Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 2011 Calendar for the Ladies Only Bikeride

Hello Ladies
Thank you for a great 2010 and I am looking forward to riding with you in 2011.
Here is the Ladies Calendar for both Saturday and Sunday for the month of January.

Saturday Ladies only bike ride All rides start at 8am

Jan 1 To Bartlett Bashas, Thompson Peak/Bell Rd
Jan 8 Casa Grande Ruins Round Trip Bike Shop,
Jan 15 Ride w/Terry Tribe
Jan 22 Women's Cycling Clinic Tribe
Jan 29 Breakfast Bike ride Tribe

Sunday bike ride All Riders & Levels All rides start at 8 am

Jan 2 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/Warner
Jan 9 Sacaton Good Egg Dobson/Isabella
Jan 16 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/warner
Jan 23 7 Springs FLW/101 Bicycle Ranch
Jan 30 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/Warner

Thank you for making this Happen

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