Sunday, October 31, 2010

November 2010 Calendar For The Ladies Only Saturday Bikeride

Good Morning Ladies
Wow, what a great 2 months. In September, we did some long, flat rides to work on Cadence (The Art of Spinning) and understanding how it gives that little extra zest when climbing, or when wanting to pick up your speed. Also, how cadence will keep the legs feeling fresh on a long, steady bike ride or a way to recover from a climb. All of this was in prep for the climbing month to come. In October we went out and climbed. We started out with a few .5 to 2 percent climbs that covered a span of 35 to 44 miles. Then we combined the distance and added a few more climbs as we set our goal to ride 9 mile hill. The last challenge for the month was to go into Mummy Mt. This was the most challenging ride of the month, Well what can I say, except YOU did it! Thank you all for hanging in there these past 2 months. You ask what is in store for November, This month will be a recovery month. A time to relax and just ride and enjoy the Coolness of Arizona. To all the Ladies that will be doing the Tour De Tucson, Good Luck and have fun, and to those that will be doing their first Tri, may the water, not be so cold, the wind on your back and you grow wings on your running shoes.

November 2010 Ladies Only Bike Ride Calendar All rides will start at 7am because of day break

Sat Nov 6 Ahwatukee Bagel nosh
Sat Nov 13 Usury Pass Patricia's Place
Sat Nov 20 Tour De Tucson Tucson
Sun Nov 21 Ironman Tempe Town Lake
Fri Nov 26 BFNST* Pecos Park
Sat Nov 27 PV ride Tribe

*Black Friday No store Tour bike ride - This is a fundraiser put on by some of the Ladies that will be partaking in the Multiple Sclerosis 2 day bike ride at the end of March. So if you aren't planning on going shopping the day after Thanksgiving and would like a way to burn off some of that great feast, please come out and support The Ladies MS Group. you can register at


The Ironman will be held on Sunday, November 21st. and the Ladies will be Running Bike Aid Station #3 which will be located on Beeline Hwy, 1.5 miles south of Shea Blvd. This will be the primo place to be, you will get the chance to see all the participants and you will be in among some of the greatest athletes from around the world. YOU as a Volunteers will be handing off water, Gatorade, Coke, Gu, food, etc. to riders. The Volunteers are the pulse of this event. Bike Aid Station #3 will have two shifts:

Shift #1 6am to Noon

Shift #2 Noon to 5:30pm...

If you have a preference on which shift you would like to work, please let me know.

We need a minimum of 100 volunteers! If you know anyone who would like to join us, please have them go to and sign up!

For the event, we also need a few items for our station. We need a sound system to play music, and we also need canopies to cover our tables. Please let me know if you have either of these for us to use during the event!

Thanks for volunteering!
Please contact

Ruth Condon,

Thank you because without You this could not Be
Have a great Month


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mummy Mt, Here comes the Ladies

This Saturday the Ladies rocked Mummy Mt.
Thank you all for sticking with it, This was a very challenging ride today. You should all be proud of your achievement today. I know I am proud of you all.

Thank you for making these moment happen.

Click on the title view the climb. I GPS it for us. if that doesn't work just copy and past the link below.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update on Joe

Hello Ladies
Joe had surgery this evening. The doctors put a screw in his ankle and a thin plate in his leg to support the bones. The procedure went well, Joe will be staying in the hospital the rest of the night and tomorrow. He will be sent home with a boot, but must keep the weight off that leg for a few months. . Keep him in your prayers, so that he heals well and will be back on his bike soon.

Thank you

Saturday Ladies Only Bikeride 10/30/2010

Hello Ladies
This is the last of a series of 4 climbing weekends. This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe at 6 am ready to ride at 6:20 am.. This ride is in honor of Joe, we will venture in to Mummy Mt. The ride is very beautiful and will be one of the most challenging rides this year. For those that have to prep mentally for a climbing ride, Please do. There is a Hi and a Low road on this ride. The most Important thing to remember is "Everything is Doable at your own pace".
Have a great dinner and a light breakfast and start drinking today to hydrant your body.

Thank you for making this happen

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Update on Joe From Amy

Good news. Joe will have surgery on Wednesday. He mentioned something about riding the following Saturday, but I'm not so sure about that! ;) Can't blame the guy for trying though.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Joe's Home

Teddie is glade Joe is home, He dont belong on the sofa

Joe in Good Spirits


This Saturdays Ladies only bike ride 10/23/2010

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday will be the 3rd in a series of 4 climbing rides. We will once again meet at the Fountain in Fountain Hills at 6 am ready to ride by 6:20 am. Riding out saguaro blvd north to McDowell Mt Rd, out to Rio Verde also known as 9 mile hill. Start prepping yourself today by drinking plenty of fluids, eat a good dinner the night before and a light breakfast the morning of. Please chime in this will be a SAG supported ride
It seems that the weather is starting to cool. So its time to look for winter cloths, such as long cycling pants, long sleeve jersey, a light jacket, long finger gloves, toe covers for your shoes and a Bennie cap to wear under your helmet you may find these items at Tribe Multisport or at your local sport shop.

Thank you for making this happen
Have a great week and Ill see you Saturday

Update on Joe, He will be going in to the doctor this Friday and if all is good he will be scheduled for surgery next wednesday. for update during the week please go the ladies group on face book or the Ladies blog. we will be taking a collection for Joe. If you cant make the ride and want to give something, you can leave it in an envelope with joe and my name on it at Tribe. Thank you again

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update on Joe

I went to visit Joe today, he is doing well, Last night the doc readjusted Joes leg and foot and as strange as it may sound all of the broken bones realigned themselves, therefore he did not have to have surgery today. He will be put in an case and able to go home tomorrow. They plan on putting his ankle together with screws and a thin plate in his leg to support the bones. but this wont take place for 10 days, They are waiting for all the swelling to go down first.
The Doc said that he had an angle watching over him.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Maggies Place By Kevin

Hello there Y’all,

I realize that this is just a run, but coming from a very poor, single mother household (more like trailerhold), I saw my mother struggle financially. There were times when us kids would stay at a friends house or at an “uncles/aunts” for a couple of weeks while my Mom was homeless. I have never slept on the street, but my mother did… and more often than I want to imagine. It still makes me sad that she sacrificed so much and busted her ass so hard just to scrape by and all the while, attempting to shelter us kids from the heartache that she was enduring.

Well, I have two charities that I personally support with Tribe. One, of course, is Not One More. The other is Maggie’s Place which helps expectant homeless mothers get back on their feet with shelter, food, and job skills training. It is NOT a halfway house for druggies or a shelter for battered women… it is simply a place (series of) where homeless expectant mothers can get back on their feet.

So, if you feel so inclined to want to help out, please support this race. The odd distance is representative of the gestational period of the birthing process… but, they also have a 10K to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Maggie’s Place.

For every one of us that enters, I will be matching your entry with a donation from our team. If you do enter, simply send me an email saying so (Please note that you ride with The Ladies). Thank you, in advance.

Kevin Chief Weitzel

Click on Maggies Place by Kevin and it will take you to the registeration page for this run.

Thank you Kevin for all you do.

Saturdays Ladies Only Bikeride 10/16/2010

Good Morning Ladies

This Saturday we will meet directly across the street from the fountain on saguaro blvd in Fountain hills. At 6 am ready to ride at 6:15 am

After turning on to saguaro blvd you will drive about 2.5 miles, There will be a 3 way stop, at this stop you will see the fountain on your right, make a left turn and park on the south side of the street.

The ride this week will take us out to bush Highway. Once again this will be a steady climb ride. The grade will be no more than 1.8%. This road has a very wide and beautifully paved shoulder, Which make the ride very safe. Plan on a 4 hr ride. bring at least 2 bottles of water, eat a good but light breakfast. On your way in to the ride please plan some time to stop and use the facilities, because there is a place to stop once we turn on to the b line.

Direction: From anywhere in the valley take Shea blvd to saguaro blvd North drive 2.5 miles, make a left turn at the 3 way stop and park on the south side of the street.

See you saturday

Click on the title to RSVP on the meetup site or respond to this email

Also check out our Blog, I have posted a note from Kevin. Maggie's Place

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday 10/9/2010 The Breast Cancer Awareness Bike Ride

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday, We will meet at the Bagel nosh and ride 25 miles before riding down the road to join Landis Cyclery, in a BREAST CANCER AWARENESS RIDE. This ride will be taking place on this day at bike shops all over the country.

Everyone is welcome - it's not just for ladies! It is an opportunity for us to all ride together in a show of support and solidarity with respect to finding a cure for breast cancer, to remember those we have lost to the disease, and to raise awareness. EVERYONE is affected by breast cancer. Let's ride together for a cure and to support each other.

100% of your $25 registration fee goes to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Feel free to let everyone you know, know about this event!!

Here is the link to register for this ride:

Registration closes Oct 8, Please dont wait to register, Lets do this.
If you do not wish to do the extra miles Please join us at:
Landis cyclery
1006 E. Warner Road
Tempe Az
starts Time: 10:00AM
to register the day of please be there at 8am

Thank you for making this Happen

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Story of a Stolen Bike By Julie P

I felt it good info to pass along to you and our bike group to update you on my sons stolen road bike.

His bike was stolen tues night and showed up on craigs list sat. we requested the assistance of the police, long story short all they did was take a police report and waste time. After 3 meetings with the phoenix pd and 26 hrs of leg work on our own and actually going as far as to test ride our own stolen bike, in the end we had to pull a Bonny and Clyde, after all was said in done a big laugh was had by us. Lesson learned please photograph your bike with you, highlight any “special identification” you have with photo’s or receipts and the very most important thing…..drum role please……WRITE DOWN YOUR SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR BIKE ….it can be found near the handle bar stem or most often etched into the frame beneath the crank shaft. The serial number is the only identification the police accept from you to identify your bike, without it YOU ARE SCREWED.

The best bike lock to use is the very heavy U shaped lock, these 3 de-moralized thieves scoped out, cut a braided lock cable and physically rode off with our bike in less than 3 minutes from a bike rack where it was secured and had video surveillance.

I know a lot of our ladies have wonderful, expensive, bikes I would really hate for them to go through what my family has endured the last 48 hrs.

Julie p.