Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saturdays Ladies Only Bike Ride: PV to Gate 7/14/'12

Good Morning Ladies This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 5:15 am on the NE corner of Indian School and miller in the Fry's Food parking lot, with wheels down at 5:30 am.. If you are having any bike issues please come earlier then 5:15 am. This way we can fix the problem and start the ride on time.. The ride will take us through the beautiful PV area and up to the gate. This ride is doable by all levels. With the heat index, the plan is to be off the road by 9 am.. On that note start drinking water and some form of electrolyte drink today and everyday for the entire summer. Living in Az you should double your fluid intake. Your entire body will thank you. Prep your water bottles by filling them 1/2 way and placing them in the freezer on a slant.. Do this today( The longer they spend in the freezer the slower the ice will melt). Its funny when we think about dehydration we only think about being thirsty and the inner body...but our skin,hair,and eyes are affect by this also. On a daily bases use a good moisturizing lotion, cream rinse and wear sunglasses to help protect every part of the body.. Thank you for making this Happen LaVerne 602-565-1839

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