Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This saturdays Ladies Only Bike ride 1/8/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday the Ladies will be traveling to Casa Grande to participate in the Casa Grande Ruins bike ride. Lets meet at the check in @ 6:30am. This is a supported bike ride with two distances to choose from a 40 mile or a 125 mile. Here is the link: Ladies,,There is good new and bad new: The good New is The registration for this ride closes today. The Bad News, its a mail registration. yep that's right you cant sign up on line. So I hope you did not wait to the last min to sign up... If you are new to the group Please come and join us on the jan 15th. I will post more info about this ride on friday.

I am also part of the Women's racing team and once again this year we are putting on a All Women's Clinic. It will be held on Jan 22,2011. Please check out the site: , and plan to come and join us on a day full of activities.

Have a Great Week & Thank you for making this Happen

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