Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terry Roach Bio

Terry Roach, M.Ed, Registered Kinesiotherapist
President, Body Stabilization Training, Inc, a Physical Therapy company
B.S. Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas 1973
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona 1989
Multi-World and National Masters Track Cycling Champion 1997-2007

Elementary, Junior High and High school Physical Education, Dance teacher, and coach 11 years
Registered Kinesiotherapist
Past Advisory Board, Arizona Governor’s Council on Health, Physical Fitness and Sports
Past President, Arizona Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance-(AZAPHERD)
Past Part-time faculty Glendale Community College
Past Director of Kinetic Therapy at the Center for Sportsmedicine and Orthopedics for 7 years

Began BST, Inc in 1991 to present

Body Mechanics Specialist

Motivational and Educational Speaker

Dryland Training Coach, Colorado State University Swim Team

Training seminars for fitness professionals, peer fitness trainers, athletes of all sports

She has trained World class, professional, collegiate and recreational athletes, Phoenix Suns, Seattle Mariners, Misty Hyman-Olympic Butterfly champion, Jack Nicklaus and Kenny G, Phoenix Fire Department

Started the Kinetic Therapy program after low back surgery
Researched programs across the country and used herself as a guinea pig to continue to evolve the BST program to be multi-faceted
Former runner, triathlete, water skier, adventure racer, tennis player, golfer
Presently cyclist, snow skier, hiker
Began competitive bike racing on the road and the velodrome 1997
Won multiple Masters World and National track championships
Crashed on head while mountain biking that resulted in 3-level neck fusion
Return to track racing, 2007 regained World and National Masters track cycling championships


BODY STABILIZATION TRAINING, INC a non-traditional physical therapy clinic, specializes in patients with back and neck problems, surgery-preventing or recovering, sports and work injuries, and general lifestyle problem stresses. We restore function to all joints, educate patients/clients in how to move from the correct muscles to get the stress out of the injured part to allow faster healing.

Athletes are taught how to move in their activities of daily living first, then how to apply it to their sports training to not only decrease the chance of injury or recover from injury, but to also improve their athletic performance.

Four Educational DVD’s produced

Terry’s experience with multiple traumatic injuries and diverse sports experiences, allows her to educate any athletic audience in injury reduction, improved performance and faster recovery from workouts.

2211 E. Highland Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85255
602-522-9419 Fax: 602-522-9458

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