Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Saturday Ladies Only Calendar for May 2010

Hello Ladies
April was a great month. I Like to say Thank you and Welcome to the 11 New Ladies that came out and joined us on the Saturday Ladies Bike rides. I want to also say Thank you for helping make the Ladies Anniversary bike ride a success.
May is upon us. Last month the distance achieved was a 20+ mile course, Everyone did great. On May 1st we will add 2 more miles to the route. Also this month I would like for everyone to focus on your cadence,(RPM) not your mph. Although speed does count, If you are pushing the big gear through out the entire ride you are burning up your legs and when the distance get longer you will find that you can't keep up. By using cadence you will be able to keep up and you your legs will not burn as much because they will always be in the state of recovery. Spinning flushes out the lactic acid that build up as you ride and especially when you are pushing the big ring or climbing. When the faster riders pass us on the course, take notice of their legs. They are moving at a constant pace, as though they are charged by a motor.. well they are and it's called cadence. A high cadence will allow the speed while it enhances your endurance. Pay attention to Jane Cook, Patricia, Ruth and Deb O. they all ride at a high cadence and they tootle up the hills and continue to pick up speed with out having to change gear. Joe also has a high cadence and if you watch him move from the middle to the front, you will see that he doesn't hit a higher gear, but he picks up his cadence. This will also save your knees on the hill climbs. I did not use myself as an example, because I love to push that big ring. This year I have been working on having a higher cadence so, don't think that only the novice rider has to work on this. Having a good cadence is universal and we all need to focus on it from time to time or until it becomes a habit.

The ideal ring to be in: If you have a triple rings up front, stay in the middle ring and work through all the gears in the back. If you have a double rings stay in the top one in the front and work through all the gears in the back.

What the front rings are used for: on a Triple:
the large ring = down hill and pushing power for a short time
middle ring = flats and slight inclines
small ring/granny gear = climbing

On a double:

Large ring = down hill and flats
small ring = Climbing and flats
Many of the rear cassettes are the same gearing unless you have a compact cassette. I will cover this more through out this month.

The Ladies May 2010 Calendar All Rides will start at 6:30a.m.
May 1 -- Eagle Mt. Ridge Loop @ Tribe Ride--Mtn View
May 8 --San Juan @ So. Mt. Ride--RideSan Juan
May 15--Eagle Mt. Ridge Loop @ Tribe Ride--Mt View/Lafayette
May 29--To Be determined

Tribe Multisport
on the NE corner of Indian School and Miller in the Fry's Food Parking lot

So. Mt.
Take central south past baseline, go past Dobbins and follow it up into the Mt.-- make a Left turn right after the 1st guard shack and Park in the first parking lot.

With out you this could not be
Have a great month

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