Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just In time for Christmas

Here is the latest on Joe.....

It has been 9 weeks (on Christmas) since Joe's accident. He had a Dr. appt this week and got good news. (His doctor is amazing so he is very happy to be in his care.) He will begin physical therapy next week! NEXT WEEK! And he has also been instructed to begin putting small amounts of weight on his foot. Originally, they told him no weight bearing until the end of January, so he is ahead of schedule! His incisions have healed up nicely and he was very fortunate that he had no infections from them. Other than being a bit bored, he is in good spirits and ready to get out and ride ASAP. But, with that being said, it still will be several months before he is able to get back out and ride with us. He is still dealing with the pain, and the physical therapy will take some time. The continued care from his therapy dog has helped his recovery trememendously. Thanks to all of you for your support! **Merry Christmas**

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