that, probably won't do it again....

I will also tell you that riding with "The Ladies" was just fabulous
training. While many of the women in our tour were much more experienced
than I was (having just started riding in the spring of 2009) I was much
better prepared, thanks to the examples and training tips of LaVerne, Joe,
and all of you.

Many people ask what the highlight of the trip was.....for me the ride to
Emory Pass in NM at 8,800 ft. was the best. It was challenging and beautiful
at the same time, and just to know that I climbed to that elevation (snow at
the top) was such great personal satisfaction. I will tell you though that
the most difficult ride of all was the ride in our own great state of AZ
from Superior to Globe...I was one of only 5 out of 24 women that completed
that entire day's ride.

Many people also ask if it would do it again...the answer is yes, in a
heartbeat...I highly recommend....

See you on the Road...

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