Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Saturday Ladies Only Bike ride Calendar 2010

Good Morning Ladies
Its that time of year again..... Some of The Ladies have been riding with me since this ride started in April 2008, some since April 2009, and a few have just joined us in the past 4 months. I would like to say, Thank you, to you all for coming out every Saturday and making this ride what it is to day, A Great Place for Ladies with the interest in cycling to come learn and grow in this sport. With this said, If you are receiving this email and have yet to join us, because of the mileage, being new on your bike or not comfortable riding in a group, this is the time to come out. This and all saturday rides are, No DROP Ride
In the Month of April we open up the Bike ride to you. We will have a long rout and a short rout. The long rout will be for the advance Group riders. The short rout will be for the novist group rider - we will help you learn the basic of drink from your water bottle while riding, clipping in/out, bike handling skills and most important road safety along with group riding skills. The next few months the rides will be geared to help you feel comfortable on your bike. We will stop as many times as needed. This month we will also have a free clinic on proper nutrition for cycling.

April is also The Ladies Anniversary and we will have a bike ride on April 17,2010 to celebrate. For more information and to register please go to and in the search type "Here She Comes Around the Mountain" or to read more about the Ladies please go to .

The Saturdays Ladies Only bike ride calendar for April: All rides start at 7 am
Date - Ride - Location -Ride
April 3 PV/To gate n beyond - Tribe - Golf Course
April 10 Mandy's Ride -Tribe - Golf Course
April 17 Anniversary Ride - Bagel- Nosh Anniversary Ride
April 24 PV/124th street - Tribe -Mt View

Tribe Multisport NE side of Indian School and Miller In the Fry's Food parking lot

Bagel NoshOn the SE side of 48th street and Warner in the Bashas Plaza parking lot

Thank you for making this HappenHave a great Month & I look forward to riding with you


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