Sunday, November 21, 2010

LaVerne's Ironman Update by Julie Boles

Today, many of us were privileged to watch an outstanding woman take on the challenge of a lifetime. LaVerne's daughters and friends cheered her from the sidelines, taking pictures and sending her all the well wishes they could. Unfortunately, the windy, chilly and wet day was not the friend she needed it to be and with an hour left in Ironman, LaVerne's final split time kept her from the goal she had sought for many months. With her head held high, and the twinkle still in her eye she said she couldn't go home yet because she knew someone who was still in the race. She insisted on staying so she could support them to the finish line.

I know Ironman receive a medal, but as no surprise to all of you, LaVerne has a heart of gold and the never-ending spirit of a champion.

We couldn't be more proud of you LaVerne.

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  1. Who is a HERO? Our LaVerne - HUMBLE in life, HUMAN in spirit! EVERY stroke, pedal, and step you took displayed your incredible drive and independence! RELISH in your accomplishment, as it truly was that - a tremendous accomplishment! OUR hearts grew fuller yesterday watching you!
    THANK YOU LAVERNE, for letting us be a part of something truly incredible!

    Sarah & Traci