Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March riding Calendar

Hello Ladies

In January we worked on base/endurance miles. In February we covered Pace Lines and how important they can be when riding in the wind. Well Ladies its March, and its time to put the two months together. By putting the two together this month, I believe/know that we will experience the benefits of both.

One other thing that I have not touched on this year., That's proper hydration. although its cold outside the body still perspires the same as if it was hot out. therefore we still need to prep our bodies the same by drinking plenty of fluids(water,power/gatorade) at least two days before any bike ride. A good way to gage your drinking while riding is to take a drink every 15 min, or have drank at least a entire bottle of water by the 20 mile mark. I say this because its to late to start drinking once your body starts cramping.

Prevention and Preparation are the Keys.

The March Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar:

Saturday Ladies Only Rides starts at 7:30 am

Date Ride - Location
March 6 Usuary Pass - Patricia's Place
March 13 Ride w/Linda B - TBA
March 20 Tribe Ride - Tribe Multisport
March 21 Tour de Stores - Discount Tires
March 27/28 *MS Bike Ride - Florence AZ

Sundays Charlie's Mixed Group Rides start at 7:00 AM

Date Ride
7th Cave Creek ( Frank Lloyd Wright & 101 – Bicycle Ranch Parking Lot)
14th Fountain Hills around Saguaro Lake (start at the fountain – Ave of the Fountain & Saguaro Blvd.)

21st Casa Grande (start at Kiwanis Park – All American Way W. of Mill Ave.)
27th & 28th ? *M. S. 150

* There will not be a Saturday or Sunday Group bike ride at the end of the Month Because Charlie, 16 of the Ladies and Myself will be riding in the MS bike ride in Florence Az.

Thank you for making this Happen
Have a great Month

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