Saturday, January 8, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride 1/15/2011

Hello Ladies
This Saturday we will have a guess joining us, She began competitive racing at 44 years old. She is a 11 - time World Masters Champion, a 14 - Time National Masters Track Cyclist Champion and she has broken 5 World records and 23 National records. So please mark your calendar to join us at 7:45 am at the Tribe,located on the NE side of indian School & Miller in the Fry's Food Parking Lot. Please dress to ride and bring your bike.
(If any of you have bike trainers please bring them with you, Its not a must have).

The topic for this weekend

BODY MECHANICS CLINIC by Terry Roach, M.Ed, Registered Kinesiotherapist, Multi World and National Masters Track Cycling Champions and President of Body Stabilization Training, Inc

Terry Roach is inviting all Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride members and significant others, to a workshop/ activity session, held at Tribe, on proper body mechanics and functional skills to help with injury prevention and optimizing power.

Are you using your body in the most efficient manner? Can you activate your mid back stabilizers, pelvic stabilizers, and change the way you breathe to accommodate your workload and stress? Are your performing your strength and flexibility exercises in the correct technique to gain the most benefit? Come and join all of us in a fun, action packed hour to learn some new things to improve the quality of your life!!!

There will be instruction in correct breathing techniques, strength and active flexibility exercises for you to get control of your muscle structure both on and off the bike.

CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE: to see what her program is all about.
You can also go to to read Terrys' Bio.

I feel, This is a must attend Day, It will be loaded with good Info and practice. I personally cant wait.

Thank you for making this happen
See you Saturday

Charlie Sundays ride will be from the bagel nosh ready to ride at 8 am

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