Sunday, July 31, 2011

August 2011 Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
Its August and monsoon season. Which means that the days are going to be hot and moggie. Remember to drink about 8 glasses of water each day, or at least eat some sort of water fruit each day. such as watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and/or Kiwi.
We will have a guess speaker joining us on August 13, she will cover the proper nutrition to fuel our body in order to continue to enjoy the sports we Love.

There are only a few spots left for the overnight stay at the cabin, so please sign up if you would like to stay overnight. The ride and dinner is open to everyone, but once all the sleeping spots are taken. you will have to supply you own accommodations for the night.
Please indicate Over night or Just ride for your team/club.. If you leave it blank then I will say you are just riding.

The Ladies Only Calendar for August 2011
8/6...... PV/Mummy loop........................... Tribe Multisport
8/13..... Usury pass,Pool Party w/guess speaker... Patricia Place
8/20..... Bagel Nosh.............................. Awhatukee
8/27..... Lake Mary............................... *Flagstaff*

*** Note from Ruth

Come join The Ladies for a day of fun and excitement!!!

If you have ever wondered what Ironman Arizona is all about.
If you have ever thought about being a part of Ironman Arizona.
If you have ever considered volunteering at Ironman Arizona.
The Ladies would like to have you join us and become a part of our volunteer team!
Volunteer registration is opens.

select Bike Aid Station 3

Ironman Arizona will be Sunday, November 20th, at Tempe Town Lake.
The Ladies will show their support at bike station #3.....on Beeline Hwy, just south of Shea Blvd.
We are a equal opportunity volunteer are welcome to join us!!

For more info please contact Ruth @

Thank you

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Around South Mountain

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we are meeting at 5 am in the lower parking lot at South Mountain(Turn left just after you pass the first guard shack and park in the lot on your left). We will ride east on baseline up through Awhatukee down 40th street to Maricopa rd. from which we will continue Around South Mountain. This is a SAG supported ride so do chime in. I rather have to much supplies than not enough.

Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast. Bring at least 2 water bottles and/or a camelpack. Prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids or eating plenty of water watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes or kiwi. Prep your water bottles by filling them 3/4 and placing them in the freezer on a slant. Top them off saturday morning.

If you are finding the heat is a bit much, you can purchase the cooling scarves at any sporting store or the cooling sleeves at Tribe or any bike shop. I find that a wet cloth works also.

Have a great week & ill see you Saturday



Direction from any where in the Valley: Find Central and head south. Central will take you right up into the mountain.. If you are coming from Phx central will zigzag you through down town. so I would either take 7th street and head west on baseline to central south.. Or take 7th ave and head east on baseline to central south.

If you get lost call me. But...Please give yourself plenty of time to get lost. wheels will be down at 5:15am

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The July 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies
(Sorry for the long email please read to the bottom)

Can you believe that half the year is over? They say, time flies when you are having fun. Well I like to add to that, not only does time fly, so do the miles. I have listed all the things that you Ladies have been up to since Jan 2011. I've separated them by activities, but not in any order. The Ladies that just joined us this April '11 have come a long way. You have participated in over half of the events listed below, some of the bike rides you have done several times. Because of the interest you have shown and in order to support you 'On the bike' as well as 'Off the Bike', The Ladies have started up the running group "Lets Run". The group meets at 7 pm every Wednesday night at Discovery Park in Gilbert. We also meet for an Open Water swim every other Sunday to support the Ladies that will be doing a Few Open water Tri's.
To get all the information on the times and dates for the Bike Rides as well as the Run and the Open water swim, please Join the Ladies Meetup. By joining the Ladies meetup you can also talk with all the Ladies, and see who is doing what and when. This way you can come out and join in when your schedule allows.

Bike Rides: Tour De Cookie,Multiple Sclerosis bike ride(Centre,75 mile distance), PV to Gate, PV/Mummy, M/T Tour, Here She Comes Around the Mountain, I-87 to Sacaton, Bagel Nosh, South Mountain Towers,
B-Line to Shea, Roosevelt Lake, Awhatukee Ladies ride, Veteran Memorial Day ride, Cave Creek to Carefree, Cottonwood to Sedona bike ride, Usury Pass, Mesa Madness, Tribe/PV,
Meet N Greet, Ride for the Children, 9 mile hill, Breakfast Bike ride, Around South Mountain, Mummy Mt., PV/Mountain view loop, Tour of the Tucson Mtns, Tour de Cure, Ride around globe – 2 or 3 times a week (Pioneer Pass, Highway 188 and Pipeline areas).Casa Grande ride with the Ladies in January.

Triathlons: JCC sprint tri, Tri 4 the Cure Triathlon, Marquee Tri (Sprint, Duathlon, 1/2), Las Palomas Olympic Sprint Relay, Splash N Dash, Captextri Sprint Triathlon, Ashland, MA Olympic Triathlon, Seville sprint Tri
Rio Salado Iron Gear Tri-sprint distance, Tempe International Tri- sprint distance, JCC Spring Maxi Tri, Rio Salado Tri Olympic, Honu 70.3(Half Ironman).
Runs: Skirt Chaser 5K, Lost Dutchman 1/2 Marathon, PF Chang 1/2 Marathon, Ragnar Del Sol, Pat's Run 4.2 mile, CAAFA 5K trail run, Lost Dutchman 10K, San Diego Rock n Roll Full Marathon,
San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon, PF Chang's Full Marathon
Clinics: Womens' Only Clinic by Jobing.Com,Tire Changing, Bike Maintenance, Climbing Tech. by Terry Roach
Hikes: Hike for the Children, A walk with a friend, Superstition Ridgeline Hike –12 miles, Ferndale Trail in the Pinal Mtns, Squaw Spring Trail – Pinal Mtns, Trail in Tonto Natl Forest behind my house– 4 miles that I do 3 times a week, Gibson mine walk – 6 miles, Tonto Creek – from Highway 260 to Hatchery, Haigler Creek – Memorial day weekend (work) 2 miles, hike in Sedona
Others: Ski at Sunrise – Jan 5

Indeed this has been a very full 1/2 year.. Ladies If you have yet to come out and join us, Please Don't let the list above stop you, because there is more fun to come the second 1/2 of the year. You Maybe wondering is the Ladies Group a cycling group....Yes we are a cycling group, but this is a list of the other things that the ladies have been up to. A VERY Loud Congratulations go out to all the Ladies that did their First 1/2 and/or Full Marathon this year, and to the Ladies that did their First Tri this year, Also a shout out to all the ladies that did their first hike/bike ride this year. With all this said here:

Saturday Ladies only Bike ride Calendar for July 2011, Is listed to your Right
All rides will have wheels down at 5:15 am ..
If you are having problems with your bike please come early so we can pull out on time.

******Event for the end of August********
The Ladies are planning another Bike ride/sleep over in Flagstaff. To register click on the Link below. Registration closes August 13,2011. Please indicate Over night or Just ride for your team/club.. If you leave it blank then I will say you are just riding.

Thank you for a great Year so Far.
Without You this could not be