Monday, January 31, 2011

Feburary 2011 Ladies Only Saturday Bike ride calendar

Good Morning Ladies
January was a pretty Cold Month. I hope that February will warm up a bit. The one thing that I do know: Coach wind will be with us for the next 3 months and he may invite some of his assistance coaches (rain, cold) along with his cousin Gust, to join us on some of the bike rides. This is part of the joy of winter cycling in Arizona. This month we will learn how to protect each other from coach wind and his cousin gust. In order To ride with the assistance we will have to have the proper gear. Things like a thin rain jacket, a long sleeve cycling jersey, long finger gloves, a thin hat or cycling ear warmers to wear under our helmet, long cycling pants and toe covers for our shoes.
I will show you different pace line formation to cut through the wind and how to angle your body to stay upright in the cross winds/gust winds. How to drop your head and look out the top of your glasses, This will allow you to breath in a strong headwind. With this knowledge you will be prepared for the lessons that Coach Wind and Cousin Gust have in store for us this winter.

The Saturday Ladies only bike ride calendar Feb 2011 All rides will start at 7:30 am

Feb 5 Around South Mt. Bagel Nosh
Feb 12 Mummy to the Gate Tribe Multisport
Feb 19 U in Usuery Bread Company
Feb 26 Cave Creek 7th street/Hatcher

Also The Ladies that are Riding to raise money & awareness of Multiple Sclerosis will be have a bunko night on Feb 26 and March 19, Please come out and support them. for Information on how you can sign up or just donate please click on this link: enter tlp as the first and last name. Then click on donation to participant. Please put the date you would like to attend Bunco in the commit section.

A suggestion: For the Ladies do the MS 150 it will be good practice to ride two days in a row. Please take advantage of Charlie's Sunday rides. I know I will.

Charlie's Sunday Bike ride February 2011 – Rides start at 7:30

Date Ride

Feb 6th Around South Mountain (Start at Javelina Cycles 48th St. & Chandler Blvd. behind CVS)
Feb 13th? Tortilla Flats (start from S.W. corner of Higley & Brown) Very hilly & somewhat difficult
Feb 20th 48th and Warner Laverne's favorite ride (start at The Nosh)
Feb 27th 48th and Warner (start at The Nosh may be Silent Sunday)

****PF Chang results:*****
1/2 marathon
*Nora 3:44
*Linda M 3:44
*Emily 3:06
*Renee 3:16
**Sara L 1:28 (PR)
*Deb D 2:24
Full Marathon
*Kristen 5:36
*Martha 4:56
1/2 marathon Relay
*Teena/Zipatly(Ultimate Body Divas) 2:22

I hope that I did not forget anyone. Congratulation to you all on a great Run.
* Their First ** Their Second

Thank you all for making this happen
Have a Great month
Please check the Ladies blog for updates. If you have a story that you want to post on the blog please send it to me.
Ladies Blog
Ladies Meetup:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This Saturday Ladies Only Breakfast Bike Ride 1/29/2011

Good Morning Ladies
WOW, Where did last year go. This Saturday we will meet at the Tribe on NE side of Indian School and Miller in the Frys Food Parking lot at 7:45 am ready to ride at 8 am. This will be our 3rd annual Breakfast bike ride. Everyone and their significant others are welcome to join us. If they don't ride a bike, they can meet us on the Patio for breakfast at ZUZU cafe. We should be there around 9:45 ish. If you have yet to ride with the Ladies please take this opportunity to do so.This will be a low mile ride. The menu prices range from $10.00 and up.
If you have a ride that you are doing this year and would like some of us to join you please bring the ride info with you.

Breakfast Location:
ZUZU cafe
6850 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
(480) 421-7997 Website

Thank You All for making last year happen.
Without You this could not be

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A note from Nora

Good Morning Laverne!

Well we finished! 3:44:55 Linda and I came in together in true ladies style....We told Emily to go ahead, she wanted to run more than we could handle....she finished about 30 minutes before us. Kristen did the full! Her time was within 5 hours.

What hurts the most now is where the end of the front of my legs meet the top of my feet. Right after the race and throughout the night it hurt to walk. I did take an epsom salt bath and it really helped.

I want to thank you for all that you do. If it weren't for you and THE LADIES, I would not be doing what I do for my well-being at all. Maybe I would take an occasional bike ride with Craig and the kids, but nothing like what I do now. My mind is already thinking about what next. Your spirit was with us all ! We sported our ladies jersey too and received lots of compliments and support from those who know the ladies.

I know without even knowing that you do it, you will continue to inspire me. I hope you can see and feel how your decision to start the ladies group has impacted so many lives and beyond. It flows through me, then to my family, friends, old friends, new friends, etc.....Never ever did I think that I would cycle or complete a 1/2 marathon.

Love and Hugs,


This Saturdays bikeride 1/22/2011

Good Morning Ladies
Having Terry with us last Saturday was great, she covered a lot of great info in her workshop and on the bike ride. If you could not make the ride/clinic please go on the ladies blog: . There you can find Terrys' BIO and a link to her site. Thank you so much Terry for spending the morning with The Ladies and sharing your experiences and knowledge with us.

I am part of the women racing team and this saturday we are putting on a Clinic at the Tribe, If you have registered Thank you and Ill see you Saturday. If you would like to come please click on the link register: with this said there will not be a Ladies ride this Saturday because Ill be at the clinic.

However so we can get a ride in this week I would like for The Ladies to ride with Charlie on Sunday. The ride will start from the Target parking lot on the south east corner of Frank Lloyd Wright & the 101 freeway. We will meet at 7:45 ready to ride at 8:00 a.m. Please come early if you need help with your bike. We will be riding to Seven Springs/Bartlett turnoff. There will be two SAG drivers for this ride. Please chime in if you can make the ride.. It always good to have too much food instead of not enough.

Last but in No way least Congratulations to all the Ladies that Ran the PF chang half and Full Marathon last Sunday.. From what I hear there was some new records set and a few PRs. Great Job Ladies.. As soon as I get all the times I will Post them on The Ladies blog. At Your Own Pace, you can do anything.

Have a great week

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Mom by Jayne Marshall

I have some sad news. My Mom, 98 years young, passed away this morning.

Seven weeks ago she fell and fractured her pelvis. There is nothing they can do for a fractured pelvis except let it heal. A week after the initial doctors visit I took her into emergency because she was in so much pain. They took an X-ray and said it was healing and gave here some stronger pain pills and that really helped.
I couldn't get her to eat or drink much and as a result she became dehydrated. I had some home health care help but there were times when she would be alone for a while. She would sit at the table in her wheel chair and read the paper or watch TV. I didn't realize how much the dehydration was affecting her. I came home one time and she wasn't at the table. I went into her room and she wasn't there. I found her in the Arizona room on the floor. I think she thought she was in her bedroom and was trying to transfer from the wheel chair to the bed. The reason I'm pretty sure this was the case is because she had taken out her dentures and put them on the bar. She had never tried to do anything like that before. I had to help her transfer from the wheel chair to the couch or her favorite chair and to the toilet, but she could pretty much transfer to the bed by herself because I had a guardrail that she could take a hold of.
I called Wayne and he came over and helped me get her into the wheel chair. She was pretty much out of it so we decided to call 911. When they got there she was much better and could answer some of their questions but they took her to emergency because of her blood pressure--over 200. They kept her in the hospital for a week to re-hydrate her and to get the blood pressure down. After that they sent her to a skilled nursing facility (nursing home) for physical therapy. I thought she was doing quite well in PT but after 10 days they said she was not making enough progress to warrant staying there and that she would be released this coming week.
The whole time she was in the nursing home it was an up and down process. One day she would be very happy and very alert and the next day she would be in la-la land. Many times she wouldn’t eat so I would feed her and tell her she had to eat and do her exercises so she could come home. Last Monday she said I don’t think I’ll ever come home. On Wednesday she was great -alert, happy, no slurred speech- and I was feeling good about her progress and then yesterday, Thursday, she couldn’t keep her eyes open. That’s also when we had the meeting about her progress. On Friday morning she ate breakfast, went to sleep, and just didn’t wake up.

Up until the time she broke her pelvis she was doing fabulously. She did the dishes, swept the patio, dusted and did other little duties around the house. She was ready to go any place at any time. All that changed when she fell. I already miss her but since she was not going to get any better and was going to need 24 hour care--which meant a nursing home which she would have hated--I’m not as saddened as I would have been if it had happened prior to the fall. She had a wonderful life and was loved by many. She’ll also be missed by many.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Note of Luck

Good Morning
I would like to wish all the Ladies that are running in the PF Chang full and half marathon this sunday good luck.
also there will not be a bike ride this Sunday Charlie will be on Bike Patrol at the PF Chang Full Marathon. He will see you all next week
These are the Ladies that I know are running.

Linda M
Sara l
Claudia E
Martha B
Deb D

Have a great weekend/Have a great Run
LaVerne,Charlie and Joe

Let us know how your race was.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Q & A about the Clinic on 1/15/2011

Good Morning Ladies

Q. are we Riding First
A. No we will have the clinic first and then we will ride.

Q. How long is the ride
A. the ride will go over all the things we talk about in the clinic
Plan to ride for 2 hr

Q. Total Time of the day
A. Our normal time Plan on 2 to 4 hour.

Q. I haven't ridden in awhile can I come
A. Most definitely Yes, We can all Learn something in this clinic

Q. what is the avg speed
A. there isn't a avg speed to ride with the Ladies
this is a all levels ride.

If you still have questions please put them in the commit section or email me and I will answer here.

Thank you

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 2011 Calendar for the Ladies Only Bikeride

Hello Ladies
Thank you for a great 2010 and I am looking forward to riding with you in 2011.
Here is the Ladies Calendar for both Saturday and Sunday for the month of January.

Saturday Ladies only bike ride All rides start at 8am

Jan 1 To Bartlett Bashas, Thompson Peak/Bell Rd
Jan 8 Casa Grande Ruins Round Trip Bike Shop,
Jan 15 Ride w/Terry Tribe
Jan 22 Women's Cycling Clinic Tribe
Jan 29 Breakfast Bike ride Tribe

Sunday bike ride All Riders & Levels All rides start at 8 am

Jan 2 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/Warner
Jan 9 Sacaton Good Egg Dobson/Isabella
Jan 16 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/warner
Jan 23 7 Springs FLW/101 Bicycle Ranch
Jan 30 Bagel Nosh 48th Street/Warner

Thank you for making this Happen

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Terry Roach Bio

Terry Roach, M.Ed, Registered Kinesiotherapist
President, Body Stabilization Training, Inc, a Physical Therapy company
B.S. Angelo State University, San Angelo, Texas 1973
M.Ed., Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona 1989
Multi-World and National Masters Track Cycling Champion 1997-2007

Elementary, Junior High and High school Physical Education, Dance teacher, and coach 11 years
Registered Kinesiotherapist
Past Advisory Board, Arizona Governor’s Council on Health, Physical Fitness and Sports
Past President, Arizona Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance-(AZAPHERD)
Past Part-time faculty Glendale Community College
Past Director of Kinetic Therapy at the Center for Sportsmedicine and Orthopedics for 7 years

Began BST, Inc in 1991 to present

Body Mechanics Specialist

Motivational and Educational Speaker

Dryland Training Coach, Colorado State University Swim Team

Training seminars for fitness professionals, peer fitness trainers, athletes of all sports

She has trained World class, professional, collegiate and recreational athletes, Phoenix Suns, Seattle Mariners, Misty Hyman-Olympic Butterfly champion, Jack Nicklaus and Kenny G, Phoenix Fire Department

Started the Kinetic Therapy program after low back surgery
Researched programs across the country and used herself as a guinea pig to continue to evolve the BST program to be multi-faceted
Former runner, triathlete, water skier, adventure racer, tennis player, golfer
Presently cyclist, snow skier, hiker
Began competitive bike racing on the road and the velodrome 1997
Won multiple Masters World and National track championships
Crashed on head while mountain biking that resulted in 3-level neck fusion
Return to track racing, 2007 regained World and National Masters track cycling championships


BODY STABILIZATION TRAINING, INC a non-traditional physical therapy clinic, specializes in patients with back and neck problems, surgery-preventing or recovering, sports and work injuries, and general lifestyle problem stresses. We restore function to all joints, educate patients/clients in how to move from the correct muscles to get the stress out of the injured part to allow faster healing.

Athletes are taught how to move in their activities of daily living first, then how to apply it to their sports training to not only decrease the chance of injury or recover from injury, but to also improve their athletic performance.

Four Educational DVD’s produced

Terry’s experience with multiple traumatic injuries and diverse sports experiences, allows her to educate any athletic audience in injury reduction, improved performance and faster recovery from workouts.

2211 E. Highland Suite 100
Phoenix, Arizona 85255
602-522-9419 Fax: 602-522-9458

This Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride 1/15/2011

Hello Ladies
This Saturday we will have a guess joining us, She began competitive racing at 44 years old. She is a 11 - time World Masters Champion, a 14 - Time National Masters Track Cyclist Champion and she has broken 5 World records and 23 National records. So please mark your calendar to join us at 7:45 am at the Tribe,located on the NE side of indian School & Miller in the Fry's Food Parking Lot. Please dress to ride and bring your bike.
(If any of you have bike trainers please bring them with you, Its not a must have).

The topic for this weekend

BODY MECHANICS CLINIC by Terry Roach, M.Ed, Registered Kinesiotherapist, Multi World and National Masters Track Cycling Champions and President of Body Stabilization Training, Inc

Terry Roach is inviting all Saturday Ladies Only Bike Ride members and significant others, to a workshop/ activity session, held at Tribe, on proper body mechanics and functional skills to help with injury prevention and optimizing power.

Are you using your body in the most efficient manner? Can you activate your mid back stabilizers, pelvic stabilizers, and change the way you breathe to accommodate your workload and stress? Are your performing your strength and flexibility exercises in the correct technique to gain the most benefit? Come and join all of us in a fun, action packed hour to learn some new things to improve the quality of your life!!!

There will be instruction in correct breathing techniques, strength and active flexibility exercises for you to get control of your muscle structure both on and off the bike.

CHECK OUT HER WEBSITE: to see what her program is all about.
You can also go to to read Terrys' Bio.

I feel, This is a must attend Day, It will be loaded with good Info and practice. I personally cant wait.

Thank you for making this happen
See you Saturday

Charlie Sundays ride will be from the bagel nosh ready to ride at 8 am

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This saturdays Ladies Only Bike ride 1/8/2011

Good Morning Ladies
This Saturday the Ladies will be traveling to Casa Grande to participate in the Casa Grande Ruins bike ride. Lets meet at the check in @ 6:30am. This is a supported bike ride with two distances to choose from a 40 mile or a 125 mile. Here is the link: Ladies,,There is good new and bad new: The good New is The registration for this ride closes today. The Bad News, its a mail registration. yep that's right you cant sign up on line. So I hope you did not wait to the last min to sign up... If you are new to the group Please come and join us on the jan 15th. I will post more info about this ride on friday.

I am also part of the Women's racing team and once again this year we are putting on a All Women's Clinic. It will be held on Jan 22,2011. Please check out the site: , and plan to come and join us on a day full of activities.

Have a Great Week & Thank you for making this Happen