Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The March 2011 Saturday Ladies Only bike ride Calendar

Good Morning Ladies

This is the last month of the Ladies physical year and the Last 5 rides will be very challenging.. Yes 5, For the Ladies that will be partaking in the MS 150 I recommend that you ride both saturday and sunday starting March 12th.. Why not this weekend? you ask.... because this weekend both rides will be 50+ miles of climbing, your legs will need a day to recover from each ride. I have arranged the rides were you will have a challenging ride backed by a flat ride or visa versa.

To prep for a 2 day ride: drink plenty of water all week and the day of each ride. eat a good dinner with a higher portion of carbs to protein.. If you can pack a chocolate milk as a recovery drink or some other form of recovery drink.. I like the MIX 1 drinks.... There will be a recovery drink in the sag on saturday. Take advantage of the support car if you find yourself feeling a bit out of it. Take advantage of the supplies in the sag car, it is there to give you the nutrition you will need to finish the ride.

Take a few min to stretch before and especially after the ride on each day. If you find your legs are getting stiff and sore take a warm epson salt bath.
With this said the saturdays Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar for March 2011 is posted along the right side.

FYI : New Beginner riders are welcome to join The Ladies the first Saturday in April

Charlies' Sunday bike is for all riders. The will start at 7:00 AM so please come at least 15 min early to get ready or if you need help with your bike

Cave Creek ( Frank Lloyd Wright & 101 – Bicycle Ranch Parking Lot)
Fountain Hills around Saguaro Lake (start at the fountain – Ave of the Fountains & Saguaro Blvd.)
Casa Grande (start at Kiwanis Park – All American Way
W. of Mill Ave.)
You get a chance to sleep in unless you are riding in the MS bike ride.

Thank you all For a great Year.
LaVerne and Joe

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