Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Ladies Only Up and Over bike ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday we are riding from the Tribe on the NE corner of Indian School and Miller at 6 am wheels down at 6:15 ish. If you need help with your bike please come early..
Ok... some of you are wondering about the Up and Over. This is a great ride with a challenge for all levels. The ride will take us up through PV, over Eagle Mt. Ridge and down the B line back to Tribe.. If you are wondering if you are ready for such a ride, the answer is YES, you are. How do I know, you ask? because the ride is done At Your Own Pace and all thing are doable this way.
Eat a good dinner and a light breakfast... Prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids starting today. Why you ask, its not that hot outside? because your body perspires the same when at work. When the temp drops we tend not to drink as much, which will have the same affect on the body as riding in the heat.. The human body is mainly made up of water, so we have to keep the supply up, to support the demand we ask. Also as we both know if we don't give the body what it needs it will make us stop .
Prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and put them in the freezer then top off in the morning of the ride..
Please Chime in if you are able to make the ride. This will be a SAG supported ride and I rather have too much than not enough supplies.

**Congratulation to Kristen, Elaine, Dee, Stacy and all the Ladies that did SOMA this past Sunday...

Have a Great Week and Thanks for making this Happen

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Water Fall #2 Where in the World is Jayne (9)

Havent had access to a computer recently so Im kınd of behınd on my trıp wrıte-ups. Rıght now Im ın Turkey--wıth a Turkısh keyboard so excuse the mıstakes--but wıll contınue to wrıte up the trıp.

Visiting waterfalls is a big thing in Laos and for Jayne and Nancy the visits always seems to turn out to be an adventure. We had joined in with a German couple to take a tuk-tuk out to one of the waterfalls near Luang Probang. When we got there we decided that two hours would be enough time so we would meet in the parking lot at 2:00. We started up the trail and saw a map showing a trail on each side of the falls and a bridge at the bottom of the highest falls connecting the two trails. It has always been my contention that one should do a round trip if possible--why come back the way you came when there is something else available? So, we crossed over the little bridge and started up the trail. It wasn't a very good trail to start wıth and got worse a we went--mud, slippery, etc. About 10 minutes in the the hike we met two people coming down that were having a big problem with their sandals getting sucked into the mud. By this time I'm congratulating myself on choosing the right trail to go up because I would sure hate to come down this one and I could see the people on the other side going up and down with no problem. I fınd goıng up much eaıser than goıng down. We continued our hike past lots of little waterfalls and then into the jungle before we came to the main big falls. It was a lovely sight but there was one disturbing factor. I've told you about the floods they have been having in Southeast Asia and the volume of this waterfall was benefiting from all that rain--so much so that it washed out the bridge we were suppose to cross. When ıt fınally sunk ın that we would have to go down thıs traıl I muttered a few choise words. Nancy is a real trooper and said, "We can do this. We've had experience!" This is true, but where was the little guy to hold mama's hand? Luckily there were enough trees and roots to grab onto that I only fell once. When we finally got down we had less than 15 minutes to go up the well traveled trail. We basically ran up it and didn't get to stop at all the places that looked like fun. There was one place where kids were standing on the edge of a falls and jumping out to land in a pool at the bottom of it. They also had some swinging ropes to land in pools. We missed all the fun but one has to look on the brıght sıde. The good vıew of thıs magnıfıcent water fall was from the crappy traıl sıde.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The October '11 Saturday Ladies only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

Its October ..WOW, October time for the ghost and goblins, cooler nights and brisk mornings. Legs and arm warmers, ear muffs and long finger gloves. ah, the joys of riding in the fall. The trees changing colors, The sound of the fallen leaves as they blow down the street, The smale of the due in the air, at the start of the ride.. Yes October the beginning of the season, why so many people move to Arizona.

Although the weather is cooling you still have to prep yourself by drinking plenty of fluids, and prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer, then top off the morning of the ride. If you do not have the Items that I listed above it would be a good time to start purchasing them, winter is only a month away :)

* There will be a tire changing clinic after this ride

Have a Great Month
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