Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My First Triathlon By Jayne Marshall

My First Triathlon

Another great experience! I didn’t win—but as we say in tennis, “I got second.” Same situation here. There were two entries in my age division and I got second. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story. I beat a bunch of people younger than me. The winner in my age division was Kay, the 73 year old lady that I met last week at the bike race. I beat her in the swim and I was 5 seconds ahead of her in the bike. She was actually faster on the bike but I was faster in the transition area and the two were timed together. She had to change shoes after the bike and I biked in my running shoes. As I was riding I kept thinking, ‘how hard should I push? ‘ I knew she was good at the run because she said she always passes up her husband on the run and she loves to pat him on the butt and say, “Keep going, honey.” I thought that if I push too hard I won’t be able to run—and right I was. Anyhow about 100 meters before the finish of the bike Kay caught up with and passed me. There was a 90 degree turn just before the finish and I passed her on that— I’m pretty good at corners: remember? I won the cornering contest that Kevin gave. About a third of a mile into the run she whizzed by me. My legs were mush and there was no way I could even try to keep up. My number showed that I was one of the old farts and all the young people that started after me and were now passing me were very encouraging. Good job, keep it up, etc. The one I liked best was, you’re almost finished!! The announcer remembered me from when I picked up my packet and announced that it was my first tri showing you’re never too young to start. The whole process was great fun.

After the race I was talking to Kay and her husband. Nice people. They do lots of triathlons. He did the Ironman in Hawaii. However I was more impressed in what Kay had done—like the Boston Marathon, the Pike’ Peak Run, the Half Ironman at Tempe, and first place in her age division in the PF Chang Rock and Roll Marathon for the last four years. I decided there was no shame in being second place to her. I checked the web site for triathlons and I’m hoping to be in one in May. Anyone interested?

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